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  1. aekky-1992 Hello,Aekky, i dont have mastercam anymore. All was ok on 2017. When i tried to import to a newer mastercam, it got all [email protected]#$ up. Didnt work more on this after the job. What are your issues? If i can give a hand. Keep me posted.
  2. ORVIE -Copy your groove in an other level -Cut the groove pattern in multi segment about the sise of scallop you want -Use the same groove path tweaking the step over for finish scallops -use stock -In depth make 2 passe (seems it yont clear stock in 1 passe) - Made a ZIP TO GO at the end. Sheers Rugh finish no air time GROOVE.ZIP
  3. Maybe Colin Gilchrist could make us one No Charge. I was juste trying to help.....
  4. Vinux Did you copy the text of lmd :Right click" copy all tex from post" etc ?
  5. You need to put dwell on the lenght and pitch are in the misc Control depth of pass in peck and depth of cut To finish give only one passe in peck and depth of cut but change the whith of pass from % to step amount Always keep dwell to 1 or more and unselect finish I dont have an nc simulator but the code is tested Do you know a good freeware to test nc codes? Give me feedback NOW IN ENGLISH THREADENG .pst THREADENG .mcam-lmd custom thread.mcam
  6. All youhave to do is to lock your spindle,programme a slot with an endmill the same size of the broach and(transform) (rotate) the plane of work you can control the depth of pass and the with an length of the rectangle. See the attache mcx file Cheers broach.mcam
  7. Hi all, i juste made a post that converts any grooves to thread. So you can make ,buttrest, acme, round or any form of thread with a grooving tool. Really easy to use. Contact me if you need it [email protected] Cheers

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