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  1. I have the okay to replace one of our Bridgeport Mills this year. I am considering something like a Trak mill. I need something that has a similar foot print and also can be run manually. Any recommendations?
  2. Oppiz

    Cleaning tool holders

    A better question would be, how do you make sure the people in shop clean the tool holders?
  3. Oppiz

    MC 2018 Wire ---- Why is this so hard?

    I've been using MC Wire for over 20 years on Mitsubishi Machines. I am currently using MC 2020 to program 3 Mits. machines, one of them being a new MV1200-R. I have no problem programming tapers. I don't quite understand what you are trying to accomplish and where your struggles lie.
  4. Oppiz


    Soft it machines like D2 but It's a pain to grind after hardening.
  5. Oppiz


    What is the most efficient way to program countersinks? The flat on the end varies . There doesn't seem to be a spelled out standard for these tools. I have been physically measuring tools before I program them.
  6. Oppiz

    X+ Tool list crashing 2018

    It has been my experience with X+ crashing in 2018 is when I open a part that was previously programmed and try outputting a setup sheet with doing a regen.
  7. Oppiz

    no more then 2 chains allowed

    Possibly it could be your plunge parameter settings??
  8. Oppiz

    1/32" End Mill

    Have spoke to the engineer of the part? Possibly that small of a radius isn't necessary and was over looked in the design. I run into that quite often.
  9. Oppiz

    Post issues for the new Okuma

    screen shot didn't work
  10. Oppiz

    Post issues for the new Okuma

    what do you have here in the post processor drop down?
  11. We have 4 of them here but I'm not involved with them . They are used here in production, engraving our light cases. examples: https://www.zippo.com/collections/lighters?page=2&sort_by=price-descending
  12. Oppiz

    Taper heights (xy/uv) EDM wire cuting

    Are you talking about the Z1, Z2 & Z5
  13. Oppiz

    Stock model newbee

    Does anyone have a sample file they could share?
  14. Oppiz

    Stock model newbee

    If I understand it correctly, if I have a complex part and want to use optirest, I can set up a stock model using the previous operations to use for the rest mill setup?
  15. Oppiz

    Stock model newbee

    I'm trying to grasp the use of stock models, when? how? why?

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