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  1. Go to System Config/Selection and see if you have "Glow Highlighting" enabled If you do, turn it off
  2. Dylan the sample file is attached to the first post in the thread. as is, it will not trim the X+ side of the circle If you break the circle at it's midpoint, trim will function properly
  3. agreed For mission critical tool lists with Capto stacks I make a SolidWorks assembly of each tool and use that to create a tool sketch It's a ton of work. an automated solution would be nice I looked into some tool management software packages, but the prices were breathtaking and I could not get approval to move forward.
  4. I was asking if the latest version of the high feed tool was generating a good toolpath in Mastercam, or are you still running the bull endmill definition?
  5. Is this tool giving you good results
  6. You have to be real careful with Sandvik tool models The step file for this tool is not right. The white portion of the model which represents the insert is actually surfaces and does not come in when you create a tool with the step file. That's what Mastercam's tool manager says the tool diameter is 1.93 instead of 2"
  7. I think you need to break that up You've got the tool and a Capto arbor mated into one step file defined as a tool If you select Render Mastercam Tool, you'll see what is actually being used to compute the tool paths The tapered adapter can't be accurately described by the fields in the tool definition (at least that's my understanding of all this) Try defining the tool by itself, and then define the Holder with a separate STL file
  8. If you lie about the length of cut on the high feed definition it should step down correctly An LOC of .200 to .300 should do the trick
  9. If you break the circle into 2 pieces, it works properly. It should work as SlaveCam drew it though. I'll bet it's been a decade or more since Trim got any attention
  10. I think this has been addressed by updates
  11. I am subscribed to ASPE and now that you mention it his channel seems to be gone
  12. depending of the the post you are using, there may be a switch to output all codes for each hole the other way to do it would be to make each hole a separate toolpath in Mastercam, but that would make a simple task, complicated and error prone
  13. We have 2 Okuma's in this shop A VTM1200XB 5 axis VTL and a MU1000H horizonal 5X mill ( a trunnion with 5500lb capacity and an HSK125 spindle) These 2 machines are the most productive machines we own... so much so that we are currently digging the pit for a 2nd MU1000H which will arrive via convoy from Georgia in about 4 weeks. An MU4000 probably cost 4x what a Haas UMC does, but it is easily 10x the machine
  14. In that case the best bet is to use Z axis reference point setting to retract the spindle to a safe index point,
  15. try putting a 1 on this line safe_index : 0 #Currently hooked up to misc int 4 I think this is what you are looking for ret_on_indx : 1 #Machine home retract on rotary index moves, (0 = no, 1 = yes) make sure it's set to one Safe Index forces a Z retract before X and Y motion
  16. You need check with your local Mastercam dealer. or look on Mastercam.com Tech Exchange they have about 220 different posts available for licensed Mastercam users. I don't know if you should contact the OC office or the new office in SD
  17. I get them from the insert specs. But Some manufacturers have such complex insert geometry that it is impossible (and pointless) to model it. Check out the Mitsubishi AJX line of high feeds for an example of this
  18. Did you set Tool Type Comp to Control? Most people don't use G41/G42 when programming lathes in a CAM system letting the computer and software do the work yields much safer results It's possible control comp output has been disabled in the post
  19. Here is my version of this file using Unified with no geometry creation necessary Note That I've set Max Point Distribution on the Cut Pattern/Advanced Options page to .040 This should yield a nice smooth toolpath Also, I've used Starting point and forced a .040 overlap with the extend/trim setting This will help minimize a mark at the start of the toolpath gcode 5x curve.zip
  20. maybe someone with more experience doing 5X paths of a Haas can make some suggestions to get a smoother toolpath Is this a older VF4 or a newer model with the Next Gen Control https://youtu.be/3fBBxo29-es
  21. This is the default tolerance page for out Hass trunion post To me the Min Arc Radius being set at .0001 makes no sense... but I don't think that's what it really means I had it set bigger on another post and it caused trouble, when I moved it back to .0001 the trouble went away
  22. This is a screen shot of the Control Def Arc page of our Hass VF6-TR210 trunnion post. It is set exactly as it was delivered and we've not had any issues with it. It implies that I'm on the wrong track, but I don't know how the version of your Haas control or if anyone has been messing with the arc settings in the control. I think I'd still try unchecking "Allow 360° arcs" and see what happens
  23. where is the alarm occurring... on the ramp in move?? I ran both these files through CimcoEdit backplot and nothing jumps out at me They appear to be identical other than their different orientation is space I do have a trouble shooting suggestion Your ramp in moves are doing full 360° helical arcs in one block of code. Try changing your arc settings in the control def to "break ay 180°" or for a quick and dirty test, turn off helical ramps on the filter page... or change your ramp in motion to a linear ramp. Neither of these are fixes for the problem, but may get the job running something else I noticed these are the two ramp in moves the first one is the one that runs X-.0055 Y-.5844 Z5.7174 G1 Z5.6774 F25. G2 Z5.6383 I-.1105 J.0433 F4.4 <---------- this is a full 360° helical ramp move... no X or Y output X-.2346 Y-.5346 Z5.6207 I-.1105 J.0433 G1 X-.1354 Y-.54 X.0307 Y-.5002 Z7.0299 Z5.7473 G1 Z5.7073 F25. G2 X.0306 Z5.6682 I-.1178 J.0143 F4.4 <--------- note the X.0306 output... .0001 different from the starting point X-.2036 Y-.5093 Z5.6506 I-.1178 J.0143 G1 X-.1062 Y-.4897 maybe the Haas control doesn't like it.??

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