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  1. BCW

    2019 - Model Chamfer

    I just wish you could use spot drills as chamfers in mastercam.
  2. BCW

    Advanced Multiaxis question

    Your right I don't see that in there so its probably in the encrypted section. Ill reach out to our dev. Thanks gcode.
  3. BCW

    Advanced Multiaxis question

    Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I am having the same issue except with a Heidenhain post I cannot find the variables that GCode mentioned. Does anyone know what to look for in the post for Heidenhain?
  4. Could someone direct link the whats new file? I cant access the mastercam forums because I don't have admin rights required to run the licensing setup thing.
  5. BCW

    Toolpath Group specific stock?

    Very true. At least things have gotten better in that regard though. I remember crashing daily hourly on large files.
  6. BCW

    Toolpath Group specific stock?

    Your way too organized for me I see what you mean though regarding each toolpath group having a stock setting. But resorting to the most recent stock model toolpath would work in your situation and probably 90% of situations.
  7. BCW

    Toolpath Group specific stock?

    Not lazy just smart enough to know the current method doesn't make sense. It would make more sense for each toolpath group to have its own stock settings or just automatically use the last created stock model toolpath.
  8. If you could post a file or even a screenshot of your geometry it would be a lot easier to offer help. In my mind this sounds like a simple 2D contour. Since you are asking that to be simplified tells me your situation is actually different than how I am reading it. FWIW... I was shocked many of you guys seemed to have such a condescending tone towards such a simple question.
  9. 2d HS dynamic mill has the default sort order of "None", try setting it to "Air" You can do this with most of the HS toolpaths and it makes a big difference.. Not sure why default isn't "Air" out of the box.
  10. BCW

    Tapping 2-56 holes (Haas mill)

    Why is the drill going oversize? Its either running out in a bad drill chuck or its kicking off when entering the spot... why I mentioned spot angle above.
  11. BCW

    Tapping 2-56 holes (Haas mill)

    What is your R value on G84 line? In my experience Haas like to start .2 above the part to get synced properly. What is the angle on your drill point? Make sure your spot drill has a larger included angle.
  12. BCW

    Screen shots

    Also worth noting for anyone who is missing the MRU toolbar. You can dock it or have it floating just like the windows for toolpath / levels / planes. Go to View > Recent functions and dock it anywhere you like. I prefer it docked to the left side of my planes / level managers.
  13. BCW

    Screen shots

    Sorry I havent checked the forums in a couple days. I have a 27".
  14. BCW

    Screen shots

    Gotta hide that hideous ribbon bar

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