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  1. While tooling up for our newest Okuma 5X HMC late last year, I bought a bunch of HSK 125 Weldon endmill holders from Kennametal. They came from a manufacturer in the UK and cost about $1500 each. It took about a month to get them and the quality was excellent. Last week I needed a couple more. Kennametal is currently out of stock on the two holders I needed, so I ordered them from Big Daishowa . The prices were about $1K each and arrived in three days with ground shipping. I don't know where they are built. Big Daishowa used to be Big Kaiser ( German) and they have manufacturing plants in both Japan and Europe.
  2. Our net worth's would not be a rounding error in that transaction.,
  3. no... if you are a legitimate Mastercam user, your Mastercam dealer can help you. otherwise you will have to visit Pirates-R-US
  4. You download the licensing wizard and run it on a PC that has a valid Mastercam license attached to it. That generates a code which will allow you to register on the fourm. You need to contact your Mastercam dealer for help if this is not working.
  5. of course it was a cash out.. a business two generations in the making, in an unwinnable death match with an unbeatable giant... who wouldn't?? They got a nice payday, most of their employees survived and they retain a large degree of autonomy over the day to day operations of the business. That may change in time, but for now, as users, there is no sign the firm even has new owners. ... with the exception of 5 updates for a single release. I'm sure that is not a coincidence.
  6. I think they realized they could not beat a monster like AutoDesk in a head to head fight. CNC Software did not have the resources to withstand AD's predatory business model. It's hard to stay competitive when your rivals can afford to give their entry level software away for free.
  7. That post may be a spammer testing his log in credentials. The post immediately following it was spam. The post is gone and the account is blocked . k740329 has not done anything ban worthy yet, so he still lives.
  8. I think Windows Update wiped out your hasp drivers, and the modern drivers are not available on your 14 year old installation discs. If you go to Mastercam.com and download and install these drivers, you may be able to get X4 running again. The problem is, you need a working hasp to create an account on Mastercam.com. You may need to email [email protected] to get a copy of these drivers. Be sure to include your Hasp # in any emails. It's possible your local Mastercam dealer may help you but after being off maintenance for so long they may not
  9. Maybe Boxx has backed off some on their pricing. or maybe they figured that as a 10 year customer, I was not price sensitive, The last time I called then was during covid, my regular sales rep was gone and the guy helping me was acting like a used car salesman, I haven't called them since.
  10. Find an online time calculator Subtract the Regen line (2nd from the top) from the last line = 1 minute 55 seconds... nice !!! From Boxx, that probably came in at about $8k I'm guessing about $5.5K from Xi
  11. Nice machine, where did you buy it??
  12. Mastercam is owned by Sandvik now. They must be hard taskmasters
  13. It could be. 10 or 12 years ago I came to work one morning and the entire programming department was down. Mastercam could not get past the startup screen. After a lot of trial and error I figured it out. A Windows update had installed the Windows version of Nvidia Quadro drivers and Mastercam was failing to launch. I uninstalled those drivers and reinstalled genuine Nvidia drivers and we were back in business.
  14. It's been 15 years since X4 came out. If this was a modern release, I'd delete the workspace file, but I don't think X4 has one. It ran on Win XP Win 7 and Win 8 I assume you are running Win10?? I think I'd try right clicking the desktop X4 shortcut , select Properties and play with the Compatibility settings
  15. We've got 57 machines between 3 building. Its a mix of 2X lathes, VMC.s VTL's, 3 +2 HBM's, two 5X lathes, two 5X gantries and 2 big Okuma 5X HMC's Some of it's pretty new, and some of the big VTL, were built in the 70's and are on their 3rd retrofit.
  16. any chance you have the Mastercam backup utility turned on?? that has saved me from catastrophe more than once.
  17. There are parameters in the control that set the allowable tolerance for arc endpoints, though it can be a difficult problem to solve. We had a VTL we bought about 15 years ago that liked to do loops when it got an arc numbers it didn't like. Opening up the arc endpoint tolerance in the control solved the problem. Another solution is to take what #Rekd suggested a bit further. Set your min arc length and radius to something big like .015" / 020. That way tiny arcs will be linearized and hopefully eliminate this issue.,
  18. Have you tried updating the video drivers
  19. define a" a little old" what video card does it have? If it's an onboard Intel video card, you are wasting your time
  20. I believe BT pull studs/holders have metric threads, while CAT holders have ISO threads. That may not be a universal rule, but I've found it to be the case with the BT holders we have here.
  21. Big Daishowa builds world class tool holders. Once you figure it out this interactive cataloge is very easy use and find holders with. You'll need to sign up for an account to download tool holder models Haimer makes really nice tool holders as well, but they are gold plated and sprinkled in diamond dust.
  22. This really is the best way to do it. It's almost like having two separate machines.
  23. My main concern is efficient roughing. All the vanes's I've built to date have been made of A36 mild steel or 4140. Take a button cutter @ 120ipm , add a hyperMill shape offset roughing toolpath and call it a day. I make then in sizes from Ø36" x 2" tall to Ø6ft x 14" tall. These new ones are made of 15-5 and they are talking about Inconel as well. It looks like most of them are about Ø20" Some parts are actual blisks and others are two piece, open impellers with a second piece brazed on top of the vanes to make an enclosed impeller. We've already got a quote for Blade Expert and Port Expert, though from what I've seen so far, Port Expert may not be required

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