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  1. This may or may not work, depending on a lot of factors First use the command Wireframe/Spline/From Curves , chain your entities and accept now you have one spine now click the Trim/Break/Extend dropdown select Break Many and select the spline select the Create Curves and Tolerance buttons , enter your tolerance and accept also Check the "Curve Chordal Deviation" setting on the Tolerance page in System Config It's default setting is .001" and that is the smallest value the Tolerance field in Break Many will accept I have mine lowered to .0002
  2. gcode

    .xt files

    In the Save As field, select Options and roll the version back to V28 You can make this setting permanent on the Converters page in System Config
  3. gcode

    Left hand tool climb milling

    I had this problem with Carmex HardCut thread mills. They run M04 and the operators kept hitting M03 and ruining the thread mill when they stopped to gage a thread. I put tape over the M03 button for a while till they got used to them
  4. gcode

    Could use some help with a pst err

    I believe this means you have updated an older post to a new version of Mastercam that contains a tool path comment the old version does not support. This applies to comments only, not the gcode output by the toolpath
  5. gcode

    Using a tooling ball in MasterCam

    no.. this is on big horizontal boring mills with no 4 or 5X comp of any kind. I've done parts with tooling balls on all 4 corners of the table programming 8 or more rotary angles. Its really tough on the operators, because the posted code has no relationship at all to the blue print.
  6. gcode

    Using a tooling ball in MasterCam

    They are also useful if it is not possible or practical to center a large part on the C/L of a table The operator places tooling balls wherever it is convenient and gives the programmer the coordinates of the tooling balls in relationship to the part and the C/L of the table. The programmer uses the C/L of the tooling balls as program origins.
  7. gcode

    Mcam 2020 with Win 7 Hasp issue

    X9 runs OK on my Win10 machine You might try installing X9 Hasp driver's I think they are in the Common folder
  8. gcode

    Mcam 2020 with Win 7 Hasp issue

    Check and see if nethasp.exe is set to local
  9. gcode

    Using a tooling ball in MasterCam

    Most of what I do is big, expensive and one of a kind When I use tooling balls, my first toolpath is a tooling ball check I'll do a point tool path to the center of the ball stopping .010 off the surface If that's not right, either the setup is wrong or I've screwed up
  10. Yes I have webby powers that were unknown to me I fat fingered the title to this thread while trying to copy /paste it for a google search
  11. gcode

    5 axis toolpath help

    Yes... exactly like that. I tried that approach, but chained the green line in the wrong direction and the toolpath would not regen Thank you
  12. gcode

    5 axis toolpath help

    Here is a screen shot of this part on our Postability machine simulation to give you an idea of what's happening
  13. gcode

    5 axis toolpath help

    Check out the attached file (zipped MC2019) I am machining a ID 6 lead 1P Acme thread A 1"pitch 6 lead thread means the actual pitch is 1 thread per 6" This toolpath is the roughing path to rough the C/L of the thread with a 5/16 wheel cutter The machine is an Okuma 5axis Lathe The green line represents the C/L of the part and the C/L of the C axis spindle The red line is the perfect world B axis tilt... 9.405° I have done parts like this in the past using this approach and it worked well. This time the ID is smaller and the pitch of the thread much steeper. I think this will work OK, but I'm getting ±.003° flutter in the B axis output I'd like a toolpath that locked the B axis at 9.405 and rotated the part around C (the green line) and I can't get one to work. I think the ideal toolpath would just use the curve as drive geometry Does anyone have any ideas? 1P Acme 6 lead.zip
  14. gcode


    You have a G17 in your safety block at the start of the file I think it's giving the G2 line brain damage Try a G18 instead you might also try changing that G2 (CW) to G3 (CCW)
  15. gcode

    Mastercam 2019 Bugs

    Do you leave your machine on all the time? Most people do these days, but to an old school guy like me it seems almost criminal, like leaving a high performance car idling at the curb overnight. I shut mine off every night and start every morning with a cold boot. During the day, at the slightest sign of a problem., I save, close MC and reopen. More serious problems get a reboot. I also have my RAM usage set to 80% in System Config. I've also found MC2019 to be the most stable version of Mastercam to date

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