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  1. HT

    auto cursor tool ribbon.. where are you?

    How about this: go to window control panel, Mastercam X, select your vesion from drop down menu on top, then reset dialog position and status bar pane contents.
  2. HT

    auto cursor tool ribbon.. where are you?

    Try create a line, it will show then you can dock them to where ever you want.
  3. HT

    Mirror Planes?

    How about use Transform Toolpath with Method Tool plane and "Save planes" check.
  4. HT

    Autosave/Backup issue

    Thanks Cjep, every thing start make sense now, some how we have been believe it work the other way around as the newest back up file is a duplicate of what we just saved. Thanks again.
  5. HT

    slow file

    Did you look at holder setting of each tool? the other programmer may had map them to the moon, another thing is maybe there is only one operation choke up the whole file . . . .
  6. HT

    5x pocket problem

    Hi JD, did you try flown 5x through a point?
  7. HT

    G43.4 TCP on Makino

    Yup, please tell everyone over there i said hi.
  8. HT

    G43.4 TCP on Makino

    Austin, You can ask Charlie P, JD, MIke E ,Kevin B, Brian M or Scott B about this..........J/K . Best way i think is figure out how to flipping between tool tip mode and invert feed mode before and after transition moves.
  9. HT

    Post Overwrites

    Quote If you do this fix Jaz you will not be able to use the holder dialog in the toolpath settings. Yeah, that's what happens. I guess we have to make a choice like any other things eh.
  10. HT

    Post Overwrites

    Hi James, try change File dialog style in Mastercam x properties under Control Panel.
  11. HT

    Save X6 file as X4 format

    Thanks Keith, we all use 64bit over here , guess my co-worker need to upgrade very soon .
  12. Hi everyone, i need to save one of my X6 file to X4 format, wonder if someone can help. Thanks
  13. HT

    mm to inch

    " then type in 1/25.4 " Type 1mm then you don't have to remember the ratio 25.4
  14. HT

    5 axis help

    "TRAOFF is a Siemens code and won't work on Heidenhain" My bad, i was sleeping when i read his post.

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