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    Came out correctly, thank you for the help! Todd
  2. Clamper Todd


    Won't I loose the relationship from z steps. Oops, iffin they are ALL -.008, then there should be no problem! Thank you, Todd
  3. Clamper Todd


    3/4 wide x 1.3 long x .35 thick. I want to shrink the part .008 for overburn, but not loose the z steps.
  4. Clamper Todd


    I've got flat planes in z, when i use drive/check surfaces it leaves undercuts at the intersections at the z surfaces.
  5. Clamper Todd


    I am trying to cut an electrode for the sinker, that should be .008 smaller on the od(rads, and all). I do not know how to approach this with out loosing the z planes. The part is in solids. Thank you

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