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  1. gcode

    McamVersion Selector Executable isn't Working

    Being a beta tester means constantly uninstalling and reinstalling different versions It also means this executable is usually jacked up I just launch the command window and enter "shell:sendto" then added the appropriate Mastercam executable That way I control what version launches the file I want to open This will work with an MCAM file or any other file Mastercam can open (dxf, X_T, X_B, step etc)
  2. I've had good luck with Dells I bought at least 5 workstaions from the Dell Business Outlet store over a twenty year period and never had a bit of trouble with any of them Several of them have been given to young guys wanting to learn Mastercam and are still in service today I'd probably still be buying Dells if they made work stations with i9's. these days
  3. gcode

    What did I do?!?

    Set your material to Glass1 and turn on Shaded Outline your solid will look exactly like you describe in the original post
  4. gcode

    What did I do?!?

    If I set it to Glass Level 5 and turn Outline Shading on I can see the edges of hidden lines through the solid
  5. gcode

    What did I do?!?

    Is it possible you inadvertently assigned a different material to your solid? I think some of the glass options are translucent by default
  6. gcode

    What did I do?!?

    are you sure this step came in as a true solid It may be a sheet solid
  7. are you sure you don't have two programmers working the same file over a network? I had that happen a while back. Two different guys start whining about bugs, disappearing toolpaths, overwritten toolpaths, missing geometry etc etc Turns out they were both working on the same file at the same time. It should not be possible, but it is. I was told in X5 days a fix was 2 or 3 releases away.. but no fix yet.
  8. gcode

    Plane Association MC 2020

    I'm dating myself 2 lines is the old school way to create planes.. back in the pre dynamic rotation days
  9. gcode

    What did I do?!?

    save a copy under a different name and run File/Repair I have had this fix all sorts of weird graphics issues
  10. gcode

    Plane Association MC 2020

    See the attached file... a zipped MC2020 file It contains a plane associative to 2 lines. It was created with the "geometry" command The red line is X The green line is Y Their intersection is the origin Translate/move the 2 lines Rotate/move the 2 lines The plane and origin move with them. Its not a single entity but it's close enough Am I missing something plane by geometry.zip
  11. gcode

    Computer specs for running mastercam

    When I bought my latest computer ( see siggy below) I looked real hard at XI Computers I nearly bought one, but then I found an Boxx Apex S3 at the Boxx reBoxx store I paid $2400 for the machine in my siggy. It came with a Quadro 2000. I upgraded to an RTX4000 , added a 1 gig solid state storage drive and sold the Quadro 2000 to a co worker. I've got about $4K into it and its a nice machine. If I had to find fault with it, it's a little noisy. I don't know if it's the radiator fans for the liquid cooling system or fans on the video card. Boxx machines are not cheap but I've found them to be very good machines My employer has 10 of them ranging for 2 to 7 years old. All are still in service and we have not had trouble with any them. This is my second Boxx machine for my home office.
  12. gcode

    Threadmilling Metric Threads

    or type .8mm and let Mastecam do the work

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