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  1. Newbeeee™

    Fanuc 16iM DNC PCMCIA

    If the program number matches and format is okay, it definitely sounds like a parameter issue then.
  2. Newbeeee™

    Fanuc 16iM DNC PCMCIA

    You definitely have the right comms port set to read from the card - yes? And does the memory key have to be open to read it or something silly like that?
  3. Newbeeee™

    Quick access toolbar

    There is a hack to enlarge the QAT - but it enlarges all QAT's on your computer. And it's not the best in the world - a small change makes a big difference. Do a search here as I posted it up a few years ago now. Bad luck CNC picking the wrong toolkit but glad they have seen sense and are building in flexibility to remove/change/alter what half the people have been moaning about.
  4. Newbeeee™

    GUI/ Ribbon Bar Customization?

    Mr Bubbles, I'm sure there's been a few of these threads. By memory, Crazy Ron had the biggest (snerk) as he flyouts on flyouts. BenK also had a nice setup by memory.
  5. Newbeeee™

    Accuracy of simulation in Verify for MC 2019

    Was there not an option for that in the settings? In X7 by memory, the accurate zoom was on automatically when zooming and would hog resource? So you could de-activate it. Tell me I'm not dreaming...
  6. Newbeeee™

    mind blown

  7. Newbeeee™

    MP Master Post - Mill

    Copyright? The hours you've spent working on it, I assumed it was at home and not at work. If it was at work, you'd surely not have time to have written a program?
  8. Matt, As many holders as your budget will allow. ERs are versatile - 25 and 16 are good systems and value for money. Schunk hydraulics are also very good value. For facemill, look at the Tagutec 3P system. The ally inserts cut titanium (and delrins) very well, and they do a steel insert that works well. Oh, and with a TM1, if you're gunna use the handwheels you need your legs cutting off at the knees WNMG are the best value as more edges and some D and V insert holders will do most OD work. ISCAR was good to me for part off - GFN inserts lasted a long time on the prototraks. Boring bars - I don't think you can go wrong with CCMT types - readily available and carbide bars are usually sold as a pack for 8mm/10mm/12mm bodies
  9. Newbeeee™

    mind blown

  10. Can you not send an email to the company that supplied the machines and ask them yourself - ignore the idiots in the office? You need the machines to behave like all the other machines in your shop so you can put already programmed jobs onto these new machines. It will only be a parameter change.
  11. Newbeeee™

    Hard coat 7075 aluminum

    You can do it but there will be random chipping. You need a high rake insert and then possibly lap an even higher rake onto it. Turn it slowish with gentle feed and then I've even "deburred" the ultrasharp edge/shoulder with an oil stone with the chuck running. It's not an easy job to do but platers hate to mask, or charge a fortune for it, and the boys in the office think they're saving money by doing it. Good luck
  12. Newbeeee™

    mind blown

    I just looked into this and the office upgrade is getting the ribbon bar cut to 2 lines to help users focus on their work. More screen space I guess LoL. Also, they're introducing new coloured icons onto the ribbon. Say it aint so
  13. Newbeeee™

    Horizontal Programming your method?

    Husker, Top/Top was changed to Top/Front for Hori programming so the Front/Side/Back etc planes worked out of the box. This was because the vast majority of 'grammers couldn't get their heads around planes and WCS
  14. Newbeeee™

    mind blown

    10 bucks says you sorted him out...
  15. Well done! It maybe worth double checking that Pot 1 is T1, pot 2 is T2 etc. Ie it hasn't got it's knickers in a twist?

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