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  1. +1 for MST. They have some ridiculous length stuff and great quality. Try getting through Single Source Technologies. They have the best price by far in my experience. Mike
  2. GoetzInd

    Mill/Turn machine suggestions

    I would rather gouge out my eyes than get a virtual Y millturn. That being said, Nakamura NTRX, Okuma Multus U3000 would be the first two on my list. Mazak has a tone of experience in this area but I have never ran one of their machines. Mike
  3. GoetzInd

    Mill/Turn machine suggestions

    B axis or live tooling y-axis turret lathe? Mike
  4. GoetzInd

    CAT50 Dual Contact

    Dual contact Cat50 is not bt50. BT has significantly different gripper flange geometry. What you have is a dual contact Cat50 which will work fine in a standard spindle. What they do is "close the gap" on both the spindle and holder side of the space between spindle face and flange face so that tools from both standards are interchangeable. You must have a Big Plus dual contact spindle. Which is a good thing, Mike
  5. IMO, if there is a reason to do a manual tool change, IE large tool or special attachment, the logic to remove the tool should be done in the TC macro in the control. This is the only way to make sure nothing bad happens. Here's how we do it: TC macro checks the length and diameter to see if beyond limits of tool magazine. Or, tool is flagged as manual tool change only via macro variable (or tool table if available). IF yes to either one of these, tc to empty pocket and move to operator position and prompt operator to put in tool (M00). When finished, move to operator and prompt removal (M00). Check tool presence signal in I/O to make sure spindle is empty and carry on. No post mods and no chance of programmer or operator missing something. MIke
  6. GoetzInd

    Slant Knuckle 5 Axis

    THere is an optional pallet changer for the D500. I'm sure it's quicker since its looks like it's on an A81 chassis. I think unless it's in the 500k range they are going to have a real tough time selling those. Mike
  7. GoetzInd

    Slant Knuckle 5 Axis

    Our Makino sales guy is talking to us about this machine. I don't understand the advantage of this layout over over the D500. I suspect there is none. Mike
  8. GoetzInd

    Okuma MA600 conveyor(s)

    It's a shame you need the space that bad. If you ever need to sell those machines it's going to be tough without the conveyors. Mike
  9. GoetzInd

    Probing Routine - Renishaw/Haas

    On a standard Fanuc control, with inspection plus macros, The below macro call will do what you want. However if I recall, Haas does some things a little differently. Go into your program directory and find the number for single surface measurement. That will be the macro number to call. The S value is the work offset to set. (s1=G54, S2=G55 etc.) G65 P9811 Z.015 S1. MIke
  10. GoetzInd

    Coolant Driven Spindles

    We have some EL tool units running 24-6 without issue. Mike
  11. GoetzInd

    500mm Horizontals

    Yeah that stinks. USUALLY the techs they send here are very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience. That may be more of a function of the area we are in (Chicago), and our local dealer. Also, I have never used a non-Japanese machine but I have heard some pretty good feedback on the F series from people in the area. What it sounds like is that you got a lemon and now a bunch of hacks are making things a lot worse. Mike
  12. GoetzInd

    500mm Horizontals

    That has not been my experience. However, I have only dealt with the HMC's. They have been phenomenally accurate and extremely reliable. Mike
  13. GoetzInd

    500mm Horizontals

    Makino or Okuma for me. IDK about those NHX machines compared to the old NH DCG. For FMS, Makino I think does a great job. I have been involved in multiple installs of them and they haven't let me down. PM me if you have any specific questions. Mike
  14. GoetzInd

    CNC Programmers/Operators

    This is where a PDM system comes in handy . Automatically track versions and who made changes and when. I feel a lot better letting newer people work on complicated files knowing we can always roll back if they screw something up. Also, avoiding multiple copies of files is a must IMO. We use Solid PDM and it works pretty well. Mike

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