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  1. gcode

    mastecam versions

    I'm guessing early X versions ... 2004 maybe???? They started as very simple 2D stuff and have gotten better and better as the years go by
  2. gcode

    mastecam versions

    I believe the first version of Mastercam was called Megan after one of the founder's daughters ( and now CEO) This was in the mid 1980's At some point they started calling it V1, V2 etc I took a class at a local community college in V5 in the 1995 (??) I purchased V8 in 1998 In 2001 they stopped the V nomenclature with V9 and the next release was called X They went X, X1, X2, up to X9 in 2016 During the X years, releases were not annual so it took 15 years to get from X to X9 The 2016 release was called Mastercam 2017 and now we're up to MC2019 released in the summer of 2018 MC 2020 is currently in early beta and you can expect to see it towards the middle of next year Looking at the Download page at Matercam.com they have X3 to MC2109 available for download, though versions are only supported 5 years back ... which would be X6 or X7 ??
  3. you can do both with the same toolpath.. check out the finish options you can helix to the bottom, leaving stock, then do a circle mill to finish, all in one toolpath with no retract
  4. have you tried Circle Mill helix to depth then a finish pass without retracting
  5. gcode

    Tool Edit Causes Mastercam to Freeze

    this is not an approved video card for Mastercam. If you don't want to spring for a workstation class laptop with a Quadro video card get a gaming laptop with a GeForce gaming video card. You can make that Intel card work (sort of) but you will suffer very poor performance and have nothing but trouble.
  6. gcode

    Using more cores for multithreading

  7. gcode

    Tool Edit Causes Mastercam to Freeze

    Intel video card?
  8. gcode


    also, if you have to set to Range 1 to 100 and import something on Level 500 you may not be able to see it
  9. gcode


    the quadro k2000 is a good Mastercam card I would make sure the drivers are up to date If this is a Dell workstation, strip the video drivers and install Nvidia drivers I don't know what Dell does to them, but I have always had trouble with Dell Quadro drivers
  10. gcode

    USB hasp. Will it ever go bad?

    I have seen one USB hasp fail.. and that was when it was plugged into a computer that someone had set the clock back on to circumvent a maintenance expiration date. I was told that Hasps are programmed to commit suicide in that situation, but I don't know if it true. It is possible to get 30 day evaluation licenses. They are a software license that can be sent via email I got two last week on an emergency basis when our servers melted down. They are fully functional licenses, but will not service encrypted posts. I don't know if Ecuador has a Mastercam dealer or not. I would get in contact with Sales at Mastercam and discuss this with them and get a relationship set up ahead of time. That way if you do have an emergency, most of the legwork will already be done. Do you plan on keeping maintenance current? If so you will have to make arrangements for that as well. Given the variances in third world power, I would also include a high quality UPS in my arsenal. My step father lived on the Big Island in Hawaii for years and his computers and appliances rarely lasted more than a couple of years due to the poor quality of the electricity supplied by the power company. This brings up another question. Is the power in Equador 120 volts or 220?? You may need to special order those Dells edit... If the HASP belongs to your employer all of this should be handled by his local dealer, even if you are using the HASP in South America.
  11. gcode

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    I have tried this on 4 different solid models and it worked in every case I wonder if this has anything to do with model quality ?? I sometimes get models that yield splines with the edge curve command even on very simple geometry If we are telling the system to snap to an arc center, it's going to fail if it's seeing a spline
  12. gcode

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    the whole point of this is to thread mill a hole at a user defined diameter without drawing any additional geometry. It worked on the sample I tried. I even posted it and did the math to be sure it was milling the correct major ID
  13. gcode

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    I just tried this on a part I'm working on and the thread mill ran in the center of the hole can you upload that test block
  14. gcode

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    and people like me want it locked I want the solid edge ( or wireframe arc) to define circle mill and thread mill tool paths when I pick an arc or solid edge I want the tool to to cut that size if I want to define the size myself, I'll pick a point. In your example, you DO NOT have to draw a point try this launch the thread mill tool path hit C on your keyboard pick either the outside or inside edge of the counter bore floor. This will give you exactly what you are asking for

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