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  1. GoetzInd

    Vision system with probe?

    We have a Zeiss O-Inspect here and have been very happy with it. Not sure on the $$$. But I bet it wasn't cheap. Mike
  2. GoetzInd

    Micro drills

    What kind of machine? We have Zoller pre-setters here that would have no issue measuring length and runout that small. That is, if you're even using a changeable shank and not direct in a collet. There's also this if you want to really get fancy! https://www.marposs.com/eng/product/non-contact-visual-tool-setter Mike
  3. Big Kaiser makes HSK32 shanks for their boring heads. Mike
  4. GoetzInd

    Best toolholder for 1/8" shank tools?

    Would definitely go Haimer for 1/8 tools. Especially if you'll be doing a lot of them. We actually have a Techniks machine as well, but it struggles with the small tools. Not to mention, quenching them with coolant really shortens there life. Mike
  5. GoetzInd

    Anybody using Wintool?

    Colin is right there with the $30K being a STARTING point. IMO it is the only way to go once an organization gets to be a certain size. And, the earlier the better because it becomes a monumental task once you have thousands of assemblies and components. BUt, once it is all in there and RIGHT, you will never want to go back. Mike
  6. GoetzInd

    Anybody using Wintool?

    That's right I forgot. Try and get a hold of Daniel Santos from this forum. He's pretty knowledgeable on WIntool. Guesswho from this forum also uses it I believe. Mike
  7. GoetzInd

    Anybody using Wintool?

    No experience with Wintool but we use Zoller TMS here pretty successfully. Mike
  8. GoetzInd

    Identifying clamp

    https://www.carrlane.com/en-us/product/clamps-accessories/swing-clamps/one-touch-quick-acting-swing-clamps Although there are a couple different people that make very similar clamps. Mike
  9. Same experience here. I even had an operator put synthetic coolant in the spindle oil unit once . Luckily we use spindle load monitoring on everything and caught it before any permanent damage. Took the whole thing apart, cleaned, ran it in and no problems. Grease on the other hand, easily contaminated to the point of failure. Especially on HMC's/mill turn applications. Mike
  10. Yeah. I have not had good luck with grease spindles at all. Mike
  11. GoetzInd

    Grade 5 Ti

    IMO Grade 5 is easier to machine. A lot less gummy. Mike
  12. GoetzInd

    Nethasp and VPN

  13. GoetzInd

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    Been running one since '08. Start slow and disable your scroll wheel and dynamic positioning of your mouse. Force yourself to use it and after a while you'll wonder how you lived without it. I have two that I purchased myself at about $350ea. When I go to one of my co-workers desk's to help with something I about pull my hair out. Also, I have no idea where most of the functions are in MC and SW are since I've had everything hot keyed to 3d mouse buttons for the last 10 years. Mike
  14. GoetzInd

    Nethasp and VPN

    I know it's possible because we're doing it here (with windows 10) but I don't know how. We have an IT dept that handles all that stuff. I used to do it with a dongle server years ago with traditional hasps and it worked really well. Mike
  15. +1 for MST. They have some ridiculous length stuff and great quality. Try getting through Single Source Technologies. They have the best price by far in my experience. Mike

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