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  1. nickc

    Check holder

    Are you using the c-hook "check holder" ? i usually use the option to "edit projection" place the tool at the deepest part and click and drag the holder up and down till it looks good.that along with the option to trim passes to holder (under surfacing toolpaths-on holder tab) have always worked for me
  2. nickc

    Setting default holders for a machine

    Found it,actually in machine definition
  3. nickc

    Setting default holders for a machine

    how do you set default tool lib? ive tried in config and it never works.whenever i start a new file it always defaults to the big inch library
  4. nickc

    Deep hole FINISHING drill cycle

    I have started just posting a g81 cycle for each "peck" that i need to get to the bottom ,that way(on okumas)it retracts all the way out but starts down deep example g81 z-1 r.1 g71 z.1 ---forces tool retract plane g81 z-1.1 r-1. g71 z.1 g81 z-1.2 r-1.1
  5. nickc

    MC2019 "Reporting Computation Error"

    my run-ins with this fella usually involve a containment boundary
  6. nickc

    Mill Feedrates

    actually a good question! i think this would be a job for the post processor ,maybe MISC values ...,someone correct me if im wrong....
  7. nickc

    Reporting Computation Error........

    waterline just did this to me,unchecking "contain to tool contact point" fixed it
  8. nickc

    Import ".stp" Issue

    this happened a lot when we used x7 and customers would create models with a newer parasolid version than mastercam had,re-saving with other software to version 23 seems to fix it
  9. i would try the Raster toolpath,basically a parallel finish with a arc on and off,and set your filter to create arcs in xz,yz ( g18 g19)
  10. nickc

    Post Processing Classes for Mastercam 2019

    i definitely need some of this!
  11. nickc

    toolpaths dirty after saving

    thanks for the help,ill try this tuesday.still learning how to use stock models and .stl's for 3d stuff always learning
  12. after generating a tool path that took 20 minutes ,i saved the file and after saving toolpath was marked as dirty,with the .stl file used for stock disappears from the stock tab in the restmill page,seems to be happening a lot when using stock to reference leftover material
  13. nickc

    .STL help file error

    when loading .stl for stock,pressing the help button gives an error,where do i find the help file? and is there a way to actually see the .stl,all i get is pieces of it visible as shown in green
  14. nickc

    save-save as

    i get that too when opening a file for the first time,happens at first save ,works for me as it keeps me from messing up the original cad file
  15. just did a file repair and save on a part and the planes tab just shows the standard plane selection.added planes return to the list after re-opening the file. just a bug i guess

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