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  1. P B

    ARRRGHHH!!! Customers

    Give them what they want, not what they ask for... Now there is the challenge
  2. P B

    chopping carbide endmill shanks?

    Does anyone use the stop screw in the back off shrinks anyway? We remove the screw and drill the back out clearance so the cutters can go in for miles. Obviously will not work on larger holders but up to 12mm works fine Doesn't affect the performance of the shrink in any way Also makes removing broken cutters easier
  3. If you have a decent induction shrink, put the holder in the freezer, then with a rod up the pull stud hole loading the steel cutter give it heaps with induction. If it gets hot without coming out, put it back in the freezer and try again. We have good success this way and do it regularly. I have only had one tip cutter that I haven't been able to get out. A cheap shrink system is false economy but some bosses don't see it that way. Shrinks have been the greatest advancement we made and has more than paid for itself over the last 20 years (still using some of the original shrinks) Hope this helps Worth a try
  4. P B

    ideas on how to cut this?

    I would relieve shank and flute so only 1mm (40 thou old money) cutting, and try conventional milling not climb milling ramping , and well supported
  5. I didn't think you would want the pay cut
  6. P B


    how about you tube so we all can laugh
  7. P B

    carbide drills

    I'll second that, Guhring
  8. P B

    Interesting Part

    Send it to the fabrication shop Better be quick before the day is out
  9. I would suggest bite the bullet and buy shrink holders. Long and thin as you like and run true and solid.
  10. P B

    hurco post help again

    You learn something every day, I didn't know about jump at points. Thanks Mr Paris you are a legend
  11. We have been using it for the electrodes on our sparkers for 20 years plus. Great for milling, grinding, turning electrodes they repeat well. You can even buy copper blanks on shafts ready to go. Once you build up a stock of base plates and shafts makes manufacture of electrodes simple and fast
  12. Good quality shrink holders are the only way to go. We use them all the time very seldom use collet chucks (got lots of them collecting dust) Shrinks are a bit of an initial investment, but last for ever when looked after and extend cutter life Did I hear right ????? America and metric in the same sentence
  13. P B

    Best mag base money can buy?

    Just found out Noga clocking attachments don't like 5000rpm. It flew apart (surprise), but I put it back together and is still fine. More than I can say for the clock. I've had the Noga base and clocking attachment for years and use them all day every day (first time one has been abused). Only way to go (genuine Noga's) but not at 5K revs (still mad at myself)
  14. P B

    X7 Surface High Speed Toolpath issues

    Have you tried "containment inside" on the cut parameters page. Should stop the gouges Cheers
  15. Learn something every day. Didn't know about the "hole - axis". That will be very handy Thanks guys This place is a mine field of information

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