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  1. I've always done 1 1/4 thread pitches just to make sure everything is clean and smooth, but with the tapered nature of a pipe thread it will hardly cut anything after that one revolution.
  2. I've been on forums with the live chat functions and they needed to bring on separate moderators just to look over it, and after a few months it went the way of the dinosaurs. The issue with it being live and so direct, it can and will get out of hand very quick. I vote thumbs down to it, simply because of the nature of this forum, it being business/professional based. Bring on the PM's though! Something like 'Go to My PC' has would be really cool also if that's possible.
  3. Sorry for the confusion MCM, I've never ran an EDM with (or knew how to use?) 3D orbit, I've always just used 2D and forced the diameter. I must have gotten something mixed up from what I remember from my training. I guess screwing something up here is a heck of alot better than on a piece of steel. LOL!! Thanks everyone for clearing that up, including you beej.
  4. Scaling the entire model only works properly if you have 3D orbit on the EDM. Your Z levels will be shallow on 2D orbit, and if you try to adjust the Z to make them right your X and Y dimesions will be too large.
  5. Scale the tool If you want a spark gap of .0085, tell Mastercam the tool is .0170 smaller on the dia. If you want a spark gap of .0015, tell Mastercam the tool is .003 smaller on the dia.
  6. This video was posted here yesterday. Maybe it will give you some ideas. Youtube It looks to be about the same size you described doing.
  7. Maybe thats what I remember in Michigan, but I do recall a few talking about user groups a year or so ago. I'm assuming nothing came about with it, I haven't heard anything about it since. I do think it would be a great thing if once every few months resellers would 'sponser' a user group, open up there training facility after hours and invite there customers to come and just meet and discuss anything Mastercam/machining and what they are doing with it. A great way to meet new people and network. Alot like we do here, just in person.
  8. I remember people talking on the forum about setting some up around the country last year, but I don't know if anything came of it. One was in Michigan if I remember right...Thad?
  9. How many other places in the world will you post a question about something on a forum and get a reply and fix from the person who sold it to you?!?! Welcome and feel free to ask any question you may have. Man, those are some wicked cool guitars on your website!!
  10. quote: あなたの翻訳がひどくている日本語 Face Made Severe quote: Google does me nutin. Helped me!!
  11. You must have read "Thads Sticky"? You also may need to try uninstalling and reinstalling it.
  12. I believe there is a type of welding (kind of like spot welding) that they would insert the rod into a hole in the ball, it gets a shot of electricity and fuses them together. I think I've seen something similar on an episode of "How Its Made"
  13. Hey Mike, just letting you know, but this from the FAQ's. quote: Issues with your reseller should be resolved directly with your reseller and/or CNC Software. Airing out your issues using the forum will not be tolerated.I will say the couple times I have had to work with ProtoTek they were extremely helpful and willing to work through all my problems. I know its probably frustrating with the new software, and needing to describe the problems you are experiencing over the phone and internet can be a hastle and difficult but just give them a chance and try not to point fingers (especially on the forum), it gets you nowhere and makes it even less likely they will want to help you in the future. In the meantime, you may want to think about rolling back to X3 if X4 is hampering your ability to get the job done efficiently. Good Luck
  14. Also, are you using a drill specifically made for plastic? Ones made for cutting steel uses tool pressure to cut and with plastic there obviously isn't any tool pressure and may drift.
  15. I was just going to bring up peck length also. You may want to lengthen and shorten it and see what happens.

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