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  1. Hello All, In Mastercam 2021 when loading a file created in a previous version of Mastercam, in the Threadmill programs the Retract value has changed to 0 and the Thread depth has changed to 0 as well. This is happening on every part that has a threadmill program. The same problem happens when Importing a thread mill programs the Retract value is changed to 0 and the Thread depth is changed to 0. Anyone seen this problem? Thx, Greg
  2. I have a Integrex J400 with smooth control it does milling and turning. Below is our EIA programs for turning, obviously it's not the same machine but maybe there is something in it that can solve your problem. Boring program. N3 (T54 | .75 DPMT 321 | DIA. - 7. ) (ROUGH BORE +.040 STOCK) (TOOLPATH GROUP - SETUP-1) M202 G10.9 X1. G20 G40 G80 G18 G91 G28 X0. Y0. G91 G28 Z0. G90 T54 M6 G91 G28 X0. Y0. G91 G28 Z0. G90 M901 M202 M108 G0 G90 B0. M107 G92 S800 R1 G96 S250 M204 R1 G54 G18 G90 G43 P1 G0 X20. Y0. Z1. M51 X1.46 Z.105 G95 G1 Z.005 F.01 Z-1.1175 X1.375 X1.3467 Z-1.1034 G0 Z.105 X1.56 G1 Z.005 Z-.0317 X1.4816 Z-.0996 G2 X1.46 Z-.1399 I.0698 K-.0403 G1 X1.4317 Z-.1258 G0 Z.105 X1.647 G1 Z.005 G2 X1.5801 Z-.0143 I0. K-.0386 G1 X1.56 Z-.0317 X1.5317 Z-.0176 G0 Z1. X20. M9 M205 G91 G28 X0. Y0. G91 G28 Z0. G90 M01 Facing program. N1 (T41 | CNMG-543 | DIA. - 41.) (FACE) (TOOLPATH GROUP - SETUP-1) M202 G10.9 X1. G20 G40 G80 G18 G91 G28 X0. Y0. G91 G28 Z0. G90 T41 T63 M6 G91 G28 X0. Y0. G91 G28 Z0. G90 M901 M202 M108 G0 G90 B45. M107 G92 S800 R1 G96 S600 M204 R1 G54 G18 G90 G43 P1 G0 X20. Y0. Z1. M51 X5.2 Z.15 G95 G1 X-.2137 F.012 G0 Z.25 X5.2 Z.1 G1 X-.2137 G0 Z.2 X5.2 Z.05 G1 X-.2137 G0 Z.15 X5.2 Z0. G1 X-.2137 F.008 G0 Z.1 Z1. X20. M9 M205 G91 G28 X0. Y0. G91 G28 Z0. G90 M01
  3. Greg_J


    The nickel content of Mar-M 247 is way higher than the material I've been working with, it also has tungsten in it. So it's not quite the same beast that I've been dealing with it looks much worse. 80-125 SFPM .010 FPT .10 RDOC - Rough Turning my best guess. 80-125 SFPM .005-.008 FPT .03 DOC (DEPENDS ON THE SIZE) 10% Coolant concentration. Give ceramics a try we have had great success.
  4. Greg_J


    What is the ending designation? MAR M-247? 246, 509 ,302 I'm trying to compare it to a Nickel Super alloy we work with. How hard is it?
  5. Another good feature that the Mazak Smooth Control has that I wish every machine would have is that it has mode selection button that changed between 2d (Just code) and the code displayed in 3D. You then can touch any part of the 3D code and it will take you to that place in the program, you can also do the reverse touch the line of code and the motion will be highlighted in the 3D viewer. It's just like having Cimco back plot built into the control. The control is touch screen so you can use gestures to view the 3D program, you can pan by sliding two fingers on the screen, zoom in by pinching in ward on the place you want to zoom to or pinch outward to zoom out. I use this feature all the time but it's not perfect, for instance rotary moves do not display correctly and the odd time there may be too much to see on the screen.
  6. Hello, We have two Mazak J400 machines with the smooth G control. https://www.mazakcanada.com/machines/integrex-j-400/ It's not a full 5 axis machine it's more a 4+1, no matter it has certainly increased out productivity, C6 holders and a 72 tool changer. Very happy with it's turning capabilities we can easily take a .22 radial doc at .018/rev in 4140. For that machine there was no reason to purchase the Mill-Turn Environment, for me it's a lathe when I need a lathe and a 4+1 mill when I need a mill. It took a little time to iron out the post, we use plane shift G68 not TCPC because it's not a true 5 axis machine. There was some minor axis substitution issues as well. I had Inhouse add a switch to move in the Z before the X and Y after a tool change for longer parts where the Z home/tool change position was in the Z- position. Some of the machines conversational features are not useable because the machine is running EIA programs not Mazatrol programs.
  7. I definitely run with multiple sessions open. I'll try and see if running one session makes a difference. Thanks Leigh.
  8. Thanks Ron. At least I know it's not just me.
  9. Hello, I'm having issues with the Simulation Stock settings resetting randomly. I would set it to a stock model or a pmesh but randomly it resets to the default stock settings. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening and stay on the stock I've selected? Thanks, Greg
  10. What cures the tessellation message and wait time?
  11. Anyone have working a link to the 3.0 file? I found the file, there was a link with the Cam Instructor Youtube video.
  12. Bullnose, it was a 3.0/.121 high feed cuter with a 1.0/.032 tool for picking the corners.
  13. Yon need a machine with the rpm, many of our mills only have 4k spindles but we have two new Mazak J400 that have 12k spindles so I would like to give it a try. When it comes to turning it spins too fast to not use a tailstock, it would have to be application specific. GreenLeaf seems to have impressive speeds and feeds in Incoloy. Turning 600-700SFM / .008”-.010” IPR / .050” - .080” DOC - 7-8mins of tool life Milling 2000SFM / .004” - .005” IPT / .050” - .080” IPT.
  14. It does not warp, due to the high nickel content. I've roughed large amounts from a billet/forging and it's very stable. We turn many of the parts and we will finish with .500 wall thickness and there is no noticeable changes any thing thinner and I'm not too sure. I plan to use ceramics on the next batch of parts that come through I hope to decrease the roughing cycles like we did on the mills using endmills.
  15. I agree, I like to quote 8 to 9 times the cost of the part in 4140. If parts made in 4140 run at 600 sfpm and Incoloy 100 sfpm so that's 6 times slower and then indexing time, operators are constantly changing inserts then there is "pucker factor". The cost of the part operators are measuring and remeasuring the part to make sure its right, it all adds up.

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