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  1. rob@fain

    Small Shrink Fit Holders

    ISO40 is the old NMTB holder, not compatible to CAT40.
  2. rob@fain

    HEM and Dynamic Tool Paths

    Thanks jlw. It is a great tool, but my issue is I need to explain the difference between regular chip thinning and HEM. Does the HEM modify the radial step over, thus increasing the IPT? Inquiring minds want to know. thanks
  3. rob@fain

    HEM and Dynamic Tool Paths

    Does anyone have the math that is used to calculate this? Example: I'm using a 3/8 4 flute at 20% step-over, with radial chip thinning my IPM is 86. when I use HEM, the IPM jumps to over 100 IMP, but I still have the 20% radial cut. Can someone give me the math behind this? Thanks in advance.
  4. rob@fain

    Cutting Tool Tolerance

    an H7 tolerance on 10MM should be +8 to +15 Microns. (15microns is .00060
  5. rob@fain

    Pull stud for Mori SV-500

    Thanks Chris, I this matches what I found elsewhere, I just wanted to make sure because I know the damages an incorrect retension knob can make. Thanks for the help
  6. Does anyone know what kind of Pull Stud this Mori uses? I have a friend who purchased one with no tools. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. rob@fain

    Multi function tools

    JParis, Thanks I will try it that way.
  8. How do we define a multi-function tool. (ie. Drill, boring bar) any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. rob@fain

    thread milling question

    Normally thread mill should be run from the bottom to the top, but in hard mat'l it should run from top to bottom. Basically the first thread cuts and the others chase.
  10. rob@fain

    Best Method for face machining

    Not necessarily, most face grooveing tools will create their own clearance. The initial penetration must be within the range of the tool, but normally there is no limitation after the initial plunge.
  11. rob@fain

    1-64 UNJC 3B TAPS

    ID threads noramlly drop the J.
  12. rob@fain

    bridgeport face mill / stomper

    I think Walter bought them out. You might try them.
  13. rob@fain

    Mastercam Dental

    I've looked into this also. My nephew and niece are both dentist. I've gone to some shows and they have some pretty neat tools to do this with. A complete setup with software and machine was about 100grand. The whole process would take around 45mins. This would include a digital scanner for the mouth. I didn't think I would be able to compete with the setup, plus you need to have an understanding of tooth margins. Let us know how it works out. Rob
  14. rob@fain

    Okuma Multus B400 face groove (G72) errors

    What kind of face grooving tool are you using? Some face groove tools are above center height and this may effect the width.
  15. rob@fain


    Do any of you California's worry about the 60,000 inmate they will let loose in the state? I'm supprised no one has mentioned it.

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