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  1. gcode

    Backplot peck animation

    That did not work for me with classic backplot
  2. Weird... We're running MC202 on a nethasp and we keep all our machine def's , posts and tool libraries on a network. I've got a dozen 5 axis posts, some professionally built encypted posts and some home grown posts built from Mastercam's mpgen 5X post. This includes a complex 5X VTL post built by Postability . I don't mass update them with the Migration utility. We have about 30 posts and I've been updating them one at a time as the need arises. I have not had any trouble with any of them
  3. gcode

    MC 2020 QUESTION

    MC2020 has been out for a couple of months now. This thread is about a licensing issue some people are experiencing, not bugs. I will leave it to people further up the food chain to explain it as I don't know all the details and do not want to post incorrect info.
  4. gcode

    Lots of good enhancements

    Years ago I took a Solidworks class at a local community college We sat 3 computers to a table powered by a single power strip. The instructor would walk by, jerk the power strip out of the wall and sing "Save Save Save" some people got very angry with him for that
  5. gcode

    Dynamic OptiRough

    They just don't make endmills like they used to
  6. gcode

    Dynamic OptiRough

    I'm guessing the endmill had an issue with this????
  7. gcode

    Lots of good enhancements

    One improvement I like is to Chain. They eliminated the Wait switch for Chain At first, I was really concerned about this because I use Wait all the time. The Wait switch is still there for Partial Chain, but greyed out for Chain. It turns out, Wait still works for Chain, it's just automatic. A very nice upgrade once you figure it out.
  8. gcode

    model in verify is very coarse looking

    there is also a precision slider on the bottom left of the screen make sure it is slide as far to the right as it will go
  9. Try the Dell Outler store
  10. gcode

    Lots of good enhancements

    It blows out everything in the toolpath manager
  11. gcode

    Lots of good enhancements

    There is a lot in 2020 I like I HATE HATE HATE what has been done to the Trim function though
  12. gcode

    Lots of good enhancements

    True.. I have been using MC for nearly 20 years now and have never used that button even once. I have fat fingered it a couple of times but the resulting "are you sure" popup was enough to warn me off.
  13. Your Mastercam dealer should be your first point of contact for this problem He should be able to provide you with a modern Siemens post at no charge as there is one available on the Tech Exchange at Mastercam.com
  14. gcode

    Lots of good enhancements

    yes.. I was very happy to see blend upgraded and added to the modern 3d suite

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