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  1. Awesome, I appreciate this. I have a lot of reading to do.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have a Sinunerik manual that I downloaded but the Yaskawa/Siemens manual that came with machine doesn’t have much information in it. I do have the Yaskawa/Siemens “Supplementary explanation for Macro Porgram”. Thanks for the help and nice in the right direction.
  3. Shop I work in has a Matsuura With Siemens 840 control on it. Never had the need to run any macros on it but I plan to convert some Fanuc macros to run on his machine. It’s not running in Siemens Mode so it’s just running Fanuc/Yasnac g code. I started to convert the variables from From #100 to Y_[100] format. The arithmetic and Other functions seem self explanatory. My main question is What’s the format for an address like Z#100 or X#101? If anybody can point me on the right direction I appreciate it.
  4. Thanks. That did it. I appreciate the help.
  5. Lol I didn’t even think to look there, thanks Millman. ...But it’s set to .nc The main programs post with a .nc but the subs post with a .sub extension.
  6. Good morning, I messed around with a post to post subs as individual programs. I followed the instructions in this link: Posting works as planned except it posts with a .sub file extension. What do I need to do to post out subs with a .nc file extension. Thanks
  7. balnh


    I use 2 and 3 flutes for aluminum, I’m not familiar with c103 but it doesn’t sound like it’s any fun. Treat it like 316
  8. balnh

    Milling Niobium

    I’m not familiar with that alloy. For pure niobium I would use carbide if I could, and ramping not plunging. I treat it like 316. Drilling with high speed drills just kind pushed the material and left a huge mushroom. Fortunately I only have to go -.125 deep so I circle milled the thru holes.
  9. balnh

    Extended work offsets for Haas (past G129)

    Here’s how to go all G154 from MPmaster if haas, [ p_wcs = workofs$ - five #G154 P1 to P99 "G154", *p_wcs #g_wcs = workofs$ + 104 #G110 to G129 #*g_wcs ] You can download the post from this site HTH
  10. balnh

    copper-tungsten alloy

    I’ve done a fair amount of small electronic packaging out of this stuff. For endmills I used 4fl Altin or Tialn coated. 150-200 SFM IIRC. High copper content isn’t bad at all like 70/30 or 80/20 WCu. It’s a tad abrasive. 90/10 is very abrasive. The higher copper alloys I’ve drilled with regular Hss no problem but the 90/10 wore out the corners pretty badly.
  11. balnh

    Tool swirls in corners on contour cut

    My favorite is when someone blames the machine for acting up. “ I added -.020 to the wear comp and it’s not opening up.” Then I take a stroll over to the machine and see that he’s been putting the value in Length wear. This has happened twice.
  12. I don’t want to hijack this thread but I’ve been thinking about doing this for our trunnion. Is it as straight forward as solving for new point and overwriting offset or using G52 and shifting current Workoffset? Which order of solving if rotations don’t intersect? My A Axis Z is -.0045 below C axis and Y-.0008. I thought about the math to figure points but my mind just stops at a certain point when I think about this shift. Right the now programming with COR the post handles this shift and everything is sub .001.
  13. You might not have the macro option on the machine if it’s giving bad code alarm. You do have inspection plus in the machine correct?
  14. balnh

    Too fast for Fanuc

    Never mind just found it. Navigating without the touchscreen is a pain in the xxxx though. Thanks

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