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  1. 53 minutes ago, Aaron Eberhard said:

    It defaults to 100IPM, which is way too slow, especially since you'll be aiming for >2000 IPM range most likely...

    and you'll probably have to hold the operator's hand the for the first couple of programs

    if you are not used to dynamic roughing on a machine capable of very fast feed motion F1000 or F2000 back feed motion

    can be terrifying 

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  2. Assuming your hard drive is still functioning properly, I would

    clone your old hard drive to the new hard drive then install it in your machine

    Done properly, you'll never know anything has changed

    I use an old copy of Acronis to do this.

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  3. If you can get it to run properly in Verify, save your Verify session as an STL file and use that to create your stock model

    You lose associativity with the toolpaths that define the stock model doing it this way, but you get a much more

    stable Mastecam file

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  4. 28 minutes ago, cncappsjames said:

    Reason # 51,384 to employ G-Code based  collision checking software...



    I'm pretty sure either Mastercam backplot or Verify would have shown this error.

    I have never had a crash that wasn't apparent in Mastercam had I not been in a hurry and taken the time to look more closely

    Actually, I'm surprised the post didn't scream bloody murder,  give an axis over travel alarm, and refuse to post the offending toolpath.

    I know the 5X posts I buy from Postability would have stopped posting at the bad toolpath


  5. This can be caused by many things including the good old video card excuse.

    However, most of the times when I have trouble like this it's my fault

    2 big causes of this for me are Section Views and the " only display associative entities" in the Toolpath Manager.

    I cause this problem using Viewsheets as well, inadvertently turning Levels off or on when I shouldn't

    It might be worthwhile to review the Viewsheet settings page. They add new field on that page periodically

    There are a few in there that I have no idea what they do, like "Display Mode"

    In my case I have that turned off, and I have no idea what it does.. Help is no help.





  6. What are you going to be building ?

    Do you require multiaxis capabilities or is 3X enough for now

    What work envelope is required?

    I'm with JP for the most part,

    I love Okumas but an Okuma sized machine payment and a couple of slow months can be a bullet in the head for a start up.

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  7. 35 minutes ago, Bill Craven said:

      I want my setup sheet tool list to have all of the parts of the tools listed so that the setup person will have all of the tool part numbers for setup.


    For mission critical tool lists with Capto stacks I make a SolidWorks assembly of each tool  and use that to create a tool sketch

    It's a ton of work.

    an automated solution would be nice

    I looked into some tool management software packages, but the prices were breathtaking

    and I could not get approval to move forward. 


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  8. You have to be real careful with Sandvik tool models

    The step file for this tool is not right. The white portion of the model which represents the insert is actually surfaces

    and does not come in when you create a tool with the step file.

    That's what Mastercam's tool manager says the tool diameter is 1.93 instead of 2"

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