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  1. Yeah that thing must have gotten knocked around pretty good. I know it's a bigger machine but likely should be way better. The parameter backup from installation may have the original #19700 values. CNC apps guy showed me the #19700's on a MAM100H at IMTS and they were all in the sub 10micron range (Not sure why I remember that). So my guess is that the factory spec is a little bit better than .037in. Can you list #19700-#19705? Mike
  2. Just make it! Leave the engineering to us engineers!
  3. That would be a $8k part for us but at least you would get a 2in thick book of documentation with each part telling you it was good.
  4. James, no need to be salty just because 3d printing is taking your job. Maybe you should focus your energy into developing a better tasting Tide Pod? Mike
  5. Tell postability you want a switch to control this so it's all one post. That way you aren't managing two posts unnecessarily. Mike
  6. Think about writing a "Chip Fan On" macro for this. Step it up nice and slow. One M code to turn on would be nice and clean and easy for others to use. Mike
  7. Dude! we were just chatting about .step nc here last week! Oldie but a goodie. Hey, I'm all for the latest technology. And honestly, if CAM programming went away tomorrow I'm kinda ready to move on to something else. But man, if AI does take over some of the stuff that I've been a part of in the past, it has permeated every aspect of our lives. Mike
  8. Meh, AI is replacing all you guys soon anyway....
  9. I echo others on the use of backplot and Ron on the use of CAV. 50/50 shot I can even run a part here through Verify without crashing or errored out custom tool. Mike
  10. Nice try Ron, I'm still offended by your opinion!!!! But yeah, all the full 5 posts I've used have a misc integer to control this. Of course those have all been posts purchased from in-house, postability, or CNC software. Mike
  11. We have some machine with Cs axis and normal direction control (Hale machining function). It is ideal for this. Mike
  12. We have a Nakamura NTRX-300. Solid machine. MIke
  13. On the pro 5, there is a whole page dedicated to the DNC function of the machine. This allows you to select and run one, to many files from the data server. You can either do it here or using M198. Works pretty well actually. Been a while since all we have here now is pro 6 and it has 2gb of normal memory. Do you have the pro 5 manuals? Did Makino install this for you? This functionality is frequently used because of the prevalence of the brand in die mold machining. Mike
  14. This reads a lot like someone who's Fanuc experience is with 18i/15i. Mike

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