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  1. Just a thought. Put an indicator in the spindle with a long enough axial sweep to get about a 10" dia. Zero out on the table and spin it by hand. How's it look? When the draw bar or retention knobs fail on our Haas, the side walls and the floors look bad. IMO, any cheap emill should cut the floor decent as long as it's dished.
  2. Before you actually select the file to open in SW, there should be an options tab to the right. This allows importing curves as 3d entities or a sketch.
  3. SF Blend, spiral. Select the outer most dia. and a point in the center. Smooth as silk.
  4. 5 axis drilling locked to 3 axis may get you what you need. I don't think it will post as a canned cycle though. Whole lotta code.
  5. High probability It's a setting within Camplete. The Hiedenhains don't like it. Call Josh, he will get you straightened out.
  6. Renishaw probes. Does this work with any other probe as well?
  7. "You would be surprised to know what some of their competitors are able to do with copy and paste, and ESPECIALLY, keeping your settings during these events. Easy to the point of simply picking your new orientation plane and everything else is automatically taken, including geometry." I'm more thankful than surprised with this concept as I use it all the time with another software package. For the noob with little or no machining experience, it can waste machine spindle time or even be catastrophic. Wrong speeds and feeds, needlessly re-cutting geometry and so on. For the skilled programmer that knows what's needed next or may even be fishing, this ability is priceless.
  8. "is that equivalent to the overall part shrinking 20thou per inch?" Nope. The hole (ID), shrinks because the material grows. External features will get bigger. It's not always a 1 to 1 ratio either.
  9. "you can use Modify sold Features to join mutable faces together ." Cool new feature?. (I,ve been away for awhile). Solid Edge does the same thing. Works good. His problem may be related to using splines instead of arcs and lines for the extrusion geometry.
  10. HSK holders draw up on the flange as well as the taper, offering an increase in rigidity and accuracy. Gage lengths are given from the flange face / spindle nose, not a theoretical gage diameter. This type of tooling is usually associated with mid to high end spindles.
  11. So the powers that be would rather pony up for a seat of CW, which would probably cost considerably more that reinstating your MC license. WTF? I have limited experience with CAMWORKS. That being said, IMO, it suxx. There's a Solid Edge Blog out there where the author has been fighting with CW for quit some time now. Google it, it's a decent read.
  12. "1st issue is the tool starts down at the bottom of the radius and works up." That is the exact strategy I would employ for finishing rads of this nature. Less wear on the tool as the side of the cutter hits first. Switching the chaining order should have worked. Strange.
  13. You could also create a floor at the depth you need keeping the tool radius in mind and use Morph between two surfaces. Parallel to Curves may do it as well (select the OD surface as your single edge). Without actually looking at the model, unless you have back tapered walls, 3 axis would be all you need.

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