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  1. Newbeeee™

    New yasda 650 microcenter.

    Sticky - you dumped your Mats?
  2. Newbeeee™

    Milling with Robots

    Colin, It maybe worth you contacting Nick @ 4D Engineering (Mastercam UK reseller). They were doing this around 8 years ago by memory
  3. Newbeeee™

    Part modelling and tolerance zones, how would you do this?

    Yes - model the part at the nominal mid-limit of the tight tolerance. Then on the print, add a dimn line and a note (hatch the part) where the open limit applies
  4. Newbeeee™

    Desktop lathe

    For the Schaublin, unless you have deep pockets forget it. The 70 version (70mm centre height) was around $20k 10 years ago The problem with them all, is they have small bores. I think there'd be a great market for a 30mm bore 5" chuck 5" centre height machine with a 2MT tailstock and 20" between centres. That's Mach3 convertible of course...
  5. Newbeeee™

    Converting part-files from VMC compatible to HMC compatible

    +1 My *feeling* is that it was changed because the hori boys then had automagic planes set-up that would output correctly (0,90,180,270) Doesn't make it right though... Rich - Phil helped me convert my VMC 4th axis post to a Hori and we did exactly as Aaron said - TOP/TOP/TOP. As your customer has this new machine, perhaps they should go this way too from the start?
  6. Newbeeee™

    DMG/MORI 3rd party service

    I wouldn't touch their machines with a 10 ft stick...
  7. Newbeeee™

    Change Log

    Total BS and not required for ISO at all. A customer maybe demanding this specifically for their approval, but I doubt it. I would have written in your procedures something like:- Program Amendments Amendments may be required for many reasons (part change, continuous improvement etc). If it is deemed necessary to modify the program, it is changed by the following process;- a) Edit the NC Program b) Run the part program to prove the amendment c) ‘Cut metal’ to produce the part. d) Verify it is correct by Inspection. e) If correct, save the NC Program to the computer Network, overwriting the original. f) Amend any associated documents (if necessary). What I will add is:- The above can only be done by approved people (your training matrix will show who is approved to do which tasks) Within your procedure should (IMO) be a statement which says something along the lines that you have a folder called Customer Part Number and Revision, and within that is everything to make the part including an OOI (out of issue) folder, and within there, is the previous Revision folder with everything in there (including your old program). So if you ever need to see changes, you can run file compare to see. HTH
  8. Newbeeee™

    Lots of good enhancements

    Once in the Military, always in the Military...
  9. Newbeeee™

    Lots of good enhancements

    Long term users won't switch software or will die off...New users is where sales are at...
  10. Newbeeee™

    High level training

    As you're post and go, it really sounds like you *just* need operator training. Surely Okuma has *someone* at their office who can fly out and educate you and your guys? For a big fee of course...
  11. Newbeeee™

    Billet roughing programs

    I bet the Catia grammer was paid a fortune though, because he can use the software.. Or possibly not by the sounds of it....
  12. Newbeeee™

    Mazak questions

    Sorry - my attempt at humour! What you described doing is the BIG no-no in aerospace or any place where traceable material is required.
  13. Newbeeee™

    Mazak questions

    ^^^ Josh, you working in Aerospace...
  14. Newbeeee™

    Billet roughing programs

    I can only speak from my experience for my size of parts. Unusual was 20 x 20 x 5 thick but average was within 6 x 6 x 4 envelope. 14mm dia MA Ford 3flt knuckle 45deg cutter with 21mm DOC with 30% stepover and S10000 F7500 (metric) and let it eat. Awesoome paths.

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