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  1. areid1957

    FREE Introductory Mastercam 2018 eCourse!

    I am thinking of buying the ecourse site wide. I cannot get the free 20118 ecourse to play however. Anyone have any thoughts? I have tried chrome web browser, and Internet explorer 11. Turned ad blocker off.
  2. areid1957

    New Computer instal question

    yes I would like to know also
  3. areid1957

    manufacturing classes

    my supervisor wants me to take some classes to improve our efficiencies. Not Mastercam classes but college courses that will improve my way of processing a job and cut cycle time. This would be courses in Manufacturing Technology. I am nealry 52 years old and I am somewhat looking forward to some classes, but looking for suggestions on courses. I have looked in the College of DuPage in DuPage County Illinois and Triton College as well. Does anyone have any suggestions. I live in Northeastern Illinois.
  4. areid1957


    I build computers. I always use AMD processors unless a user requests Pentium, and would recommend the Microstar Motherboard. Namely the K7T pro 2a. It has Ultra ATA 100 support , socket A and built in audio so it leaves open PCI slot.It is a very reputable Manufacturer. I've definitely seen better prices ($1500 for a pentium 3 750)? I have built Machines from above boards with AMD 1 ghz with 20 gig ata 100's and good video cards for $1000-$1200. Talk to your supplier don't let anyone bash AMD. look at the forums and the minimum requirement part of this site and you will see. Good Luck and email me if you need to talk more about it. ------------------ Dean

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