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  1. GoetzInd

    3D Connexion Buttons Not Working

    Thanks Matt! That should come in handy. MIke
  2. GoetzInd

    3D Connexion Buttons Not Working

    Ended up re-installing the driver and that worked. Out of curiosity, how do you turn it on off? Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys, After a recent re-start, all of my Space Pilot Pro buttons are no longer working in Mastercam. Everything works in solidworks and other softwares but no dice in 2019 and 2020. Motion controller works though. Tried re-loading a backup copy of .workspace but still nothing. Went through the keyboard shortcuts in MC and 3D connexion and everything matches up. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  4. GoetzInd

    Long Post Times

    Thanks Zaffin, That's kinda what I was realizing. MIke
  5. GoetzInd

    Long Post Times

    Unfortunately, still hanging up on axis sub ops in 2020. Mike
  6. GoetzInd

    Long Post Times

    Excellent. I'll check it out and give it a try! MIke
  7. GoetzInd

    Long Post Times

    Very interesting... The thing is though, it isn't endless. I've posted these files out overnight and they work. Eventually.... Thanks! Mike
  8. GoetzInd

    Long Post Times

    Thanks for the reply. I already have MC set to use multiple cores. However, i'm interested in the default priority function in that window in MC 2020. We are still running 2019 here. What are the options on the drop down? It's definitely axis subs bogging it down. Mike
  9. GoetzInd

    Long Post Times

    Hi Guys, We have some programs here that take over an hour to post out. They have extensive surfacing and multi axis tool paths and axis subs (I think the axis subs are the killer). When posting, it seems as though MC is only using one core. Is there a way to improve on this? TIA Mike
  10. GoetzInd

    Programming G112 by hand??

    Just program it like you were milling in XY. Then double all your x values and change them to C. I think.... Been 10 years or so..... MIke
  11. GoetzInd

    Cutter Grinder Cost

    We have the Sigspro software. Not sure on the cost. May even come with the machine. From what I gather it is pretty intuitive. We have yet to run into a tool we could not make. Mike
  12. GoetzInd

    Cutter Grinder Cost

    No Incas, but we have multiple Schutte machines. Those run about $650k well equipped. We have also quoted Walter which is in the same ballpark. Then tack on another 50k in wheel packs. Not a cheap endeavor. https://schutteusa.com/grinding-machines/
  13. GoetzInd

    matsura mx-520 pc4

    In my experience, HSK63 has been better at heavy machining as well. The only way I would go cat 40 is if I had hundreds of holders already available. Speed, run-out, rigidity all seem to be better w/ HSK. Not to mention, the ability to use in mill turn applications. Just my opinion though. MIke
  14. G, We looked extensively at Wintool, TDM, and TMS and implemented TMS about two years ago. We drive Mastercam and Vericut with the tools created in the software. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. Mike
  15. GoetzInd

    Vision system with probe?

    We have a Zeiss O-Inspect here and have been very happy with it. Not sure on the $$$. But I bet it wasn't cheap. Mike

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