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  1. GoetzInd

    NTX2000 DMG Mori or Okuma Multus U3000

    We have a Nakamura NTRX-300. Solid machine. MIke
  2. GoetzInd

    Makino pro 5 , run off a USB?

    On the pro 5, there is a whole page dedicated to the DNC function of the machine. This allows you to select and run one, to many files from the data server. You can either do it here or using M198. Works pretty well actually. Been a while since all we have here now is pro 6 and it has 2gb of normal memory. Do you have the pro 5 manuals? Did Makino install this for you? This functionality is frequently used because of the prevalence of the brand in die mold machining. Mike
  3. This reads a lot like someone who's Fanuc experience is with 18i/15i. Mike
  4. GoetzInd

    HSK63F Gage bar

    https://tacrockford.com/product/gauges/milling-spindle/runout-test-arbors/hsk-spindle-runout-test-arbors/part/465.663.000.000 /
  5. We have Vericut here and are very happy with it. Mike
  6. We have both here. Put me down for another 310i please. Commonality Reliability Userbase U.S. support. On a separate note, I wish you worked here because not only do you seem knowledgeable, but then a lot of my co-workers would realize how good they have it working with me . Mike
  7. Man that's gonna be tough. I think the only option will be something custom out of a long .25 blank. Our tool grinding department could easily make something like this. I'd have them make 3 haha.
  8. GoetzInd

    Force head and table rotation

    Yep. This works but I have a pretty nice post with TCP. MIke
  9. GoetzInd

    Force head and table rotation

    Coincidentally, I'm doing this right now. Using Y and C because I don't have enough X. If your post is setup right, you can do it using the rotary axis control page. Works really well. Mike
  10. GoetzInd

    NCSimul vs Vericut

    Na, you're just a wimp. In all seriousness, I would never work anywhere that was attempting to do challenging work and wasn't using a solid CAV software. Making some aluminum trinkets on a Haas? Sure. Some full 5 with a custom shrink fit extension reaching through a window on a $30K part? Probably not haha. Mike
  11. GoetzInd

    Need help on this tool

    I find milling with that much length engaged is also pretty risky as far as tool pullout goes. Even with shrink fit and powergrip. MIke
  12. GoetzInd

    What is the use of RTCP?

    Allows for the use of normal linier feed rates vs inverse time or DPM. Also allows for smoothing of TCP which limits micro gauging thus improving surface finish and making all around smoother motion. MIke
  13. GoetzInd

    Esprit 2020 to Mastercam 2022

    IMO a Postabilty/Inhouse post and Vericut is the Way to go on those machines IMO. Until MC can simulate EVERYTHING, it's just a hassle. Things like tilted workplane, TCP, special spindle orientation moves require robust simulation. Mike
  14. GoetzInd

    Sandvik acquires CNC Software

    Can't really see an upside for the end user. Hopefully they keep it relatively autonomous. So far so good w/ CG tech (although it hasn't even been a year). Mike
  15. GoetzInd

    Changing Tool Axis Orientation

    +1 To Collins' Idea

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