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  1. CNC PRO

    X5 opening error

    ^ ^ I'll do that John; my thanks to you and Tom
  2. CNC PRO

    X5 opening error

    This file is not in the folder...may not have installed it? I didn't move any files or folders related to x5. Perhaps this calls for a complete reinstall? I have the downloaded version currently installed (don't have the hard copy yet) I don't think this should make any difference but one never knows tho?
  3. CNC PRO

    X5 opening error

    No actually I started with a new config (I read your post on installing x5 before I installed it) but I did what you suggested and deleted my config and started over just now...still same error.
  4. CNC PRO

    X5 opening error

    When I open X5 I get this error everytime: WARNING, Error opening INSERT.TBL; Anyone seen this? So far I don't know if this is a problem or not because x5 is somewhat glitchy for me.
  5. I have machined aluminum on a router a handful of times only, I tried to use the same feeds and speeds as metal guys would suggest. Search the main forum for aluminum machining or feeds and speeds, that's how I got my info. BTW, I used a solid carbide down spiral 2 flute endmill, worked well enough...although I'm sure a machinist watching me or seeing the part could have listed plenty of things I did wrong or should have done differently HTH
  6. CNC PRO

    Mastercam Supersitions

    You guys just made me realize that I may actually be crazy (mentally) -Open a file: hit alt1(top view), altF1(fit screen) hit escape then save -Open and close parameters: and even though I don't change a single save. -Save before verify. Among a few other I feel paranoid. Where did I leave that aluminum foil?
  7. CNC PRO

    Really dumb question, I know

    ^ ^ What he said, just make sure you have a clearance height set....
  8. CNC PRO

    The New eMastercam

    Would it be able to handle text wrapping? gets annoying when a post gets too wide for the screen. There is a thread in the off topic about html about adding these tags as buttons, like the URL, IMAGE etc? More gremlins? A way to reach out and smack someone that isn't cooperating?
  9. CNC PRO

    Unbend a part

    Now I want in on the action too, if you wouldn`t mind sending it my way...I`d like to try it the way James explained it plus in Inventor.
  10. CNC PRO

    Unbend a part

    Send it my way if you want Steve, Inventor sheet metal should be able to do this.
  11. CNC PRO

    FBM ?

    I tried it a few times, but I find it tedious to set up each time, it doesn't handle more then one part nor does it have 3D capabilities, overall I find it too problematic to be worth-while, OMO of-course
  12. CNC PRO

    simple part mark engrave prob x3 x3mu1 x4

    I had the same problem, but I think it was only an X4 thing cause it works fine now
  13. CNC PRO

    Missing operations

    quote: It seems to happen after we have made G code and then go back in and add another operation When you add another operation, select all the operations you want to post together then right click in the operation manager and go to "Edit selected Operations>Change NC File name" Select OK and Done, now they should all post out. HTH
  14. CNC PRO

    Misc values

    quote: Where would I find these post values in the post? Misc 2 as a default in MC is set to control this (0= absolute, 1= increment) In the MPMaster post if you search for "absinc" you will find the logic for this setting. quote: Is there any other place (in the control def maybe?) that could possibly override this? I want to make sure all bases are covered.If you check this box, then right click (in version X2) and "save parameters to dafaults file" it should stay checked...of course you will have to do this for every type of operation (i.e. Contour, pocket etc.) Hope this helps. [ 08-21-2009, 02:16 PM: Message edited by: CNC PRO ]
  15. CNC PRO

    Preferred method for routing holes

    What Matt said. I use pocket toolpath with a helical entery spiraling inside to outside, no slug to worry about also it gives you the option of doing a finish pass if needed. Haven't tried the high speed toolpaths.

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