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  1. Hi all, Has anyone experienced Area Ruff not leaving the required material, I don't mean to much but not enough. Almost cut to Zero in some details. I don't understand why, on some floors of Details theirs is .010 - .015 and some other places 0.002 Programmed using X9 any insight would be great
  2. Johnny M

    Surface Finnish Raster Help

    I think most of the problem is zig zag cutting going to try 1 way next form. I have five to do they are almost all the same, by the last one I should be golden
  3. Johnny M

    Surface Finnish Raster Help

    My first operation is with a 2.0" high feed mill leaving .005 whole part 2nd / 3rd operations restmill tool paths to bring all surfaces leaving a constant 0.005 4th Raster top 3/4 ball mill 5th water line 6th and on 2d tool paths and drilling reaming etc.. Problem is surface finnish the top part of form, Tool tip wearing out.
  4. Looking for some advice. Material 4140HT Material Left for Finnish is .005 thou Finnish tool path is Raster ( zig zag ) and coolant tool is 3/4 ball ( dijet indexable ) Feed 115 Rpm 8000 with 0.011 step over problem is surface finish, tool tip is wearing out. Size of plate is 41.00 " x 16.00 " What can I do to make surface finish better from start to end. This is just for the top surface, I water line other details and that is fine. Any help would be great.
  5. Johnny M

    Milling on magnets

    ^^^^^ Yup Me two ^^^^^ I have three 16" x 25" ... when work piece allows it I use them no complaints..
  6. Johnny M

    Face Milling 316Lss

    Thanks all for the suggestions and recommendations, I will probably go with some kind of high feed cutter and do the flip and face procedure ( 3 X ) follow up with a face mill leaving material for the surface grinder Flat within 0.002" Parallel Within 0.001" Thanks all again.
  7. Johnny M

    Face Milling 316Lss

    Block is 6.1" thick Machine to 5.75" Machine both sides leaving 0.003 per side for grinding No Stress Reliving I have a lot of Seco tools Highfeed Cutters, inserts 218.19-160T-04-M08 F40M But I'm open to any suggestions also
  8. Looking for some tooling and speeds feeds. Face Milling Material 316L SS 24" x 36" About 3/8 material coming off then onto surface grinder. 7 blocks to do vertical Cnc Direct drive spindle 10 000 rpm Any help would be great
  9. Calling them , thanks all
  10. Thanks all for the suggestions, I should have made it a little clearer on what I was looking for. I have found the 5mm still looking for 10mm.
  11. Hi all, Looking for a supplier who sells Indexable Corner Radius tools. Specifically -5mm -10mm Thanks in advance.
  12. Johnny M

    Laser Marking Machine

    This company has many solutions.
  13. A Few More Large 5 Axis
  14. Johnny M

    opinions on Yama seiki vertical

    I have a Awea Bm1600 Cat 50 6000 RPM machine, the machine is 6 + years old and running strong. No real issues with the machine very happy with it, I also have the sp2016 bridge machine also built by awea good machine too. the only real thing I don't like about it is when you use coolant through spindle it does not have a coolant draw back system to avoid soaked spindle. if you have any other question pm me.
  15. Johnny M

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