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  1. GoetzInd

    Plane Association MC 2020

    Haha I always knew you could create planes with lines, just not that they would remain associative after moving/rotating. Mike
  2. GoetzInd

    Plane Association MC 2020

    Thanks G! This is very helpful. I was not aware planes maintained associativity to lines in this way. I have always only used points and then did incremental rotations. I think this will be a big time saver going forward. Mike
  3. GoetzInd

    Plane Association MC 2020

    My workflow is the same as GMS1. I create a point and associate the planes with it so that it moves whenever the geometry moves. This has worked well as long as I can remember until 2020. Files migrated in from previous versions still maintained associativity but new parts would not allow it. This is a huge PITA on parts with a lot of planes where we need to move things around for different machines, workholding etc. All in all planes reliability took a big step backward in 2020 as we have seen some very weird behavior. I'd be scared to death if we didn't have Vericut. Good to hear associativity is fixed. One thing that was discussed while I was at CNC software years ago was creating a wireframe entity that was similar to a genome that could be tied to a plane. That way you could dimply move it around with dynamic xform or whatever and change the location, angle more easily. I'd love to see this. Thanks, Mike
  4. GoetzInd

    Plane Association MC 2020

    Can anyone confirm that you can make planes associative to geometry again in 2021? Thanks, Mike
  5. GoetzInd

    Glad I'm Paid By The Hour

    I do what Gcode does unless I specifically need associativity. Way faster and more control. MIke
  6. GoetzInd


    This is what I find is necessary in Inconel. Mike
  7. GoetzInd

    doosan 240 x axis not moving

    Tool eye (probe) may be triggered. Mike
  8. GoetzInd

    Plane Association MC 2020

    Has there been any progress on this? As far as I can tell, there is not a way to make a plane associative to a point in 2020. Files that come in from 2019 work fine. I've found the plane manager to be very buggy in 2020. Even flip flopping planes on occasion. I'd be scared to death if we didn't have Vericut. Mike
  9. GoetzInd

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary eMastercam.com

    Coming up on 13yrs... Some great info here. Mike
  10. Code meter is the way to go. Been far more reliable and more responsive then nethasp. Mike
  11. GoetzInd

    Vericut V9.01 is out

    Very nice. Just installed Fri. Mike
  12. GoetzInd

    3D Connexion Buttons Not Working

    Thanks Matt! That should come in handy. MIke
  13. GoetzInd

    3D Connexion Buttons Not Working

    Ended up re-installing the driver and that worked. Out of curiosity, how do you turn it on off? Thanks!
  14. Hey Guys, After a recent re-start, all of my Space Pilot Pro buttons are no longer working in Mastercam. Everything works in solidworks and other softwares but no dice in 2019 and 2020. Motion controller works though. Tried re-loading a backup copy of .workspace but still nothing. Went through the keyboard shortcuts in MC and 3D connexion and everything matches up. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  15. GoetzInd

    Long Post Times

    Thanks Zaffin, That's kinda what I was realizing. MIke

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