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  1. I do my best to keep parts oriented on the machine the same as they are oriented on the B/P We usually make Z0 the bottom of the part or a known datum.
  2. gcode

    Benchmark 3.0

  3. gcode

    Benchmark 3.0

    It is, so fast I`m wondering if I did something wrong I`ll run it again tomorrow
  4. gcode

    Benchmark 3.0

    I just ran this on my new Boxx Appex S3_06 at work i9 11900K overclocked to 5.3 ghz 32g ram Quadro RTX 4000 2 min 35 seconds
  5. gcode

    Unified morph

    Yes.. Check out a legacy swarf operation. The Tip Compensation switch on the Cut Pattern page will affect posted gcode. Now check out the Moduleworks Unified toolpath There is a Tip Comp switch on the Misc page that will affect gcode output The Calculation Type Aaron was referring to changes they way the toolpath is calculated The Tip Comp switch controls how it's posted. Back in the day, (late 90's. early 20's) I read articles that said calculating and comping to the center of a ball endmill yield smoother running toolpaths With modern CAM crunching the numbers and modern machines running the code I suspect that is no longer true. I would be interested in Aaron's 2 cents on this
  6. gcode


    Try setting the wireframe filter to Only You do that by clicking the bottom half for the wireframe button on the right or hit ALT S and unshade the solid Then it is much easier to select only wireframe
  7. gcode

    Unified morph

    Back in the early days of 5X programming, ball endmills were programmed from the center of the ball because the math was easier. Both the legacy and ModuleWorks 5X toolpaths have switches to output to the C/L of a ball endmill
  8. gcode

    PK error code: 22

    It means something is wrong with the geometry that was used to create a solid You may have modified existing geometry by mistake and now the solid cannot regenerate
  9. gcode

    Lathe finish plunge broken in 2021 ?

    can you share the file?
  10. gcode

    Unified morph

    Thanks for the explaination
  11. The toolpath does not like your stock definition I turned it off and it regens perfectly I like how waterline cuts this .. I think it is a better choice than raster
  12. This is what I do sometimes copy the op, then reload the default parameters and regen then work my way back to the toolpath I need I agree that a more specific alarm would be helpful
  13. gcode

    Posting with Associativity Checking Off

    I have never seen this error What kind of post are you using
  14. This can be caused by many things One on the most common errors I make is that the depth limit settings are wrong and there is nothing to cut at those limits Another is containment boundary errors which make it impossible for the tool to machine the drive surfaces
  15. Take yourr Gview defined Toolplane and use Dynamic end to rotate it about the Z axis so that the X and Y conform to the machine's kinematics You can do this from the Planes Manager by right clicking the tool plane and selecting edit

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