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  1. gcode

    EMPTY FILE!!!!

    This is why you set up the backup utility to save your backup files somewhere else I changed my config file to send the backups to "C:\X20_Bak" I did this for because I once wiped out my mmcam folder and all my backup files "C:\X20_Bak" is also easier to find if your need to get an old backup file
  2. gcode

    new to version x4

    https://www.emastercam.com/store/category/53-mastercam-x4/ You can buy them from eMC
  3. gcode

    HLE install

    The file may have been renamed by your antivirus software when you downloaded it. Without the .exe extension, a malicious download cannot launch.
  4. gcode

    HLE install

    what is the file extension on the install file
  5. gcode

    Hitachi Seiki with 10M controller

    Does the machine have rigid tapping If it does, you need to use a solid tap holder If it does not, you need to use a floating holder and allow for some Z travel when the spindle reveres
  6. gcode

    new to version x4

    The auto cursor is set to 15 degrees
  7. gcode

    Haas blew up again

    I ran an old machine back in the day that liked to run for home right in the middle of G02/G03 moves Proven files, no rhyme or reason for it... the boss was convinced I was doing something to cause it. I was a heartbeat from getting fired when I figured it out. The machine was on the same circuit as the air compressor. If this old machine was making a G02/G03 cut and the air compressor came on the power spike sent the machine running for home smashing tools, parts, fixtures and anything else in the way. They had a electrician come out to work on the power box and the problem was solved.
  8. gcode

    Benchmark 3.0

    I'm not sure which toolpaths support it, but some now use your video card's CPU's in addition to the normal computer CPU to crunch toolpaths, That assumes your video card and drivers support OpenCL (version 1.2 or better)
  9. gcode

    Too much code for helix entry

    If you are doing this with the new 5axis circle mill tool paths, you will not get arcs if the axis of your toolpath is not along the X Y or Z axis
  10. gcode

    2020 warning

    Your model file may have blanked entities who's color conflict with your graphics settings
  11. gcode

    2020 warning

    Open the part with a default session of Mastercam Change the model's color, then open it with your regular settings
  12. gcode

    Machine simulation graphics

    Vericut 9.0 is due out soon When I went to the VUE last spring they said the graphics in 9.0 is an order of magnitude better than the current graphics... I'm looking forward to trying that out
  13. gcode

    Machine simulation graphics

    Simulation looks really bad while it's running, but if you let it sit once the simulation is over it cleans itself up and looks pretty good. That may take a while, depending in the size and complexity of your simulation and your video card. That doesn't help a bit if you are trying to visualize a cut as it happens though as it is usually too choppy to tell you anything.
  14. gcode


    I think these accounts need to be refreshed once a year
  15. gcode

    Lots of good enhancements

    Home Page Display Tab click Arc Center points

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