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  1. what tool plane are you using for drilling we use Right for VTL's with our Postability posts.
  2. If you want better machine sim and Verify performance, you need to upgrade the graphics card. My old home rig ran a Quadro 4000, a 12 year old design My work machine runs a Quadro RTX 4000 which is about 4 year old technology. My new home PC runs a Quadro RTX A4500, new last year. My new PC launches Machine Sim in 25% of the time it took my old home machine. and beats my work machine by 50% Vericut performance is excellent as well. If you're running large Verify and Machine Sim files, the RIO on a new video card is pretty short. After spending a month with my new RTX A4500, I'm regretting not spending the extra $$$ for an RTX A5000.
  3. Solidworks Professional has a file compare utility that is very good but it's not much use if you don't have a seat.
  4. Finishing up at his day job at Aerospace Deburring and Metal Finishing He'll be checking in for his key board warrior gig any minute.
  5. fissed for the sake of truth and accuracy
  6. don't believe me??? just ask him... he'll fill you on all the details.. and don't you dare laugh because then you be a Nazi and he'll punch you in the face.
  7. in oneyanks world we are all lowly burr bench guys in when standing in the shadows of his awesomeness
  8. and he was 6ft 8, insanely handsome, women fell at his feet, he singlehandedly saved a fortune 500 company from ruin because he was so freakin' awesome and he loved punching Nazis in the face.
  9. Done Done Done Do It ... LOL I still can't get that out of my head
  10. I tried to crunch this but there are too many variables for anything more than a wild assed guess. I'm just counting Mastercam, and there was a decade of Anicam 1.0 thru 3.0 then TekSoft and Procad before Mastercam entered the scene. (2023-1998) x 52 weeks/year x 40 hrs/week = 52,000 x .8 fudge factor = 41,600 And then there are + fudge factors I didn't count 2007-2014 mandatory 12hour week days and 1/2 day Saturdays and the current voluntary unlimited OT which has been going on for over a year 50/60 hrs/ week in the office and 15 to 20 hours of DT at home on weekends. I think there have been no more that 3 or 4 days this year when I didn't have any seat time. and speaking of genius's who learn software in a week, I was once told that Boeing required 10K hours of seat time before they would accept an application for a CATIA programmer. At 40 hour weeks, that's about 5 years experience before they will even look at your resume.
  11. I'm not going to waste anymore of my time helping this guy. He's not here for help, he's here to demonstrate his astounding genius to the dimwitted masses. However, I believe Mr Fish's area mill suggestion can be programmed to do exactly what El Magnifico is trying to achieve, and it can be done directly from a solid model without creating a single piece of wireframe.
  12. There is a very simple old school way to do this. Make a single depth pass/2D contour that has the desired radial stepover. Make the leadin/leadouts excessively long. Backplot the toolpath and save the geometry, Trim the start and end of the geometry as desired to eliminate the air cuts. Chain the new geometry using a C/L toolpath, and add the desired depth cuts It's a little work, but when it's done, you have exactly what you want.
  13. Your video card is barely entry level for a modern computer It's 14 year old technolgy, but even so, Machine Sim should run properly Try this Once Machine Sim or Verify is launched, click Files/Options and check Always use 5-axis engine
  14. this is what Ref Points are for if your screen shot is all one tool path, it won't work, but if you have a roughing path, then a finish past, you can use Ref Points to do what you're looking for

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