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  1. Try programming a simple test file in Mastercam and try to replicate it as close as you can in your other cam system Some simple like the 2D path around a rectangle followed by a simple swarf tool path or 3+2 drilling cycle The compare the resulting gcode. I'm betting there is a missing M or G code in the Mastercam file that enables 5 axis motion
  2. probably code used to define the start of a new tool
  3. You set this in the Mastercam Launcher which can be found at Start/Mastercam 2022/Launcher
  4. are you sure you are creating solids and not surfaces??
  5. If you have your part and planes setup properly Top/Right/Right would yield a B0 drilling toolpath on the face of the part
  6. With the post we developed for our VTM-1200 there are several ways to drill holes The c axis lathe toolpaths work and creating planes and using traditional drill toolpaths work too Every method has it's uses and produces different results in the NC file. Getting the post to output all the correct M and G codes for each style of drilling was a lot of work.
  7. I reviewed a couple of proven files in our libraries They use G18 for C axis drilling and tapping (G81 G84 etc) The G12 face interpolation toolpaths have no plane callouts at all I assume the G18 callout is still active when G12 tool paths are run????
  8. This is the results I get posting OP14 using a Postability VTL post I believe this code would run properly , but as I stated in my previous post, in my experience, big VTLs are not capable of accurately running these toolpaths THREAD.NC
  9. It is my experience that C axis VTL don't do a very good job of thread milling. The machine motion is really the C axis and the X axis moving back and forth very tiny amounts I have found that most VTL's are not capable of accurately making this back and forth motion
  10. I attended the US Army Repair Shop Machinists course in Aberdeen Maryland in 1976 I was a one of 8 Marines enrolled in the Army course. The course and the machines were modern and it really was a pretty good course. There were class lectures, lessons on microfiche players and exercises on machines with instructors to guide you. At the end of each module, you were given a sketch and a piece of stock and sent to the secure test shop to build the part. I was a Marine and the penalty for failure was assignment to the infantry as a field radio operator. When I started the course I was introduced to a functionally illiterate staff sergeant. He was a 3 tour Vietnam era infantry combat vet who had reenlisted to go into the maintenance field. Too old and beat up to finish his 20 years in the infantry, he was going into maintenance. It was made clear to me that if the staff sergeant failed the course, I failed the course and my next stop was field radio school at Camp Lejeune. The staff sergeant pretended to be attending the classes and I went into the secure testing area with 2 pieces of stock at the end of each module. Everybody involved turned a blind eye to this, the goal being to get a respected combat vet through the course so he could finish his 20 years and collect his pension. Once I got to a duty station in the Marines, it was all WW2 vintage equipment . Leather belt driven lathes, shapers, high speed steel tool bits etc etc. There was almost zero actual machining of parts, but I did become a world class broken bolt remover My last duty station was El Toro California and my desire to build things led me to take a part time job at a shop out in town. I've been in the trade ever since. In the mid 90's I took 3 semesters of Mastercam (V5) followed by 3 semesters of SolidWorks at a local community college.
  11. We have a VTM 1200 YB with an OSP 300 control Check with Postability, they have a dialed in post for this machine, the product of about three years work. Do not even try to program this with an off the shelf post. You will fail. If you have models of the machine they can build you Machine Sim as well. These are amazing machines, but they are not easy to program. For any given milling feature there are multiple ways the machine can do it and the post must output the the correct M and G codes in the correct order or you will spend days chance down alarms. Once you get the post figured out AND if they put the right work on it, it will be the most productive machine in your shop
  12. that's a very easy post edit.. make the edit and call it a day
  13. will this run if you move the A axis callout to the next line
  14. Was "Maintain Source operation's" not working properly??
  15. I don't think we ever could copy paste pictures Weren't we limited to using a file sharing link of attaching a jpg screen shot??
  16. sounds like a jobs program for unemployed lawyers
  17. If you are using a ModuleWorks advanced toolpath, you need to be aware on which side of your surface is Normal In your View tab, make sure Backside is enabled That will make one side of your drive surface a pale green and the other side whatever color you have selected for the surface The pale green face should be away from your tool and your color should be facing the tool If its not open the Surfaces tab.. find Normals on the far left and hit Change If you are using a legacy project toolpath, none of this applies as legacy 5X toolpaths do not care about surface normals
  18. I'm assuming you have gone to Mastercam.com, created an account and received your license Try going to Mastercam Launcher and set it for Software You can find Launcher in the Mastercam dropdowns in the Start menus
  19. physics bows to no man
  20. very very tough people !!!!
  21. backplot is a tool that is used during the creation of toolpaths to make sure results match your intentions
  22. 2 things come to mind Did you create an account on Mastercam.com and activate your license? and HLE versions have 14 month life span. Maybe your HLE 2021 version has expired?? I would go on Mastercam.com and download HLE 2022
  23. All a college degree proves is that you are capable of learning. It is experience at the school of hard knocks that makes you valuable to an employer
  24. One big difference With the traditional Transform, you can check the Force Tool Change box and the NC code will run home and stop with each rotation. It would be nice to have a switch to turn this behavior off and on With the Module Works internal transform there is no way to do this

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