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  1. MKD once i got the origin they snapped into place! Thanks tremendously! Rick
  2. How come there is no origin noman to snap to do i have to check something on option to see the origin?
  3. Cant seem to get the paper clip to show. Its obvious not noob friendly So, Ill mess around until my 4th coffee where off.... LOL As you can tell it not a cover and a lid to mate so i am sure this one will gic me more of a headache... I'll keep you posted thanks Sir!
  4. MKD Ok, sorry for late reply had lunch.... SO: -I created 2 separate solid works file from the two parasolids. -I opened both and in one file went , file/new/assembly -I selected both and they did not jusr position in the spot that they were in spaceclaim How do i move or mate them in place now? Cheers rick
  5. MKD, they did not come in over top of each other using your method. how do i transform from and too? Cheers Rick
  6. JP, i got the error to go away, it look like it works and overlays nice one a solid green and the other translucent, a bit tough to see the differences , but it works great! thanks for the tip!
  7. The Compare gave me this error (these are two saved .x_t models from spaceClaim)
  8. I have two files i would like to overlay and compare, like in Mastercam. If i drag the second solid model in, it automatically opens a new window. (I have not explored how to work with or create assemblies, if that is indeed the procedure to use here) There is no merge option in the file menu Thanks in advance Rick
  9. are there any videos out there to use X+?
  10. I use SpaceClaim all the time for all my designs I gave up on .step, unless i heal them in solidworks first, its a crap shoot. .x_t all the way
  11. Mick Created the net hook for X7 for me awhile back I skipped x8 and x9 and installed 2017. I just copied the nethook into the 2017 folder from X7 and it worked seemlessly Thanks Mick for all your work on this
  12. There is a good chance it is fixed in the next update click linky
  13. I use solids. I guess i can create a surface to use that method. Its not fun when you have 12 to 14 different flat levels to do this too. thanks for the tip
  14. Mine just flickers for one second, no window pop ups.
  15. Good Morning, I am up to date on updates (update 2 installed as soon as it was released Can someone try to leave , say, .003" on the Stock to leave on the drive floors and see if MC will not regen? This occurs for bullmill and ball cutters. Has anyone else notice this bug? thanks in advance Rick

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