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  1. M. Anderson

    2018 printing issues?

    nickbe10, yea, not going thru that... done that back YEARS ago in another software... but THANKS for the suggestion...
  2. M. Anderson

    2018 printing issues?

    ahaslam, your print page don't look like mine - I running Win7 you must be on Win10. Yea, I know how to move the part around and such in the "window" and the mouse wheel function. But I need "Actual Size" - that comes in the "Scaling" section where you set it to "1.0 : 1". I have X6 (and found X8 also), installed and that was maybe the last time I had to do this - well X6 works like it should. Enter - "1.0 : 1" in the scaling function box and that's what you get. 2018 not so much...
  3. M. Anderson

    2018 printing issues?

    Ok, I tried to search for an answer... Well, search function is let's just say "WHACKY"... I'm trying to print some part files I've drawn, and need to print them "TO SIZE" - yes, they will fit on a 8.5 x 11 sheet. I am using MC2018, and this is probably the first time in 2018 I have had to do this. Is the "scale" function broken or am I doing something wrong... It's been a while since I've done this? Everything seems to print "fit to paper" Help is always welcome!
  4. M. Anderson

    Curved Monitor

    Are those Samsung 4K, 1440 or 1080P...? Costco has the 27 or 32" - 4K (oops... 1080P) for around $180... Just wondering.
  5. M. Anderson

    Carmex Threadmills

    Thank you! For thinking too share with us...
  6. M. Anderson

    Machine Simulator

    Thanks! Does anyone have any better info (pdf's or so), on using or setting up MC's simulation? MC's stuff leaves a lot to be desired!!! Maybe Module works???
  7. M. Anderson

    Machine Simulator

    Colin, can you explain this a little further... can the simulation read gcode or is it something else?
  8. M. Anderson

    Mori NTX2000

    Not exactly what you're talking about... but close! I worked at a bearing company that we bar fed 8~9 in dia - 1.75~2.9 wall - 12 foot bars into Okuma 4 axis lathes - late 80's, early 90' machines - LR and LC machines... Using "in house" made bar feeders. Fun started when you got a bent bar spun up to 1800 rpm... .0002
  9. M. Anderson

    Need help

    Look, too each their own... BUT that is just plain NUTS! If they are on that tight - use an air impact too loosen (not to install). Never have the spindle active when you are messing with the chuck... You're just asking for... ??? .0002
  10. M. Anderson

    Fusion 360 what are its failings ?

    kind'a old but... http://www.emastercam.com/board/topic/89430-autodesk-fusion-360/?hl=fusion go down and read Collin's replys
  11. M. Anderson

    Is 2017 faster for you?

    THIS x 1000 .002
  12. M. Anderson

    Solidworks Z to Top?

    Goldorak for the win!!! Thanks very much - now why didn't I find that with google? Again, Thanks!
  13. M. Anderson

    Solidworks Z to Top?

    I am working on a customer project with Solidworks 2015, (their laptop and all), I have about 800 ~ 900 parts to draw up from some really old “print” prints. I have not used SW in 10+ yrs… so a lot has changed, but it is still SW. Question is: How do you re-orient SW drawing space so Z is up (top plane)? And make it permanent.. So the next time it loads it’s still correct. It’s like Y is currently the top plane (I know it’s always been like that). This drawing stuff sideways is NUTZ! If someone here knows please list it as simple as you can… Like I said it’s been like 10+ years since I used SW. Thanks
  14. M. Anderson

    Cat 40 Collet Chucks?

    +1 - used JM for over 10 yrs. Use a lot of Schunk - Sino-R and Tendo Hyd ER - mix of Command - Lyndex - and off-brand ?

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