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  1. gcode

    Mastercam over VPN

    This file is put here "C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\nethasp.ini" when you install Mastercam on a PC
  2. gcode

    Mastercam over VPN

    in that case Windows Firewall is guarding the door It is not nearly as 3rd party friendly as commercial AV software You probably need to go to the WIndows Firewall settings and give permission for nethasp.exe to access remote servers
  3. gcode

    Mastercam over VPN

    No.. this file belongs in the remote pc
  4. gcode

    Mastercam over VPN

    my next guess would be that the firewall at your office is not allowing a remote copy of nethasp.exe to access the license server
  5. gcode

    Mastercam over VPN

    ok.. the nethasp.ini files needs to be here "C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\nethasp.ini" and there has to be a copy in the root of each Mastercam install the same file will work for any version of MC... but it must be in the root of that version If all that is correct I'd look at the log files for your antivirus software and see if it is blocking something or just shut you AV off and see if you can connect to the license also make sure the ini file is still an ini file I have seen cases where the ini file is opened in Notepad, edited then saved as txt
  6. gcode

    HSM pack

    yes... for a while I was hoping CNC Software would buy the rights to the HSM Pak and add it to Mastercam but it never happened
  7. gcode

    HSM pack

    It looks like they have added a lot new functionality and dropped some to the older toolpaths They may have sold off the rights to some of the older toolpaths when they sold HSMWorks to Autodesk. I got a trail license and tried it out back in the day and it was very impressive. I didn't buy it because none of my customers owned it and would not be able to work on any files I developed using it. Back then the price was quite reasonable. I have no idea what it would be today
  8. gcode

    HSM pack

    I played with it nearly 20 years ago and it was pretty sweet That was before Mastercam had any dynamic toolpaths and it was revolutionary for its time They still offer it and support it, but I don't know anyone who uses it.
  9. gcode

    Mastercam over VPN

    the default nethasp.ini file has 2 semicolons in front of this line ;; NH_SERVER_ADDR = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx <----Your server remote LAN IP address here... they must be removed or the line will be ignored also if you are having trouble, this first step is to be sure you can ping the license server from the remote PC if you can't, that problem must be solved first
  10. gcode

    Mastercam over VPN

    Did you open the nethasp.exe file and set it to network
  11. gcode

    2021 beta version extremely slow

    I'm not familiar with Windows Home Version Builds but it looks like your system needs to be updated There were some version of Windows that slowed Mastercam down to the point it was useless I would try updating Windows. also I'm not seeing a video card listed there If you are running and onboard Intel video, you will have nothing but trouble System Requirements
  12. gcode


    Yes you will need to go to www.Mastercam.com and create an account To do that you will need to be on a computer that has your hasp plugged in or is connected to your nethasp you will not need current maintenance to create an account you will need current maintenance to download and install Public Beta 3 which you can find here
  13. gcode


    MC2021 public beta 3at the 5:40 mark
  14. For those who don't know this, Some of the best free posts on the planet are available from this website MPMaster Mill Posts MPLmaster Lathe Posts
  15. Yes.. I ruined a very nice laptop that way. Coolant came on unexpectantly and was hitting me in the chest. I stepped out of the way, shut the coolant off and turned to see my laptop. The keys were little islands in a lake of coolant. I pulled the power, shut it down, drained it and let it dry for a week. It ran for a couple of days, long enough to back it up, but then it made a little pop and let all the smoke out... and that was the end of that

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