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  1. gcode

    ONA post

    no distributor no license equals pirate posts hidden .. I will leave it to Daniel to apply the ban hammer
  2. gcode


    When you bundle modules on a USB Hasp the purchase price is a little lower because only one persona can use it at a time on one computer and there is a bundling discount. On a NEThasp all those module are available to multiple users simultaneously. In your case a nethasp could support 3 programmers and any one of them could use the multiaxis license We have 5 seats of mill/lathe but only 3 seats of multiaxis which saves a nice peice of change over 5 USB hasps with mill/lathe/multiaxis There are also unbundling fees if you break out a USB and move it to a Nethasp Depending on the number of programmers your are trying to support Nethasp is the better long term solution Another good reason to use a nethasp is your can access it remotely via VPN and work at offsite. Another reason is a nethasp can be locked up in the IT room and is less likely to walk away as USB hasps sometimes do.
  3. gcode


    It depends on what you buy and how you are licensed. Multiple modules bundled on a USB hasp should be cheaper than the same modules on a nethasp and some dealers offer multi seat discounts. If you don't feel you need 2 seats of multiaxis it would be cheaper to go nethasp and just buy a 2nd seat of mill /lathe (if needed) Running a nethasp a user is only using what he needs and can access all modules if neccessary On a USB hasp you have to buy everything, even if the multiaxis is rarely used
  4. gcode

    Mastercam 2021 Public Beta 1

    no idea.. email qc _at_ matercam.com and ask them
  5. MC2021 PB1 was released yesterday Mastercam.com Mastercam.com Public Beta 1 Download Lots of cool new stuff. You can download the What's New PDF's from the first link Dig in
  6. This machine and our 20 year old post support 5X drilling, but I don't see any switches or misc integers in the post that would enable CYCLE800 The control has a button labeled Machine Cycles, that opens up a list of CYCLE*** files. CYCLE800 was not there, but that doesn't necessarily mean the machine doesn't support CYLE800.
  7. We have a old Zimmerman gantry mill here that we retrofit about 5 years ago. For political reasons I was not involved in the retrofit and have not been involved in programming it. Now I am involved, but I'm completely clueless where Siemens controls are concerned. It has a modern Siemens control. I do not know the model # yet or what options were purchased. I'm working on getting that information. Out post is a vintage V8 5X post purchased from out dealer nearly 20 years ago. It is so obsolete that our dealer refused to include it in out Post Maintenance package last year. It supports 5X drill cycles and the machine runs them correctly All tilted planes are point to point, even planes parallels to the X and Y axis. What is the Siemens equivalent of a Fanuc G68.2 titled tool plane and is there an easy way to see if the control supports them
  8. gcode

    Long Post Times

    Can you test your file in MC2020 I was having similar issues in MC2019, but MC2020 is OK
  9. what internet browser are you using I have used both Edge and IE with no issues on Mastercam.com
  10. Weird I just downloaded it with no issues Try logging in first then click on John's link
  11. The issue that limits it's usefulness of this toolpath is the fact that you are feeding away from the chuck and you are really feeding hard. If you are not careful, you can pull the part out of the chuck. In the case mentioned above I used the tailstock to make sure the part did not move
  12. Sandvik sells a standalone version, It was introduced in Mastercam X9 as a chook, but now it's a regular toolpath in Mastercam lathe It is very useful for the right jobs. A couple of months ago, I tried it on an Inconel 718 roughing project. We reduced the roughing time from 16 hours and $1K worth of inserts to 4 hours and $200 worth of inserts
  13. gcode

    Whatsapp Group

    Your local dealer should always be your first choice for training, particularly if you are a new user There is plenty of material for here on this website and there are over a 100 free sample files available on Mastercam.com https://community.mastercam.com/TechExchange#files
  14. gcode

    I know i'm out of line for this question

    When I was looking into NX about 5 years ago I was quoted $15 to 20K for a 5X post for our Okuma MU-1000H, and given the questions they were asking me, I had zero confidence I would get a good post. I decided that trying to bring a new machine online, learning a new software and dialing in a new post in new software all at the same time was a really bad idea.
  15. glad you got it working.. I kind of knew what to do, but no idea how to do it. That is some neat stuff you are doing there.

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