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  1. gcode

    setting spot drill depth by chamfer dia

    Its been there for 20 years
  2. gcode

    Generic Haas post

    No.. you need to download them from here Mastercam Tech Exchange
  3. gcode

    mind blown

    I have that command set to Left Scroll Wheel on my mouse
  4. Check the feed page of the Control Def Look at the 5 axis feed options and see what 5X Linear is set to I'll bet it's at Units/minute try changing it to Use Inverse
  5. It's been a long time since I used inverse time feed rates, but I recall the post outputting G93 inverse time feed rates for the rotary motion and going back to G94 ipm for Z axis motion. The machines I ran did not have any issues with this output though. Look at the code carefully.. are the G94 and the IPM feed rates being output on the same line
  6. gcode

    mind blown

    I hate to say this, but it will be worse in MC2020
  7. gcode

    mind blown

    WIreframe tool bar Hit the black arrow on the Trim Break Extend menu
  8. gcode

    mind blown

    Open trim menu Set the Break and Trim to Point buttons Select the arc hit "m"
  9. gcode

    mind blown

    yes it's very simple choose the command Break 2 pieces select the arc hit the "m" key (or AutoCursor/Midpoint) done
  10. gcode

    Multiaxis vs Curve/Drill 5 axis

    I strongly recommend that you skip the Curve/5X drill module and buy the full 5X module. If you plan on doing more than drilling some holes and very simple 5x curve work you will need the 5X module.
  11. gcode

    Multiaxis vs Curve/Drill 5 axis

    From Mastercam.com Curve/5X Drill Its basically an entry level 5 axis package while the Multiaxis module contains the full suite of 5X toolpaths I would imagine there is a big difference in price between the two, but there is also a big difference in capabilities as well
  12. The solid can be modified in any way you like. an example you are drilling a 5 axis hole in a part and want to cut the solid along the C/L of the hole so you have a better view of the drill breaking out at the bottom of the hole. You can physically cut the solid and look at it.. but if that solid is driving toolpaths they will all all blow up when you cut it or you can make a copy of the solid and cut that... and create edge curves in the sliced solid or, with the new section view, you can virtually slice the solid and see what you need to see without blowing up all your toolpaths you cannot create edge curves, because the edges don't really exist, as the solid wasn't really sliced. In this case you would need to create a surface on the slicing plane and use the Command "curve at intersection"
  13. You can physically do that in Mastercam as well. Section View enables you to visually slice a solid with any plane in the Planes Manager. The actual solid is not modified and you cannot create an edge on it because the edge really isn't there. See "C:\Program Files\Mcam2019\documentation\en-US\WhatsNew.pdf" page 36 and 37 BTW, this is a very useful feature and one of the best upgrades in MC2019 IMO
  14. to create an edge, you have to make a copy of the solid, physically trim it, then create the edge Even SolidWorks can't do this from a section view, because everything in SW is associative. If you created an edge on a sectioned view, then turned off the view, the defining geometry is gone and the curve cannot exist.
  15. Yes, you can trim a solid with a plane or surface anywhere you like Section Views ( a new feature in MC2019) splits a solid visually without actually modifying the solid or wrecking toolpaths that are associated to the solid. Because it is a virtual split, you cannot create an edge on the section view, because it's a virtual edge, not a real one

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