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  1. Newbeeee™

    How to get jobs????

    If you're in any doubt about, go look on Practical Machinist for reviews... 6k budget will let you go door knocking yourself!
  2. Newbeeee™

    Arc issue on Fanuc

    FWIW, on the later D control, it seems that the "standard" settings could be very different because the defaults are missing, and therefore different to the C. This may help - a pdf of the differences between your C control, and the later D. HTH
  3. Newbeeee™

    Rookie Mistake

    Buttttt..... (granted that i'm rusty now....) if you want to machine a simple 3ax 2op part... OP1 (Vice) WCS#1 G54 M00 (FLIP) OP2 (Fixture) WCS#2 G55 M30 ?
  4. Newbeeee™

    Rookie Mistake

    THIS PLUS 10X BILLTRILLION!!! It is 1x click so fast and easy - you can have it output Coolant, Work offset numbers, H + D to ensure they match etc etc. So fast and a great double check.
  5. Newbeeee™

    Revolutionary Turning... Tizit HDT

    and as I mentioned Prime Turning here, I see they (Sandvik) have their own software for programming
  6. Newbeeee™

    Mastercam Lathe

    I'm not sure, but if it's Maza-troll, you can change it from line to taper in the program.
  7. Newbeeee™

    ARRRGHHH!!! Customers

    Many a Customer has ruined a good business...
  8. Newbeeee™

    Mastercam Lathe Concern

    Is ther much you use mcam for over the Shopturn? There were only 2 or 3 jobs where we couldn't get shopturn to do exactly as we wanted (because of the cycles) so we posted in mastercam and then entered the geo points in siemens circle/straight cycle which worked flawless as it kept the prog as a shopturn program
  9. Newbeeee™

    Vacuum Fixture Problems

    As old bear says - what's the mtl and a pic of both sides of the part will be helpful
  10. Newbeeee™

    G55- G56 Posing out on 4 axis... why?

    IMHO it is the most stupid (dangerous) thing that could have been conceived...
  11. Newbeeee™


  12. Newbeeee™

    mind blown

    That chaining and the new interface 'box' looks really sweet. Kudos
  13. Newbeeee™

    Tool library defaults read into High speed toolpath

    To me it's simple. It all boils down to morals. A blind man can see Autodesks plan stood on a desert island blindfolded in the middle of no-where in the dark from 1,000 miles away. CNC are better than that. I just hope their sales department are... IMO, if CNC is going to implement a subscription platform, there needs to be an option to view and post legacy data. This could be done by offering a perpetual seat at a one off price that cannot be updated in the future (ie a "cheap" price for the latest version which freezes the company at that software version for ever more). Then if in 5 years time the company wants to jump back into Mastercam, then it's effectively start again for them. Pay perpetual licence at full cost, or subscription again with the option of freezing at a later date.
  14. Newbeeee™

    Tool library defaults read into High speed toolpath

    Jay, Although I'm out the game at the moment, talking as a business owner I NEED to be able to double click on that 'lil icon and the software fire right up and work every time. It is financial suicide to not have a perpetual licence. Regarding the cloud, ITAR aside, I can see ease of use (I'd call it lazy) benefits from cloud storage, because "someone else" is storing and backing up my data on "their server" (cloud) instead of me doing it myself on my server that I'm fully in control over. We all know the (small) risk to the business of data being stolen, but my worry would be internet going down or corruption of services. So I'd never ever go cloud storage at all, because to me, reward in no way outweigh risks (and some of my stuff was ITAR anyway, so it was a no-no from the start). In 12 years having the business, we never had 1x virus or big issue. At the end there was a network of 6 PC's (3x workstations, 1x CMM, 2x DNC laptops) all linked to a dual raid small server which auto backed-up and I'd keep a copy in the car (in case of fire). There was only 1x interweb PC which handled emails and faxes which was standalone, and this suffered from windowze auto updates etc and caused more grief than the whole of the network. Auto updates of all softwares (graphics drivers etc) can be a killer to a small business IMO.

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