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  1. Surely....if you're 'grammin a single part on the one machine - start to finish - there's absolutely no need for this? Surely.... :shrug:
  2. HolyMoly. That's some grade 1 BS right there, that REALLY wants an urgent patch to fix it. Yes - toggle on/off just the same as a level. Surely?
  3. If I was a new user, I'd be wanting to learn all that great "power user functionality"....
  4. It's the Emperors new clothes....
  5. 100%. Apathy has set in, in soooo many fields. There's a great saying - Men are like wheelbarrows, they need to be pushed LoL
  6. Everyday's a school day to me, but hover, and scrolling.....there's still 2x actions going on....Position mouse, finger on wheel and scroll.... Where you could just position the mouse and click....on the actual, physical, setting you want. Not hidden, bold and in your face. I understand it's all preferences, but....
  7. If you can't speak the Kings language, who the heck are you? (That's worked for many hunnerds of years )
  8. Ohhh, EVEN better!!! I never suggested colour coding because I thought it would look all Fisher Price.... But yes, what you have there is 100% better IMHO. So.... as others have said, you can accidentally change something with no knowledge of how it happened? Annnndddd....the length of time you wait hovering for the options to appear, is it not faster to click it? One step forwards, 2x steps backwards....:hrhr:
  9. Ohhhhh, that's bad. Obviously "someone" thinks hidden is the way to go Also....the ABS and A55 word would all blur with my eyes when buzzing through the settings, as only "A" is capital. I'd be looking to bold the first couple of letters for clarity (I say couple as the political correct dept would explode if "A55" was highlighted.... ) ABsolute ASsociative INcremental Edit:- Oh Wokey dopey SW - it "xxx" out my original post
  10. IMHO....with 2x E model 10k RPM Robos sat side by side, one a BBT and the other a standard, and a Chevalier (non BBT) 10k RPM #40 VMC sat next to that....I'd say the face and taper increases rigidity by 30% over the non (Robo 2 Robo). But a BBT #30 Robo is not as rigid as a BT40, like - for like. I'd say it's close (ish) but maximum -20%.
  11. They have plenty of power. They have a lot of rigidity, but as Leon says trochoidal paths and smaller tools will be your friend. My main issue with my Robos was swarf getting onto the tool taper, because the tools aren't "that protected" in the changer. There is the Fanuc preferred option of a tool taper wash (coolant wash) but we went with a PLC hack where we had the machine head pause on toolchange, at a definable height, so the spindle airblast cleaned the taper for longer. This added 1x second to a toolchange and removed virtually all of our issues, so was well worth it. Fanuc (UK) frowned at our solution because slowing the toolchange went against one of Fanucs main selling points (the fast toolchange). But good products were my priority and on a batch of 25>50 (sometimes 100) parts, I wasn't worried about the additional 1x seconds. Edit:- for clarity, we were producing 98% aluminium parts on these machines. So using a 40mm facemill, and 14mm and 12mm roughing tools at 10k RPM and 5metre (200 inch) feed rates, so chips were bouncing everywhere inside.
  12. Every day's a school day! Chapeau, laddo!!!!
  13. Hahahaha! I just argued a reply about custom lathe post benefit, thinking And then looked at all its replies and Bwahahaha, I've reached peak interweb as I'm now arguing with a bot! VC is the acronym for "vulture capitalist" . Change my mind.
  14. So...how does the accuracy of the lathe, dictate that a customised post is advantageous, over "just a standard accuracy lathe"? And how does a larger project, dictate the benefit of a post, over a smaller project - surely complexity of part to make, is more important?
  15. New standardisation of web page to CAM product. Clickety Click!
  16. Hey you old buggers - you need an Off Topic!
  17. All this excitement, but where's the OP? Perhaps, he's still sailing the seas....
  18. OP said his friend always gets the latest sent to him. So by that statement, I assume he is paying annual maintenance...which is a HUGE amount of wasted corn for V9, X, X2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.... If Bytey could have bought a car, OP's friend could have bought a garage to house it! So that said, although obviously unsupported, I'd like to think the reseller goes the distance and helps out here....
  19. The whole WCS/Planes "thing" is the biggest item to get ones head around (learn) in mcam IMHO, especially when talking 4axis. I'm sure it was Motorcity Minion who posted a great "how to" word doc back in the day. I put together a pretty comprehensive enhancement request and was then told the whole planes (and manager etc) was getting looked at and a makeover. This was X7....
  20. That was another enhancement request back around X5 (2012?) - if we can't delete, can we append the name, so TOP could become "TOP (OP1)" and "BOTTOM (OP2)" for example. It was met with all-round positivity, so naturally went to the bottom of the pile
  21. Being UK we used Control 100% for finishing paths. By the time I read about wear, we had a load of new progs and Bus.Partner wasn't happy about changing as he never saw the benefit But the lead-in-out I set to 55% default. I'm sure initially, it was 50% but on a part (or two) we got the fanuc comp alarm. 55% cured it and we never had a problem again.

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