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  1. The Chipmaker


    Thanks for the help!
  2. The Chipmaker


    How come I can't get the green geometry to do a solid sweep? I can't get it to sweep around the corner. 10163641-sweep.mcam
  3. The Chipmaker

    Get rid of planes

    They cling onto everything. I hate that. It should be like a tool path and ask before you delete it and then let you delete them. They should go away though when you get rid of all the things you listed. I wish I could help, but I feel your pain!
  4. The Chipmaker

    Mill-Turn Machine Recommendation

    How about Soraluce? We are currently looking at them and the DMG/Mori. We need a mill/turn with a high capacity for weight and high accuracy. Thanks
  5. The Chipmaker

    Machining holes at an angle on a vertical mill

    I used a contour. It didn't gouge. You can play with exit location. ANGLED_HOLES_(1).mcam
  6. The Chipmaker

    Cutter comp issue

    Hi, I always use control for my cc. to avoid any questions by my operators. 99.9% of our geometry is closed this one happens to be open. The cutter starts its approach as if cc is off and angles to the correct position, but chops off a corner. Is there a setting that I am missing for an open contour? I found a work around and used perp instead of tangent, but I don't like it feeding inside a slot. Thanks! 52.25_LEAD_IN_QUESTION.mcam
  7. The Chipmaker


    Is this what you are looking for? one surf2.mcam
  8. The Chipmaker

    Custom drill cycle

    Roger, I sent you a sample file. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  9. The Chipmaker

    Setup Sheet is Taking too much time to open up

    I am experiencing too! I have been using set up sheets as long as 2019 has been installed. The last month something changed and it does take over a minute to open. Can't help you , but you aren't alone.
  10. The Chipmaker

    Default Machine in Configuration not showing

    I had the same issue. Had to paste and copy every machine. Others here with the same set up no problems.
  11. The Chipmaker

    Changing drill rpm at a point in progress

    We made a custom drill cycle for our gun drills. I just have to adjust line 175, 190 & 205. N160M906T26 N165G00G17G90X0.Y10.151Z0.W0. N170M01 N175S50M03 N180G43W14.875H26M08 N185X0.Y10.151 N190G1W11.937F2. N195S485 N200G98G81W9.795R11.937F.75 N205G1W11.937F5. N210S50 N215W14.875
  12. The Chipmaker

    Finish pass Facing Feed

    Is this what you are looking for? Over ride.pdf
  13. The Chipmaker

    Lathe Drill point selection

    Has anyone else experienced only being able to select 3 drill points in lathe? I was trying to select the four holes, but it only allows me to select three of them. Is this a bug or a setting? Any help would be appreciated! lathe drill.mcam
  14. The Chipmaker

    2D Dynamic not cleaning floor

    Sometimes you can change your stepover a little like .01-.03 and it will clean it up. It could perhaps be a bug also.
  15. The Chipmaker

    2019 tool manager DXF files

    Thanks Chally! I will try it.

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