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  1. In a huge amount of cases, if you are not using it, you are losing money. A LOT of money. You are not competitive. Simple as that. I blew an X & Y ballscrew doing one particular job peel milling. There was not enough movement and back/forth oscillation caused (I think) false brinelling. But I got them rebuilt using next size up balls and all was good. A cheap repair and a lesson learned. My machines had been using the paths since the X5 era, and they are still working now with just that one issue. What you will have to do, is use look ahead on your toolpaths (Fanuc G05/G05.1 etc) filter for arcs as Leon has said, and if you're running low end machines (read cheap), you'll probably have to servo tune the parameters to stop the machines from beating themselves to death with mechanical shock. But the upside is all well worth any small downside.
  2. Newbeeee™

    Form tap to fix anodized undersized holes in Ti?

    ^My adds in brackets Hardcoat for ally is a couple of thou (at 50/50 into mtl and buildup on material). This can be a nightmare to control because the tolerance on the plating thickness, can often be more than the finished tolerance on say a bore.... For internal threads, allsorts come into play - not just the theoretical 4x build up, but size of thread and through hole or blind. The platers bath can have an influence too - how packed the parts are in, and where the parts are jigged from (creating a "dead spot"). And if the parts have blind holes and are jigged upside down, air stays in the hole so no plating at all...
  3. Newbeeee™

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    I used notepad to post mod. NCPlot to backplot because it can handle sub progs and is so sweet to use. Beyond Compare for file comparing - cheap as chips and again was sweet to use. I asked on the official Mcam forum in the beta once what was so special about code expert, and I got laughed at - literally - and given the one main reason to use it because it was written in the latest software language (C+ or whatever - I can't remember) where the mastercam editor was "so old". Although that worked well and I certainly liked it. But it still cannot handle sub progs? Hmmmm.....
  4. Newbeeee™

    Form tap to fix anodized undersized holes in Ti?

    When you say "in", you mean "out"... as in make it bigger not smaller. Are the holes blind, because you'd probably only be getting build up at the top of the hole anyway. If through, you could make so the no-go starts to go in and then back off a tad - so it's a "sloppy fit" on the go. Hard to get a pre-plate gauge if you don't know the plating thickness though. That's the number 1 thing to establish I guess.
  5. Newbeeee™

    Form tap to fix anodized undersized holes in Ti?

    Matt, A screw will fit no problems. I guess it's not an assy, and the surgeon has to fit them? If it was an in-house assy then no problem, but if it's a surgeon I can see why in-house inspection would fail them! If it's that near on going in, it maybe worth trying another gauge... Can you make a dummy plate (same mtl/thickness) and tap a few holes and get the platers to process. Then try a tap on this? Hardcoat on aluminium is 50/50 into the material/build up. For titanium, it looks like it's very different to aluminium thickness and only a couple of tenths, opposed to a couple of thou. Hence you're unlucky and the gauge is *nearly going in*
  6. Newbeeee™

    Fanuc Robodrill High Speed Question

    I had 4x BT40 10k rpm machines and 3x Feeler BBT30 15krpm machines (which replaced 2x Robos). IF i ever did it again, I'd have 2x BT40 machines and 6 Feelers in the same floorspace making more money.
  7. Newbeeee™

    Fanuc Robodrill High Speed Question

    100% disagree Nick. If it can fit in your hand, the machine is kickarse. This is a very old post, and the guy never had the G05 option. So it was probably a very old machine with probably a low-optioned early 16 control. G05.1 and a couple of parameter tweaks would more than probably solved his problem...
  8. Newbeeee™

    Fanuc Robodrill High Speed Question

    Seems like you're FOS and just spamming...
  9. Newbeeee™

    Haas blew up again

    To be honest, IMO your 200rpm below the max theory is a waste of time. The difference in forces is less than negligible and if you look at the bearings, chances are the 10k spindle has 12k rated bearings and the 6k spindle has 8 or 10k rated bearings.
  10. Newbeeee™


    If you re-run it again, would it still say 1.5 microns (ie wondering the repeatability here...)?
  11. Newbeeee™

    zoom speed

    It is a shame that CNC doesn't hoover these *little* enhancements up and take them under their wing to keep them going. Even as a "not-supported/official" chook, but just updated for each release and kept on their web page for user download at their own risk.
  12. Newbeeee™

    Chip Trap

    I used the matting similar to the picky. Oil absorbent matting - Cut it to size and drop it into the tray and the matting collects the fine stuff letting the coolant through.
  13. Colin, Have you asked James M?
  14. Newbeeee™

    4th Axis programming

    When I had to do some Hori Grammin, I took my proven VMC (TOP/TOP) post, and spoke nicely with my reseller, and we copied/converted/created a Hori post that was TOP/TOP. Easy peasy lemon squeazy Yes, you have to create your planes (whereas TOP/FRONT outputs angles automagically), but, View Sheets makes it a doddle, and you then keep VMC/HMC flexibility.

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