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  1. Is anyone on this forum using the Labtec Spaceball for 3d motion control? I noticed on the Labtec download site that their Mastercam drivers are still for MC 7.0 Is this an issue? It looks like a usefull device, but is it worth $500? As a side note, Labtec will soon be aquired by Logitech, but I don't know how that would affect Spaceball users.
  2. toolbreaker, The mpmaster post is 4X enabled. Look at the third line of the "Rotary Axis Settings" in the post If you are not getting an A command in the first rapid move of any tool path (even a regular 3X program), the 4X switch has been turned off.
  3. Kathy Dog and Cycletime are right. Their way is much more efficient once you get the hang of it. (which I haven't :confused Reguarding your Tplane changing issue: Look at the Screen configure-Start/exit page. There is a check box that says "Update Cplane and Tplane when changing Gview" If it is checked try unchecking it
  4. Kathy, I've been doing that way for years too! Solids have made it much easier. I've been using solids to create a model of my stock a each step of the manufacturing proccess. I do a lot of complex aluminum castings. I make a solid model of the raw casting, make a stl file of it and use it in the Verify module. Its takes some work, but having the solid model to help visualize things really helps When I go to the next operation, I rotate and or translate the solid model as needed, saving it as a new filename. Its worked pretty well for me so far.
  5. I've done limited 4X work, but the post worked. When you are drawing your geometry, you have to set your Z level to the radius of your work If you are working on a 4in dia part draw your geometry a Z=2.00 When your are touching off the cutting tools be sure to add the radius of the part to your Z offsets. The post outputs with the C/L of the 4th axis as Z zero.
  6. Kathy, The simplist way to do this is to keep MC in Top plane and use a seperate MC8 file for each setup. Rotate and tanslate your geometry per the requirements of each setup and approach each setup as a simple 3X job
  7. Rob, My experience with threadmilling is limited. When I have thread milled NPT threads I used a tapered cutter. The cutter is long enough to do the whole thread in one pass. You ramp on, move one complete circle with 1 thread of z move z move and ramp off. The cutters are not cheap, but they pay for themselves in machine time because you only make one pass. The cutters are available as solid carbide endmills for smaller sizes and insert mills for the bigger sizes. There is a company in CA that makes solid carbide thread mills all the way down to 6-32 internal threads!!
  8. If you want to post one group in an operations list you have to select (blue checkmark) every operation in the group. Just hold down the control key and click on the operations you want to post. If it doesn't have a blue check, it won't post. If the op has a blue check and still won't post make sure its *.nci name is the same as rest of the operations. If its not, you can change it with the options menu. (right click anywhere white in the ops manager)
  9. gcode

    Help !!

    kathy, on the contour page there is a drop down labeled "Roll cutter around sharp corners" The choices are "none", "sharp", and "all" Experimenting with those settings has solved similar problems for me in the past.
  10. Chris I haven't used the thread mill cycle, but in circle mill I've had the same problem on my Haas. The solution is to change the entry/exit arc sweep from 180 to 90 and check "start at center". MC will output a straight line move with G41/42 before starting the arc sweeep
  11. I freelanced home with my employeer's cad/cam software (not MC) for 5 years. After a while the cad/cam package I was using was no longer adaquate and I bought a copy of MC for myself. My employeer never objected to my moonlighting because some of my customers brought work to his shop. He also got a better programmer because I was gaining experience doing other work for other shops.
  12. You can also use the solids module to create a solid model of a forging then save it as an stl file. Once you are in Verify, you can use this stl file to define the stock. This works very well for machining forgings and castings
  13. Just checked the DirectX site. Version 8 is out now.
  14. Are you reverse posting NC code back into MC? You might want to try backplotting with the save Toolpath as geometery option checked. You'd still have to descibe tools and chain the geometry though. It would be a lot of work. I've never tried to do what you are doing so I'm not much help. I use Predator Virtual CNC which can verify MC8 files via a Chook or verify Gcode as a stand alone program. Its a very cool program
  15. Go to Screen Configure then NC Settings then NCI Path Set Initialize NCI Path to Current MC8 path. Exit Screen Configue, saving the changes. Once you have saved a MC8 file to a new name open the Operations Manger and right click in the white space. You'll get a menu popup. One one the choices is Options/ Change NCI Destination. When you click that a file page with newfilename.NCI will come up. Click OK and your done. All the operations now have your newfilename.nci and the changes you've made will post correctly Hope this helps
  16. Make sure you have Compensation in Computer on the Contour parameter page enabled. The leadin/lead out page is greyed out if you don't. It sounds like you have some other problem because you can't access the lead in /out page without Comp in computer being enabled. It would be nice if you could add leadins/outs to uncomped tool paths but you can't. To do it you have to create additional geometry which can be a pain.
  17. gcode


    My desktop suffered a total meltdown while upgrading to WIN ME on Monday. It is beyond my abilities to repair and is in the shop. In the meantime I am using a 2 year old SONY 266 MMX. It runs slowly but without any problems. For some reason the lathe module runs much slower than the mill but they both run OK. My SONY laptop has been incredibly durable. I have used it on the shop floor for 2 years to daytrade and do light programming work. In those 2 years it has had the keyboard filled with water once and machine coolant twice. All three times I let it dry for a couple of days and it still runs just like new. The case has started to crack in a couple of places but the machine just keeps on running. I'm currently looking at a laptop built by Prostar of Industry CA. It has a 15in. screen and the keyboard has a 10 key numeric keypad. My one concern is the video card is built by ATI. I've had some trouble with MC and ATI video cards.
  18. Yes, I'm using a Logitec Trackball. I will try that Monday and see if it fixes the problem. I love my Tracball though. Logitech Mouseware is in Version 9 now. I'll try an upgrade to V9. If that doesn't work, I'll try generic mouse drivers Thanks
  19. I'm running MC V8 on a PII400 WIN 98 release1 Frequently when I start MC, the axis markers will fail to display. If I don't get the axis marker, I can't see any geometry I create. If I load an existing prgram nothing is displayed. Statistics says there is geomerty there, but Regen fails. Sometimes I may reboot 4 or 5 times before MC starts in a useable state. My local customer support says it is a video card problem so I upgraded to a Diamond Viper ii Z2000 (32meg) That seemed to help for a while but the situation gets worse as time goes on. Sometimes it works fine other times I can't use MC at all. Today I upgraded my Diamond drivers and DirectX to the newest versions and the problem is worse. Now I'm getting white tails that follow my mouse around and stay on the screen till I hit redraw and MC will start properly about 20% of the time. Any help at all would be appreciated
  20. This is my first post on the thread. I live in Southern California. I work in a shop that uses brand X CAD/CAM. I work from my home at night as a contract programmer. I bought MC-V8 with solids for my contract programming and am very happy with it. The more I use it, the better I like it. This forum is a great idea. I hope there are some post gurus here cause I have a lot of post questions

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