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  1. gcode

    .mcam to .sldprt

    In Solidworks check Tools/Options/Import and make sure "Import multiple bodies as parts" is checked I don't know if this will work with step files, but you should be using parasolid (X_T or X_B) anyway Both SW and MC run on the NX Parasolid kernel so performance and model integrity is much better than you get using step files You may have to adjust your parasolid versions so they are the same in Mastercam and SolidWorks This will change with the version of Mastercam and Solidworks you are using
  2. gcode

    no sim found

    launch nethasp.exe in the X5 install and make sure it's set to "local"
  3. gcode

    2022 Line Perpendicular

    update 2, currently in beta addresses this issue
  4. gcode

    no sim found

    Try downloading new drivers from Mastercam.com They have X2 and later and X2022 dated 06/03/21 Drivers and Utilities – myMastercam
  5. gcode

    no sim found

    hasp or nethasp? if nethasp, try copying nethasp.ini for 2021 to X5 any Windows updates recently..
  6. gcode

    2022 Not impressed

    sharles,, any chance you have auto save enabled? I have found that massive files and an autosave do not play well together Autosave is trying to write a copy of the file... your are still working, making changes to the file and bad things happen. I've run 700 meg files in 2022 with zero issue, but we have a very fast network and I never use autosave I'd also look at memory allocation in system config
  7. gcode

    3D Connexion drivers V10.8.2

    I have not rolled back the drivers on my home machine yet I'll test this in 2021 over the weekend ... maybe this is a 2022 update 2 bug ... not a 3DC driver issue
  8. gcode

    3D Connexion drivers V10.8.2

    I'm running MC2022 ( and a beta update 2)
  9. The other day I noticed that my 3D Mouse was not working in MCf SW Verify or Machine Sim in MC The problem was the latest drivers from 3D Connexion (V10.8.2) If you haven't updated your drivers, don't If you have, uninstall them and roll back to 10.7.2
  10. gcode

    2022 Not impressed

    Amen !!! this is a high speed waterline finishing Inconel with tool inspection every 15 minutes. The brown lines are G01 F300 air moves and tool inspection retracts. Prior to MC2022 a toolpath like this was A LOT of work This is 4 drive surfaces, 2 avoidance surfaces and one containment boundary.
  11. gcode

    Moving License Servers

    are your clients set to "network" also try editing the nethash.ini file on each client machine to include the IP address of the new server
  12. gcode

    2022 Not impressed

    change your screen color or something simple close then reopen, just to confirm that config changes are actually being saved.
  13. gcode

    2022 Not impressed

    you have got your config file saved in a one drive folder that can cause all sorts of trouble.
  14. gcode


    Have you tried asking your Mastercam dealer for help?

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