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  1. It seems like in 2d dynamic mill that the cutter over engages on the corners of stock, and doesn't use the max step over? Is there a way to remedy that?
  2. jas6142

    Hard coat 7075 aluminum

    Not on this machine. But we could move it, if that would take care of the chipping problem.
  3. jas6142

    Hard coat 7075 aluminum

    That is what I was afraid of.
  4. Have some part that we need to turn after hardcoat (masking would have been easier). The hardcoat is chipping where the cut ends. Anyone have any tips or tricks? Thanks
  5. On our older Daewoo we had to use an m85 to move without the spindle turning.
  6. jas6142

    Gundrill source

    Star Su http://www.star-su.com/cutting-tools/gundrills
  7. Isn't Esprit included on the controller on that machine? If not I will have to say Esprit is the way to go. All Mori machines are modeled and posts written. The last 2 that we got the esprit was included on the controller. You could network your controller to your pc and use that seat of Esprit. Don't know if the still have that?
  8. Anybody have any opinions or experience on this machine. Currently are an all Enshu shop but the price is cheap which makes me a little leery. Thanks
  9. jas6142

    EndMill Performance using Dynamic Tool Paths

    I would say go with helical. The tech can actually use mastercam and put a dynamic toolpath on it if your not sure of the parameters.
  10. jas6142

    Oil groove

    Jlw, that's looks like that will work just fine Thanks so much. I know that It won't be perfect but my understanding is that as long as it is close it will be fine. And unfortunately all I can do it on is a 3 axis mill.
  11. jas6142

    Oil groove

    Seeing if oil groove guru's have any idea on what tool to use? The print calls out 1/8" wide x 1/16" deep with a 1/16" radius. has to be cut on a 3 axis mill (only has to be close not perfect). 30 years ago when they were made they used a handmade keyseat cutter is what i was told? I figure that someone here has already done this. File is attached. OIL GROOVE.mcx-9
  12. jas6142

    Cannot install x9

    Go to start. In the search bar type regedit right click and run as admin. when registry edit opens click edit and find. Then copy and paste the key just as typed with the brackets { } into the bar.
  13. jas6142

    Cannot install x9

    I had to delete key {3A6C4379-6FDD-4525-B28B-5AFCE93BCF63} 2 places from the registry for mcfsw. And key {9869D25D-C67E-4282-B4D0-DB6218BC94D5} 2 places for just regular mcx9.
  14. jas6142

    Cannot install x9

    They used revo and found no entries of x9.
  15. jas6142

    Cannot install x9

    I deleted it all by all the instructions I could find here. Called my reseller he worked on it for about 45 mins. making sure I didn't miss anything. He didn't have any luck so we are waiting to hear from cnc? If he figures it out I will post what we did to fix it.

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