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  1. dfedwards

    Nvidia Settings

    Thank you John and David! I was having this same issue since Sandvik IT updated my Nvidia driver last week. This appears to have fixed the issue for me as well.
  2. dfedwards

    Nvidia Driver for Mobile Workstation

    I appreciate the responses, I did downsize for travel purposes, and I can function fine on the 15.6" on the road, at home I have a docking station and dual 27" monitors so laptop screen size is a non-issue when I am doing the bulk of my programming. Mostly what I do on the road is minor tweaks to programs I wrote at home. I did download the latest NVIDIA driver (just released this month) to no avail. I haven't had time to try any other drivers yet, I had to revert back to my trusty 8760w for the time being. I will try again when I have a minute to breathe. I will say this, other than the display issues, the Zbook runs circles around my similiarly spec'd 8760w, It has to be the processor i7-4910MQ vs. i7-2820QM both have 32GB RAM Thanks again for the suggestions.
  3. dfedwards

    Nvidia Driver for Mobile Workstation

    Yeah, K2100m is all you can get with a 15.6" display. I was looking for something more portable, Lugging an 8lb. laptop with a 3 lb. power adapter plus mouse, 3d mouse etc. got a little heavy in airports. I reduced it by over 4 lbs. by going to the zbook but it will do me no good if I can't get it to work. At least I still have my 8760w if I have to go back to it. Surely someone is using a 15.6" laptop with K2100m card.....Anyone....
  4. Hi All! I recently got a new laptop, and HP Zbook 15 G2 configuration as follows: i7=4910MQ CPU 8mb L3 Cache 32GB DDR3 RAM (G.Skill F3-1600C9-8GRSL) Nvidia Quadro K2100m (2GB) 512GB SanDisk SSD Blu-Ray Writer 3D Connexion Space Pilot Pro and SpaceMouse Wireless for travel Mastercam X8 & X9 NX 9 Solidworks 2015 Catia V5 R21 I replaced my elitebook 8760w that had the Nvidia Quadro 4000m to try to lighten things up a little, I travel extensively with Sandvik and I needed something a little more mobile. The problem I am having is my graphics is going black and giving me an error message that Nvidia Driver has stopped responded or that there has been a timeout or once I got the dreaded blue screen. I believe this is a driver issue, so I am asking if anyone one else is using this video card with Mastercam and if anyone has had similar issues? Also, what video driver are you using? Thanks,
  5. dfedwards

    Activereport Setup Sheet on FTP

    Not sure if you found your answer yet or not Neurosis. If you use the NCFILE-SHORT instead of NCIFILE-SHORT it should output the file extension from your CONTROL definition and .NCI at the end.
  6. dfedwards

    Blade Expert

    Karlo, I sent you a PM. I would like to talk about this.
  7. dfedwards

    inverse feed problems

    F(code) = 1(minute) / (time = 3D distance/velocity) The 3D distance of the move is calculated in model coordinate space at the NC control point, not in machine coordinate space and not necessarily at the tool tip. For example, a 5-inch move at 50 IPM takes 5/50ths of a minute, yielding an inverse time calculation of 1/.1 and an F-code of F10. The same 5-inch move at 700 IPM would be 1(minute) / (time = 5 / 700) or (1/(5/700)) or (1/.0071428) or F1400.168 If that's not clear enough, think about it like a record player. The closer you move to the center of rotation, the slower your linear velocity is. Say you are cutting a part by rotating a rotary table, and you would like to feed at 10 linear inches per minute. How can you just give a F10.0? What if the part you were cutting was 30 inches in diameter? What if it was 1 inch in diameter? The controller doesn't know what diameter you're cutting. F10.0 means nothing to your controller. So, to correct for this, we use inverse time feed. Some controllers may vary, but most I've seen are calculated by 'Speed(IPM or MMPM)/Distance)'. For example, you want to move at 10 IPM and your move is 2 inches long. Your feedrate in G93 would be 5. So you can see very small moves give you huge feedrates, expect to see F1500.0 or more. Most controls also need a F on every G01, G02, or G03 line. The F will most likely vary every line. Also, Because inverse time calculations can appear confusing for the uninitiated five-axis programmers, some machine builders have attempted to simplify five-axis programming by offering a form of rotary feed control where the CNC operator manually sets the fourth and fifth axis radius values (this is true on a Haas 4th axis machine). Hope this answers your question.
  8. dfedwards

    Programming Mastercam in Solidworks

    What about lathe?
  9. If you go to the holders page and press new holder and then new holder library this should delete the holder associated with the toolpath and it should display no holder. You will probably have to do this for every operation but sometimes I get lucky and it will remove the holder for all operations that use that tool. Nothing seems to consistant with some of these Mastercam bugs. I hope this helps.
  10. dfedwards

    My fact cheet - Mill

    Great work, wish I could read French so I could understand it better, but your English was good enough for me to get a good idea, and I like it! Have you made it available for others/purchase, etc.? I am very interested.
  11. dfedwards

    ActiveReports help request.

    I have been using AR Setup sheets since X5; I have created a format that works and recently adapted it to meet the format at my new employer. The problem is, no one wants to use it because you cannot save as a .DOC for editing and adding notes and things after the setup sheet is posted out of Mastercam (At my previous employer we had Acrobat X and made our edits in that). I have saved as all available filetypes and my setup sheet loses it formatting in anything other than .PDF. Do you have any suggestions?
  12. dfedwards

    Right Angle Aggregate on HMC

    If anyone can offer some input here I would really appreciate it. Is it still necessary to use a router post to output code for a right angle head? We just got a new Haas EC-1600 Horizontal and I just got my post tweaked just like I want it, but I can't seem to get it to output code for a right angle head. I have done this in the past at another company and I remember I had to use a router post (this was on a VMC). Do I need to start over with a new post based on a router post?
  13. dfedwards

    Density of carbide

    Have you considered using tungsten? It may be a little easier to work with than carbide and has a density of 19.3 g/cm3. Just a suggestion.
  14. dfedwards

    Tool numbers changing ?

    Does X6 seem to be better? I haven't upgraded yet, I have been watching the bugs posted on the forum and haven't gotten comfortable yet. I have 8 programmers and I have to be careful because there are only 2 Senior Programmers, myself and one other, and the rest rely on me for training etc. I just don't want to open up a big can of worms - I generally end up not getting any of my own programming done for a month after I upgrade anyways, if there are too many bugs to work through, it could become a nightmare for me.
  15. I would also be interested in a generic 5-axis post based on the In-House MPMaster. I have 12 Mazak Variaxis Machines (Some 500's, some 630's and some 730's). I have a working post now, but it is an old V9 post that has been updated several times and does not have many of the features of the MPMaster that I would like to have (i.e. G61.1 and G05 output options and X style coolant). I was going to modify my post to accommodate, but if you have one at a reasonable price I could use my time for other things.

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