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  1. sweeper

    multiaxis parallel toolpath

    I am wondering if the phrase "right of the hop" was a freudian slip or an intentional pun to describe the toolpath jumping around?
  2. sweeper

    Ideas to form in sheet metal! Ellipse!

    Sheet metal forming is an art all to itself. I would suggest off loading to a stamping shop or if the quantities are small milling from a block. E
  3. sweeper

    Both-Ways Adaptive Clearing

    That was supposed to have been a joke but as is often said "If you have to explain it, Its not that funny". Anyways Merry Christmas All.
  4. sweeper

    Both-Ways Adaptive Clearing

    Whats with the gloves
  5. sweeper

    Verifying a part takes longer than running it

    Verifying is still faster then scraping a part and having to re-run it. Not to mention the time to explain why the part is bad. Eric
  6. sweeper

    Dynamic Peel issue

    I am guessing we get fries with that explanation. jk
  7. Reading the link to HSKWORLD I noticed this paragragh "When a tool collision occurs using a conventional, steep-taper shank, the potential damage can be considerably greater than is true when using an HSK shank. Because a CAT (SK, BT) shank is solid steel, most of the collision load (and damage) transfers to the spindle. With its hollow design, however, the HSK shank acts as a fuse during collisions. When a cutting tool crashes, the toolholder breaks off and protects the spindle, thus reducing repair costs and machine downtime." Has anyone experienced or heard of a crash were the holder broke off and saved the spindle ? Thanks, Eric
  8. sweeper

    Mastercam and Gibbscam use the same 5-axis engine?

    Nice link. Helps to clarify the amount of cross pollination that happens in the background between CAM systems. Hopefully the post will be updated to reflect how things have progressed since 2011. Eric
  9. Wow, Poor guy didn't even mention NX. I can only imagine what the replies would have been. One of the strong points of MC is the large and knowledgeable user base willing to help out. If the new interface doesn't drive people away it will be you guys.
  10. sweeper

    Surface continuity

    Nice explanation of surface blend G0 to G3 continuity www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwG50ViZ4NY
  11. sweeper

    Anyone familiar with "tangent plane machining"?

    The dramatic music is what makes the video. You guys like to toot the Mastercam horn, but that is how it's done.
  12. sweeper

    Available levels of MasterCam?

    Maybe a Freudian slip but for the true believer it can be martyr-cam
  13. sweeper

    Morph Between 2 Curves Example

    You could take the time to read the page that is being linked to. About half way down there is a paragraph about ModuleWorks.
  14. sweeper

    Morph Between 2 Curves Example

    Click on company icons
  15. sweeper

    Morph Between 2 Curves Example

    From what I can tell from the ModuleWorks Partners page, ModuleWorks licenses some parasolid technology from Siemens. As far as I know NX doesn't use any 3rd party toolpaths. Not saying that's better or worse but it does give them tighter integration.

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