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  1. The Chipmaker

    2020 engrave

    Is it the plane you are in?
  2. The Chipmaker

    Using a Boring Head on a CNC

    I put a note right in the post to check shift and have the boring head in the correct rotation. Takes the responsibility off of me!
  3. The Chipmaker

    Changing drill speed mid cycle

    I would start with a short drill the same diameter at first at least 3x dia. Reference this thread from a couple of weeks ago. Pretty much like Chally72 said. Hope this helps!
  4. The Chipmaker

    2021 beta version extremely slow

    Be very careful! I downloaded it and it wiped out my codemeter settings. It was insanely slow. My support reseller wiped their hands and blamed it on another software. It started right after I loaded it. Everything was fine until I loaded 2021. Took me 3 days to get all my software working. (ie Mastercam, Solidworks and Griffo Brothers.
  5. The Chipmaker


    You can also you that method for gun drilling!
  6. The Chipmaker

    Cleaning anodized parts

    OLD SCHOOL! Before all these dumb environmental laws.
  7. The Chipmaker

    Mastercam 2021 Public Beta 1

    Are all the beta versions really slow when you change mmd's and posts? It's like a 3-4 minute period between mouse clicks.
  8. The Chipmaker

    No more entity selection for drill in 2020?

    I agree! I think the selection has taken a step backwards. They can try and rationalize it all they want, to the every day user it has become tedious to select things. I love most of the new stuff, like tagging the arc with a diameter, but selecting is frustrating.
  9. The Chipmaker

    Avoidance surfaces

    Certain toolpath types don't allow avoidance. Why is another question. If you go to your toolpath parameters and change toolpath types say from scallop to hybrid you will see the avoidance become available. You can always go back to the old school scallop!
  10. The Chipmaker

    "Boundary must be closed" warning for 1 of 6 operations

    Me too! I like wire frame chaining.
  11. The Chipmaker

    Undercut with a T-Slot Cutter Overcuts the Bottom Level

    Hope this helps. T-slot.mcam
  12. The Chipmaker

    active level disappears

    Go to your tool manager and under toolpaths see if display only associative geometry is activated.
  13. The Chipmaker

    HAAS Rigid Tapping Code

    ( TOOL 17 - 5/8-11 TAPRH ) (TAPS 5/8-11 HOLES) N4320M906T17 N4325G00G17G90X-2.0428Y11.8883Z0.W0. N4330M01 N4335S100M03 N4340G43W2.H17M08 N4345M05 N4350S100M29 N4355G98G84X-2.0428Y11.8883W-2.75R1.F9.0909 N4360X5.3351Y10.8185 N4365X10.6752Y5.6165 N4370X11.9377Y-1.7309 N4375X8.6404Y-8.4171 N4380X2.0428Y-11.8883 N4385X-5.3351Y-10.8185 N4390X-10.6752Y-5.6165 N4395X-11.9377Y1.7309 N4400X-8.6404Y8.4171 N4405G80 N4410G80G49W0. N4415M01 N4420M30 %
  14. The Chipmaker

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    Thanks JP! I like that tool path!

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