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  1. Good morning. We are upgrading our p.c's that run drip feed. The software we use is the oldest software out there and our IT guy wants us to upgrade with a multiple license package, say 4-6 seats Could I get a recommendation on a simple to use drip feed that ppl are using. Cimco comes to mind??.. Cheers thanks in advance Rick
  2. Does anyone know how to lock the auto-curser so it stays on (say) center? Or at least have it stay on the last thing select/with lock on. I dont want to have to keep setting it for center every time i use it again in the same session Thanks in advance Rick
  3. Thank you fine Sir, that was quick and very kind of you! Cheers Rick
  4. Good Day Ppl, Been a while since i posted, I hope you are all doing well. I have a VM-3 which i believe is the same as the VF-3. I can only seem to find .X-t and .stp on the Hass sight and only for a VF-3, assuming its the same If anyone could sent me a link to where i can find the actual models in .stl format, i will greatly appreciate it. Cheers Rick
  5. Good Day, long time no talk Does anyone remember how to leave the WCS on but turn off this shaded square? It shows up when printing. I remember we were able to turn it off in previous versions. Cant seem to find it in MC2020 config and it not the show grid button. thanks in advance Rick
  6. Nailed it John. Thanks! Anything after the stock model works
  7. Was using 2018 Now using 2020 now and found something that is 100% repeatable. If I am generating a stock model of my all finished toolpaths, I cannot use verify or backplot until it is finished or force close, restart, start verify and or backplot then start regenerating the stock model. Is anyone else noticing this new behavior? (I cannot go into multi-threading, it will not stop the stockmodel) Thanks in advance Rick
  8. Hi there, if you had installed the latest MC, but hadn’t used it for 3 months, and were using the previous version and made a lot of new ops, tool groups etc. can you just up date the folders again with the new install? will it just over write all the files and add the new ones? thanks in advance Rick
  9. Good Day I dont do alot of tapping unless it is a 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 or 1/2-13, tapped holes in my molds. i need to tap a 1/8-27 npt but i can not find npt taps in the(mil_inch) or ( bigmill_inch) libraries. So i called up the closest pitch in the library, 1/4-28 hoping there is some way to edit it to the tap i need. but there is no way to edit the 28 pitch to 27, so i assume it will strip the threads. Can someone explain how i can do this or send me a saved (.mcam-operations) file that i can import into my tool group? Any help will be greatly appreciated Rick
  10. Jay, I wish I know what view sheets are and how to use them. At this pint i have never tried to figure it out. Can you link a video on it?
  11. Is there a setting for creating planes that changes it to that plane(wcs tplane cplane) in 2018? Automatically? it works that way in 2017 Regards
  12. When i go to download 2018 i get a clickthrough error in my address bar. Its this a problem on my end or the dload page? thanks in advance Rick

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