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  1. I would include sales as well
  2. I think I'd go straight to the top at CNC Software with this. CNC Software and it's mill turn customers have too much time and $$$ invested to let a quality control issue like this go uncorrected.
  3. That's what getting my post dialed in for our Okuma VTM1200 was like I worked on it off and on for 3 years before we got it dialed in. Postability stuck with me through it all, including lots of wasted time getting stuff wrong because I didn't understand what was going on. It's still not 100% dialed in but it's very close The machine has 3 or 4 different ways to do the same thing and it can get real confusing. It's not as complex as that Mori either, because I don't have to deal with bar puliing or swapping stock from one chuck to another
  4. gcode

    Camplete Plugin for 2022

    Catia V6 does this and it's really hampered it's adoption by industry Our dealer said the reason for it was cradle to grave accountability for Catia documents That may be true, but it has certainly increased the cost of ownership We have one seat of SpaceClaim on a network license and one network license Programmers us it for file conversions, estimators and planners use it to look at models We probably have a dozen people who use it occasionally Named user licensing would be unaffordable for what we use it for
  5. gcode

    Screen back ground colors

    horizontal gradient gradient start 0 gradient end 155 I've been run that scheme for at least 10 years
  6. gcode

    Camplete Plugin for 2022

    Named user subscriptions Looks OK, but the devil is in the details This isn't a good deal if you have more than 2 people using a single network license
  7. gcode

    Camplete Plugin for 2022

    nothing like taking care of your customers
  8. gcode

    Camplete Plugin for 2022

    what is a "named user subscription"
  9. gcode

    Camplete Plugin for 2022

    The last time I looked, which was a couple of years ago, the only way to get HSMWorks for Solidworks was to subscribe to a pricey manufacturing suite A stand alone HSMWorks for Solidworks was not available. I do not know how AD is treating the HSWWorks people who owned it when AD ate them
  10. gcode

    Benchmark 3.0

    I ran an interesting experiment this morning My work machine is a 6 year old Boxx an i7 running at 4ghz.. 32g of ram and a 3 year old Quadro p4000 video card My co worker just got a new machine, less than a month old an i9 Boxx running at 5ghz, 32g of ram and a Quadro RTX 4000 both machines run Samsung 500g SSD's I'm programming a big impeller and I timed verify launches on my machine and his The initial stock model is made from a 38g stl file I defined the stock model as verify stock, selected all the toolpaths in the file and launched Verify my machine takes 48 seconds to launch verify and have it ready to run my co-works new machine takes 20 seconds. Considering that I do this hundreds of times a week, it's pretty good argument for a new computer
  11. gcode

    NPT Threadmilling - Troubleshooting

    Carmex threadmilling software is your friend
  12. gcode

    Benchmark 3.0

    try comparing Verify times for this file
  13. gcode

    Changing Colors of entities 2021

    Imported solids inherit the colors they had in their native form Try Model Prep Clear All and select the solid that won't accept a color change
  14. gcode

    Esprit 2020 to Mastercam 2022

    The multiaxis utility page will rotate your toolpaths as long as they are symmetrical We have an ancient ( 2005 vintage) Mastercam post for a Siemens 840D and it posts good code. This is a page from an Okuma horizontal mill program for an impeller which is why the axis of rotation is the Y axis in this screen shot
  15. gcode

    Mastercam 2022 Waterline Improvements

    The public release was put up this morning Mastercam CAD/CAM Software > Downloads > Mastercam
  16. Did One Drive try to take over the PC after a Windows update If it did there are now 2 sets of user files
  17. gcode

    A nice MC 2022 video

    Not going to happen, at least for us old guys My first computer was pre DOS with no mouse. It was all keyboard all the time, complete with cardboard templates that fit over the keyboard. Once you got the keyboard shortcuts dialed in, you could fly. The interfaces today are built for kids who've grown up on MS interfaces which I hate with a burning passion. This is as it should be. Trying to force 2 generations of MS kids to use a 1990's interface would be a very poor business decision. The Serenity Prayer applies here. You must have the wisdom to accept the things you cannot change....and move on. Moving on could be learning to use the current Mastercam interface, switching to different software, or running X9 till the end of days However, I don't think there is a CAM package left that has an interface you would find acceptable
  18. gcode

    A nice MC 2022 video

    There is no reason you couldn't do that. I know people who have put the entire menu structure on their right click mouse button. Personally I have one row of QA commands and the trim and extend commands hot keyed on my mouse The big ones for me are File commands If you put them on the QA bar they work like old school file commands I really dislike the MS style file commands the icons launch.
  19. gcode

    A nice MC 2022 video

    Make a list of your commonly used commands. Right click these icons and select "Add to QA bar" Minimize the hated toolbars and move on
  20. gcode

    Esprit 2020 to Mastercam 2022

    Hello You don't say what machine(s) you require posts for It sounds like you are doing advanced 5X work I recommend you check out the official Mastercam forum You will need to create an account to access this forum The account must be created on a PC with a Mastercam license on it Advanced Solutions for Manufacturing | Mastercam Mastercam has a free generic 5X post you can download from the Tech Exchange Tech Exchange - Home (mastercam.com) This will require lots of editing and is not recommended for a new user. There are also hundreds of sample part files and tutorials available on the tech exchange. Mastercam also has machine/control specific posts available for purchase Post Processors - Mastercam There are a wide variety of online courses available Learning Tools | Mastercam Support The owners of this forum sell a wide range of books and tutorial for Mastercam as well as posts. eMastercam Store Post Request - eMastercam.com Postability | Mastercam Post Processors My employer has more that a dozen Postability posts and I cannot recommend them highly enough. From personal experience I know Postability will be happy to provide you with a trial license You will have to go through your Mastercam dealer to purchase any on these posts. As for Mastercam's 5 axis capabilities. Mastercam licenses the Module Works 5 axis module https://www.moduleworks.com/?jet_download=10576 (the port and multiblade modules are available for Mastercam as options) It can do 5 axis trochoidal roughing between vane walls with collision avoidance and axial limit controls with the miltiblade options Welcome to the forum.
  21. gcode

    Mastercam 2022 Waterline Improvements

    The current release is Production Canidate 3, which is available to the public My dealer's newsletter says 2022 will officially be released in June
  22. Make sure the path to your config file is correct Once One Drive has sunk it's roots into your system, it can be a real chore digging it all out again
  23. I had MS One Drive hijack My Mastercam folders which really slowed things down Things got back to normal once I figured it out and fixed it
  24. gcode

    Swarf Machining stuttering on C-axis

    One thing I've found working with 5X toolpaths If you have MachineSim, use it. I have a home made machine sim for our Okuma MU. It does a very good job of showing stuttering bouncy 5X toolpaths. In fact it does a better job of showing toolpath instability than Vericut does. If machine sim shows a toolpath is performing poorly, it will perform poorly on the machine even if backplot and Vericut run smoothly.

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