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  1. What I have set is for our VMC with 4th axis Under Backplot setup - Machine setup (4/5 axis) Type is Table/Table 1st Axis A- Min -1080 Max +1080 2nd Axis Blank L1 = 0 L2 =0
  2. Is it possible to use the check box in the Operations manager - Properties - Tool Settings, under feed calculations - adjust feed on arc move check box? Set a minimum feed?
  3. G53 Z0 homes the machine for tool change. Peck Drilling Sample: N5160 M01 N5170 T98 D98 ;.1495 HSS DRILL N5180 M06 N5190 G54 N5192 G51 E.002 N5200 G00 G90 X3.5873 Y0. A180. S1450 M03 N5210 Z3. T13 N5220 M08 N5230 G94 N5240 G98 G83 Z1.6263 I-.0473 J10 F3. N5250 G79 Z1.6263 N5260 X4.3373 N5270 G80 N5280 M09 N5290 M05 N5300 G53 Z0. N5310 M01 Also Code order for each line matters. On the G83 line move the F before the J and you'll get an error.
  4. Thanks Colin
  5. What component do I add the geometry to? I tried everyone in the upper tool group and I don't get the "manually move axis" to become un-grayed out. I'm doing something wrong, any ideas? I went though the "add geometry to a machine def".
  6. jlw, Thanks for the reply. Would you have a link to those videos you mentioned? Ray, That's how I was going to do it till either I could create models or find them.
  7. Hello, I have a question about how you would simulate the head on a 5-axis machine. The machine has collision detection so I know the head won't come in contact with the chuck body or jaws. I would like to know if I need to add extensions before I put the program in our database and create appropriate setup sheets. How do you this? Is there a way to utilize the head in the tool tab of a program? TIA. Greg
  8. Mazak Integrex J-400. I did look up G93 in the manual but there is no mention of what value the feed is in (seconds or minutes) and there were no mention of parameters. Thanks for the interest.
  9. Hello, When I run my program using G93 inverse time the motion is extremely slow so I figured I need to change the setting in the Control Def. under feed from minutes to seconds but I see no change to my code. Any ideas why or how to fix this? TIA, Greg
  10. The verify did look good but when I put it in to the machine and simulated there it was out to lunch, the x and z were reversed and the tool length was applied to the tool at B0 not at B90. The tool went down near the chip conveyor, it needed the G68 X0 Y0 Z0 I0 J1 K0 R90.
  11. Thanks Ron I appreciate the offer. I did get it figured out with the help of David an AE at Mazak. I needed a G68 Work Plane Shift in the program when ever you plan to machine on an angle different from the B angle the tool was measured on. I measured the tool at B0 and was running a program at B90. In Mastercam under Misc. Values there was a check box for G68 Work Plane [0=OFF, 1=ON] and that fixed the problem.
  12. Any idea why when the head is at B0 G43 works and then when I move the head at B90 G43 doesn't seem to be working? I read the manual and it says that G43 B0 or just G43 for milling tools and G43 B1 for turning tools.
  13. Hello, I'm using a Integrex j-400 . I have a part and I'm milling with the head at B90. and I need G43 P1 in my code. How do I get MC to out put that code only when I'm using B90.? I looked through the misc. values and I didn't see any settings. TIA, Greg
  14. No type-o, they are similar Incoloy 925 has nickel-iron-chromium and Inconel 625 has nickel-chromium-molybdenum.
  15. Also, if you have a decent part run consider increasing your coolant concentration to 10% or greater. I found it makes a big difference in tool life.

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