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  1. gcode

    I Need To Build A New PC

    Yup.. I bought my Quadro RTX 4000 in Dec of 2019 for $780 at Amazon.com I priced it last week and it was $1250 We just bough a new Boxx for one of my guys and they charged $515 to upgrade form an RTX 2000 to a 4000 I have a Quadro 4000 in my work machine and the newer RTX4000 at home There is a noticeable difference between the 2.. the RTX runs Verify much better than the old Quadro 4000
  2. gcode

    I Need To Build A New PC

    Benchmark 3.0 This is a good place to start The thread was started 3 years ago.. so I'd check out the most recent couple of pages first A few points.. If you don't NEED a laptop, get a desktop .. you'll get much more bang for your your money Speed is king.. buy the fasted processor you can afford (i7 or i9) don't waste your $$$ on a Xeon. 16g of ram is the bare minimum 32 is better Quadro video cards are your first choice GeForce gaming cards second Do not even think about Intel graphics get a solid state hard drive ..the money you may save is not worth the time you will sacrifice every day.
  3. gcode

    2021 reinstall

    If you are running Postability machine sims, there is a standalone install required "Mastercam 2021 MachSim MWCL" you can get it from your dealer or Postability
  4. gcode

    Turning lead out

    first page of the tool path parameters
  5. gcode

    Turning lead out

    Reference Points are your friend
  6. gcode

    Does Mcam do this? (Arc feed adjustment)

    Its very important to adjust your feed rate when doing thread milling Factory feeds and speeds are driving the c/l of the tool and that can be 2 or 300% too fast when you are threadmilling with a tool near the finished size
  7. Your dealer should be your first stop This website sells excellent posts https://www.emastercam.com/post-request/ as do these guys Postability
  8. gcode

    Benchmark 3.0

    I have no hands on experience with a laptop/processor like this, but I believe you can configure it in different ways All cores with one common boost speed with which be lower than the 5.3 max speed or some cores running slower and some running flat out
  9. gcode

    Benchmark 3.0

    This is a laptop... I believe the 5.3 figure is the max turbo boost speed
  10. gcode

    5.5mm Guhring endmill

    Helical as well https://www.helicaltool.com/products/high-feed-end-mills---steels-up-to-45-rc---metric---variable-pitch---coolant-through---reduced-neck I've never tried these small tools My shop has very few machines with enough spindle rpm to use them
  11. gcode

    Line Endpoints Bug?

    Do you have "Enable Power keys" checked ? see System Config / Selection this turns single key Hot keys off or on
  12. gcode

    MasterCam Community Mobile App

    I believe you'll need to set up an account, using a PC that has a sim attached to it. Once you have done that you can access Mastercam.com from any PC or the phone app
  13. If they are all 0's Misc Integers are probably not the issue
  14. Check your Misc Integer settings You can really get burned changing to a different flavor of post if they use different MIsc Int settings for different functions
  15. gcode


    This is a bug please report this to [email protected]

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