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  1. Newbeeee™

    How to finish this

    Got a 4th on your VMC?
  2. Newbeeee™

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    Visual. This is a nice vid as an example. Remember though...back in the day when Joanie was groany demanding Graphical toolpath editing, it was a long time ago. Toolpath algorithms have got better, but it would still be a nice feature LMAO#FlameSuitOn
  3. Newbeeee™

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    OH-MY-GOD! He who shall not be remember what happened when Beetlejuice was called...
  4. Newbeeee™

    Did you know Mastercam has "hidden" 5-axis toolpaths?

    Perhaps...the reason why Mastercam hasn't got a partial thread feature, is that it's not that common... CHooks are a great feature - it's a HUGE bonus that Mastercam has this functionality which allows customised applications to be written and easily interact (alt-C)
  5. Newbeeee™

    Multiaxis crash

    You're new around here aren't you...
  6. Newbeeee™

    Multiaxis crash

    Perhaps split your Operation into 2, and select 2 surfaces at a time...
  7. Newbeeee™

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    IF you're lucky...
  8. Newbeeee™

    Fanuc 30i 8 digit program number

    Parameter 11317 Bit0
  9. Newbeeee™

    unlicensed Mastercam question're saying that a re-boot cleared your problem? I missed that bit because you said you had to ( I had to completely rework the processor because the original was just down right pathetic) I'm assuming that a re-boot never fixed your post then Ref your comment regarding the most common 3 axis lathe control on the planet? You obviously realise that machine control implementation is in the hands of MTBs? So driven tool Mcodes and Hi pressure pump Mcodes and chuck and barfeed and tailstock and and and blah blah blah can all be very different? And 5th axis is on my list to have a beer with - next time I'm in 'Murrica.
  10. Newbeeee™

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    I'll just comment on this one example. Your configuration must be ATF. Machine/Control def not correct etc? And as for the post...ALL posts need time putting into them with testing to iron out issues. It sounds like you're not even close with getting that sorted? IMHO, With Mastercam, it is waaaayyy easier working WITH it than AGAINST it. If you're going to continue using it, put the hours in and learn/understand how it works and correctly configure and test and then you'll be a whole lot happier as a lot of your problems will go-away.
  11. Newbeeee™

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    i'm not using anything now. But was X9 and beta testing 2017 2018. The full arc is a "thing" which verify cannot catch as it's a machine parameter issue. Any bugs that I ever saw were things like locking up or stock model slow down and things like that. X8 had a comp issue for the 2D deburring path where it didn't activate correctly when using machine compensation - which stopped me from using it at the time. Verify wouldn't have caught that (note to self - get out more and forget chit like this ) But other issues I saw were as I said - not component scrappers. So what are you seeing - how are you scrapping parts on the machine?
  12. Newbeeee™

    unlicensed Mastercam question what's your process to allow scrap progs through onto the machine? I'm asuming you're verifying and checking to model prog is good... or? And the classic accident where you machine a complete arc when it shouldn't, can be a parameter issue on the control? Just curious
  13. Newbeeee™

    Tool swirls in corners on contour cut

    Computer Thrombosis!
  14. Newbeeee™

    Hole making enhancments

    Actually it's Thursday. So Winner Winner Tacos for dinner

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