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  1. I can't believe I need to ask this.... Manual tool change

    So you don't want help then.....
  2. MC2018 Create Plane, auto set WCS, Cplane and Tplane

    Jay, I wish I know what view sheets are and how to use them. At this pint i have never tried to figure it out. Can you link a video on it?
  3. MC2018 Create Plane, auto set WCS, Cplane and Tplane

    DOH!....I need a coffee...... Thanks!
  4. Is there a setting for creating planes that changes it to that plane(wcs tplane cplane) in 2018? Automatically? it works that way in 2017 Regards
  5. VERISURF TOOLS for 2019

    When i go to download 2018 i get a clickthrough error in my address bar. Its this a problem on my end or the dload page? thanks in advance Rick
  6. Benchmark

    (i get 13 seconds using .001 tolerance, 2017) Ron, you are not supposed to tweak anything. Otherwise the benchmark results are useless. we can all tweak the paths to process faster, but that is the opposite of the intent here.
  7. Benchmark

    the other two were don in 20 seconds the raster droned on and on.... i am seeing significant speed improvements in other areas in 2017 with the new tower. some things like dragging and dropping geometry on 600 mg files definitely are twice as fast. updating toolpath references also Also seems odd that my new p.c. with win 10 takes 3 times as long to open 2017 and 2018
  8. Benchmark

    Attached is the file to be used in this thread.
  9. Benchmark

    Well, here is something to ponder. my old P.C, (5 years older) using MCX7 processed faster than my new P.C. using MC2017 and 2018, disheartening but im ok with it. OLD 43.31 seconds - MCX7 i7 3930k CPU @ 3.2 GHZ 16 gig ram 64 bit win 7 pro ________________________________________ NEW 1 min, 5 seconds - MC2017 1 min, 4 seconds - MC2018 i7-8700k CPU @ 3.7 GHZ 64 gig ram 64 bit win 10 pro Well at least my other softwares will run faster on my new P.C..... LOL
  10. I need a faster box!

    New P.C. as of yesterday win 10 i78700k CPU @ 3.70 GHz 64 GB ram 2 min 58 secs
  11. Renaming Planes MC2017

    Hey that works, I always right clicked and rename.....LOL BTW, good luck against the Steelers next week rick
  12. Renaming Planes MC2017

    These are all custom plane created from geometry. Weird that yesterday no problem, today doesn't work.
  13. Renaming Planes MC2017

    For some reason i can not rename a plane. Is there a setting i may have changed as this has always worked up till toady? Thanks in advance rick
  14. MC2017 - select specific hole size

    Awesome! easy peasy Thanks!
  15. MC2017 - select specific hole size

    Good Morning I have a plate with 3000plus holes in it .251Ø holes and 0.390"Ø holes, drawn as circles. How can I window select just the 0.390" Ø holes/circles Thanks in advance Rick

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