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  1. gcode

    Problems with custom tool file or data?

    Put your file up Its sure to be something simple
  2. Ask your Mastercam dealer
  3. gcode


    check your support email addy the original Verisurf install ran fine in MC2021 and MC2021 Update 1 Installing Mastercam Update 2 broke Verisurf Tools and caused lengthy MC launch times The Verisurf Update 2 file I downloaded this morning did not fix this and I had to uninstall it.
  4. gcode


    MC2012 update 2 is in beta... I installed VERISURF_2021_UPDATE2_TOOLS-MC and got the problems described above
  5. edit the max feedrate in the Machine Definition
  6. gcode


    I found it here https://www.verisurf.com/verisurf-tools-for-mastercam/ I installed it, but the same problem persists. A very long launch time and an error log full of entries like this ERROR (L13,C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2021\Mastercam\CHOOKS\1Verisurf.ft): Unable to open resource module CHooks\Verisurf\1Verisurf.dll. Ernie, I saved a copy of the error log if you want it
  7. They did that years ago
  8. gcode

    retired machinist

    that means you have selected an arc.. and the diameter of the arc is driving the toolpath
  9. Think of misc values as switches that you use to turn various options in your post off or on.
  10. gcode


  11. gcode


    Yeah this was pretty weird I installed Update 2 yesterday Today one instance on MC2021 would launch fine, try to launch a 2nd and it would hang, failing to launch I opened the Mastercam logging file and when I launched the second instance on MC2021, the logging file showed a steady stream of error Failure to launch a Verisurf chook. I uninstalled Verisurf for MC2021 and multiple instances of MC launch correctly.
  12. Please contact your authorized Mastercam dealer They will be happy to help with your request JBM Engineering JBM's website
  13. gcode

    show axes problem

    Many laptops have 2 video cards a lowball onboard card and a high end cad/cam or gaining card. The idea is the laptop uses the onboard card for regular work to conserve battery power and the high end card only when it's needed. From your description of your problem I think you laptop is using the onboard card when you are running Mastercam. You need to make sure the gaming card is being used when you are running Mastercam Maybe you can add Mastercam to the game list or better yet, set the laptop to use the gaming card full time.
  14. gcode

    Mastercam corrupted, how to fix

    The May 2004 update fixed the Hasp issue, even if they didn't get it done till late August I've had no issues on either of my machines running hasp or nethasp My 3rd party machine sims (Postability) are running fine as well You should still update your hasp drivers, even if you are running a Codemeter license All Mastercam versions install hasp drivers whether they are needed or not and the issue is between Windows and the hasp drivers, not WIndows and Mastercam

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