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  1. When ever I had issues it was always the geometry. Please share the file so we can see.
  2. Thanks for the reply Zoffen! I used the Palletec system a few years bad with a Integrex i630 and it worked well, the interface was pretty simple but we weren't doing production at the time. We don't do any true 5 axis work here but would greatly decrease production time with the "done in one" mindset. I was considering the machine for use with a tombstone and vises set on them to do multiple parts and as many setups in one setup. See following video.
  3. What do you guys think of this machine?
  4. Sounds like your machine def is incorrect for the machine you're using, it needs to be configured to match your machine as well as your post.
  5. When using Transform try using the Create new operations and geometry check box at the top right of the window. It doesn't fix the issue but it will allow for a good verification.
  6. Do you have RCTF checked in your program? In your Control Def under Feed what are the settings? Inverse?
  7. I haven't found a way inside the tool path but this work around may work for you. Right click on the program, click on Edit selected operations then Reverse tool path. Keep in mind climb and conventional milling you may want to reverse them.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I've been playing with this for awhile now trying to create one tool that I can use a multiple angles, I should be able to set the tool angle to what ever I want and get the correct B angle posted out and the program should comp the nose rad so I get a good machined model as well. Either I get good code but violations in my stock in Mastercam or I get good stock in Mastercam but bad code. I'll consider your post mod if I can't get this figured out.
  9. Thanks for the reply. If I scan for tool clearances when I rotate the tool to 45 deg for cutting it applies those clearances and gives me a wonky tool path. I don't get any errors on my custom files that I'm using, I have the correct insert and body colours. It seems it has to do with the center point and nose radius and where the custom files origin should be in relation to the center of the radius of the insert or the end of the insert. Mastercam greyed out my compensation choices so I can't try different ones to see if it helps the issue, I have to create a new tool and still some of my options are greyed out .
  10. Hello, I'm having issues creating a custom lathe tool that will cut correctly. For starters my tool is a CMNG 543 tool for my Mazak Integrex C6-DCMN-00090-16 and DNMG 432 C6-DDMNL-00130-1504 When it comes out of the tool changer at B0 pointing toward the chuck and when I OD turn and Face it's at B45. I just can't figure out what it needs from me in order for it to cut correctly. I attached files for you to see what I'm talking about. In the first Machine Group the first three programs are correct and are the current tools that I'm programming with but the issue is I have to change the B angle every time I post manually to 45 and they are just generic tools and not the actual tools I use. I'm using their tool paths as a reference to what I want my custom tools to do. In the second Machine Group the programs that are made with the custom tools listed above and as you can see they aren't the same as the Machine Group. If I change the center point of the tool it fixes one thing but messes up another. In the program I have the tool angle set to 45 so I can get correct B axis position. Any help would be appreciated. Greg Custom Tool Issues.mcx-9 C6-DCMNN-00090-16.mcx-9
  11. What I have set is for our VMC with 4th axis Under Backplot setup - Machine setup (4/5 axis) Type is Table/Table 1st Axis A- Min -1080 Max +1080 2nd Axis Blank L1 = 0 L2 =0
  12. Is it possible to use the check box in the Operations manager - Properties - Tool Settings, under feed calculations - adjust feed on arc move check box? Set a minimum feed?
  13. G53 Z0 homes the machine for tool change. Peck Drilling Sample: N5160 M01 N5170 T98 D98 ;.1495 HSS DRILL N5180 M06 N5190 G54 N5192 G51 E.002 N5200 G00 G90 X3.5873 Y0. A180. S1450 M03 N5210 Z3. T13 N5220 M08 N5230 G94 N5240 G98 G83 Z1.6263 I-.0473 J10 F3. N5250 G79 Z1.6263 N5260 X4.3373 N5270 G80 N5280 M09 N5290 M05 N5300 G53 Z0. N5310 M01 Also Code order for each line matters. On the G83 line move the F before the J and you'll get an error.
  14. Thanks Colin
  15. What component do I add the geometry to? I tried everyone in the upper tool group and I don't get the "manually move axis" to become un-grayed out. I'm doing something wrong, any ideas? I went though the "add geometry to a machine def".

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