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  1. gcode

    Solid Model - Hole Axis

    I would like to know the answer to this as well
  2. gcode

    Screwy arc output

    can you upload that mastercam file ... just that contour also, what post are you running?? it must be a very old post if it does not respect Control Def edited on the Arc page
  3. gcode

    Workstation on a budget

    Try the Dell Outlook Store Dell Outlet Store, Precision mobile
  4. gcode

    What's New Mastercam 2021 videos

    I wish I had seen this sooner I did a job several months ago where this technic would have saved me a bunch of programming time and produced much cleaner code
  5. gcode

    Verify movement

    Yes.. Mastercam assumes all three axis have exactly the same accel/decel and rapid feed rate so you are seeing a perfect world simulation. In real life, especially will big machines this is never true Vericut can accommodate all of this IF you can get the accel/decel numbers from the machine tool builder and as Chally72 said, the weight on the table can have big effect . It don't think even Vericut can allow for this
  6. gcode

    Verify movement

    You should be able to change that in the Settings
  7. gcode

    Verify movement

    You can set this on the Linear page of the Machine Defintion Change "Rapid Motion" to "All axis arrive at destination simultaneously"
  8. gcode

    Circle Mill doesn't recognize stock.

    Check out the Stock page of a drill or circle mill toolpath your options are Use stock defintion for Feed Position Depth Both These tool paths only respect stock for these Z axis settings
  9. gcode


    Windows Remote Desktop does not support 3D mice I've been told that third party software like Go to My PC does, but it costs $$$ and our IT Department was not willing to spend it, so I have not tried it and don't know if it is true or not
  10. when I run into this, I decline to delete the corrupt tools then make new tools and replace the corrupt tools
  11. gcode


    I have a Cad/Cam worthy computer at home with Mastercam installed. I VPN to the license server and run Mastercam locally.
  12. gcode

    Face "V" groove on mill

    We do hundreds of grooves like this a month, from Ø3 to Ø24 in medium carbon steel forgings They used to use custom tools to rough and finish, but spent a fortune on custom ground tools and down time cause they burned up all the custom tools Now I rough them like stair steps with decreasingly smaller off the shelf bull endmills , then a semifinish and finish pass with a custom tool
  13. gcode

    What's New Mastercam 2021 videos

    Powerful stuff here
  14. gcode

    verification of a toolpath in 2021

    Has anyone received notice of the buyout from CGTech? If they sent an email out about it, I missed it.

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