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  1. WesC

    Benchmark 2.0

    New workstation Boxx APEXX-2-2401 Benchmark came in at 5:46.725 Big improvement for me.
  2. WesC

    Quadro card driver

    Thank you Greg, I will send this off the QC. Are people using the latest greatest NVIDIA drivers for their Quadro cards, or are they using the ones suggested by the Solidworks website?
  3. WesC

    Quadro card driver

    Is everyone using the driver suggested on the Solidworks website (http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/videocardtesting.html)? I have been getting this error (Unsupported model view matrix values) with X9, after having a session open for an hour or so. I have a Quadro 2000D card. It was suggested I update the video card driver to the most current. Thank you for any input.
  4. WesC


    Another Update 3 min, 32 sec X4 MU1 Dell precision 670 Dual Xeon 2.80 GHz 12.00 GB Ram XP Pro 64 bit Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI
  5. WesC

    Okuma post help please

    Thank you John, that has done the trick.
  6. Hello I have a generic Okuma post that needs line numbers. This post has been working very well for a long time, but it doesn't output line numbers for manual entries. I have searched the forum and found some old post on adding line numbers to manual entries, but when I try it I get errors. I am not a very experienced post editor, but thought, if this is simple enough, I would tackle it. I believe this is the spot I need to modify; pcomment$ #Comment from manual entry (must call pcomment2 if booleans) pcomment2 pcomment2 #Comment from manual entry spaces$ = 0 scomm$ = ucase (scomm$) if gcode$ = 1006, *n, scomm$, e$ else, "(", scomm$, ")", e$ spaces$ = 1 any suggestions would be appreciated. I have quite a few manual entries and hand editing them is getting time consuming. Thank you
  7. WesC

    Advanced Multiaxis question

    Thank you for all your help. This is a head/head setup. We will take a look at the post
  8. Hello all, When I use the 5 axis swarf function, the speed seems to be relative to the tip of the tool. I am sure that in most cases that is what I should want. In this example, the top part of the cutter is going much faster than I would like. It is leaving a pretty rough finish. Is there anyway to make the speed more relevant to the center of my cut?
  9. I have a similar issue here. This is something I see when I have two MasterCam session open at once.
  10. WesC

    5 Axis Swarf

    Thanks gcode, that works as well.
  11. WesC

    5 Axis Swarf

    Thank you Ron, I was trying to use the swarf path from the advancted multiaxis option. I didn't see that option the first time I tried the swarf through the multiaxis drop down. Thank you, this helps allot.
  12. WesC

    5 Axis Swarf

    Hello, I am trying to use 5 Axis Multi Surf path to cut the side of a block. I want to use a flat endmill, and cut below the block (to make sure it gets cleaned up). The 5 axis swarf keeps a flat endmill from going below no matter where I place the floor or check surface. Any thoughts? Thanks for any advise
  13. WesC


    Just switching to MU1 has taken me from 12 min, 34 sec. to 8 min, 53 sec.
  14. WesC


    Update (13 min, 17 sec X3 Dell precision 670 Xeon 2.80 GHz 3.00 GB Ram XP Pro 32 bit Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI) We have added another 2.80 GHz processor, now my time is 12 min, 34 sec.
  15. Solidworks works well. The part must be something that you could have made using the sheetmetal tools in Solidworks.

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