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  1. Another nice thing about exporting parasolids from SolidWorks is that you can define a coordinate system when you export the parasolid from SW and Mastercam will respect it when you import the parasolid into Mastercam
  2. I moved this to the Industrial forum Maybe it will get more responses here
  3. I don't think there is a document from Mastercam stating which versions of MC open which versions of SW but it sure would be useful I believe you would need MC2019 Update 3.1 to open native SW2019 files. I have found that parasolids are much more error free than step files for using in importing and exporting solid models between different CAD software. Parasolids even support wireframe now. One thing to be aware of with parasolids is they also have version levels If you export a parasolid from SW2019 at the highest level it supports, you will not be able to open in in MC2108 You have to set SW to export the highest level your version of MC supports, I think I have it set to V28 these days. That will work in every CAD software I use
  4. Once in the pre internet days I bought a $5K machine, a 386 with a fancy new state of the art video card A month later I read an article in PC World stating that my new video card was not working as designed and the technology was being scrapped. Due diligence was much more difficult in those days as there was no internet and research was limited to the 30 day cycle of printed magazine publications. If you spent some time researching a potential computer purchase, it was probably going to be obsolete by the time you'd reached a decision. The current 3 to 4 year usability cycle is not nearly as exciting or interesting as the early days of PC development but it is much more affordable.
  5. Its not as bad as it used to be. In the early days of PC it was nuts. They were putting out new processors monthly. The latest greatest $5K computer would be a hopeless relic 3 months later. I've gotten 3 or 4 years each out of my last two machines
  6. gcode

    Threadmill Operation Bug? WIerd quirk

    I hate how this tool path treats pitch and the number of teeth setting I recently sent a bad thread mill path to the floor for a very expensive part Fortunately for me, the operator is old old school and trusts nobody He ran my code though his calculator and called me on it. Just changing the feed rate on a tool can change the number of teeth setting and scrap a part
  7. For light to medium duty work a current gen i7, 16 gig on ram, a Quadro P2000 video card and an SSD should be adequate for medium to heavy work I would bump it to 32gig of ram and a P4000
  8. gcode

    Crap....I messed up....

    Back in V9 days I helped work on a 600mg V9 file We were always crashing.. and the results were zero byte files after the crash... months of work gone in the blink of an eye This file took about 40 minutes to open and you had to cool your heels for 5 minutes when you hit save. We worked on this file for nearly a year and cooked 3 hard drives during that year. The guy who did most of the work on this file burned a CD of it every night before he shut down for the day after getting burned a couple of times
  9. gcode

    Crap....I messed up....

    The problem I've had was Autosave decided to save a large file which might take 30-40 seconds. I don't realize a save is in progress and continue working.... and bad things happen. To be fair it has been many years since I used AutoBack.. I got badly burned using it in V9 days and haven't touched it since. I'm sure there have been improvements since then
  10. gcode

    Crap....I messed up....

    Have you tried opening system config and reloading you inch configuration file
  11. gcode

    Crap....I messed up....

    I prefer the Backup utility I have backup set up to save 10 copied That way I always have a copy of my last 10 saves. If something goes bad, you can review the backup copies going backwards and hopefully find one that is still good Autosave, will just over write your existing file over and over. If you make a mistake, they is no going back after the first save
  12. gcode

    Crap....I messed up....

    I personally have never seen anuthing like this, but this would be my first attempt at a fix "Save Some" the metric stuff to a new file.. then delete it from your original file Open the new file and scale it to inch.. then merge it back into the origiinal
  13. gcode

    5 axis toolpath help

    We finally got some machine time and ran this part last week As always the Okuma VTM was superb. The tools were a Ø4" x .312W slotting mill for roughing and a Ø4" x .75W slab mill ground to make a 1P Acme form tool Despite the 14" long C5 Capto stack for arbors, the Okuma purred like a kitten. The posted code was flawless and the finished part looks great. We haven't been able to gage it yet though. The "gage" is a 60 year old 2000 pound shaft with 60 years worth of rust and battle damage. Our part is to print but will not fit on the beat up shaft without damaging critical ID's The customer is still deciding what they want to do about that.
  14. gcode

    Chip Trap

    I used to have a lot of trouble with fine chips on lathes They were not filtered out by the coolant system and would plug the holes in through coolant drills, resulting in broken drills.
  15. gcode

    Custom Tool Creation Issue

    I opened the DXF file and translated the geometry so the left end of NOCUT was on the orgin and resaved it as DXF Then I created a new tool, selected the DXF file and got the tool intersection error I entered 173.2408° in the drill tip field and zoomed out.. and you've got a drill

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