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  1. G32 in with a M03 then G32 out with a M04. May need to have a M05 in there to stop the spindle then M04 out, depends on your machine.
  2. Stock Flip Questions

    A work around that I found is to use Unblank Entity and it will bring back missing geometry because of the stock flip. It's not perfect but I didn't have to reprogram anything I just moved around the order of the programs. I use separate levels for setup 1 and 2 geometry and make sure what ever side I'm working on have that level selected.
  3. Stock Flip Questions

    Shoot. Oh well at least I know that I'm not doing more work for nothing. Thank you for the reply.
  4. Stock Flip Questions

    Good Day, I created a part for our lathe complete with a stock flip, after the fact I wanted to change the order of my setups. What is the best way to do this with minimal re-programming? I have my programs in operations groups as follows: Setup-1 Stock Flip Setup -2 I swapped Setup-1 with Setup-2 but the masks are still applied to the Setup-1 programs from the stock flip, I'm sure I could post and everything would be fine but the MC file is kind of messed up. My guess is that I need to delete the stock flip and re-create it put the geometry on a new level and re-select geometry. Anyone else have a better method? TIA, Greg
  5. Laggy Verify and Multiaxis programs

    CDN dollars lol
  6. Laggy Verify and Multiaxis programs

    The file size is only 10-30 Mb. At least I know that I'm not the only one with waits. I can request some minor upgrades for my computer like new graphics card and or more ram. Looks like the P4000 is around $1200.
  7. Hello, I been having two issues. 1) I've been noticing that when using Verify with Multiaxis toolpaths take for ever to run and is very laggy. 2) Using multiaxis programs it laggs, for example when I go to toolpaths then multiaxis there is lag between when I click and when the window pops up. Also when I select they type of multiaxis toolpath and it's specific interface. Mastercam license is local on my computer and not nethasp. i7-4960X 3.6GHz 32 Gb or Ram (not sure what type of ram) NVIDIA Quadro K4000 TIA, Greg
  8. 2017 C Axis Cross Contour

    When ever I had issues it was always the geometry. Please share the file so we can see.
  9. DWO & Tool tip control accuracy

    Thanks for the reply Zoffen! I used the Palletec system a few years bad with a Integrex i630 and it worked well, the interface was pretty simple but we weren't doing production at the time. We don't do any true 5 axis work here but would greatly decrease production time with the "done in one" mindset. I was considering the machine for use with a tombstone and vises set on them to do multiple parts and as many setups in one setup. See following video.
  10. DWO & Tool tip control accuracy

    What do you guys think of this machine?
  11. lathe c axis

    Sounds like your machine def is incorrect for the machine you're using, it needs to be configured to match your machine as well as your post.
  12. When using Transform try using the Create new operations and geometry check box at the top right of the window. It doesn't fix the issue but it will allow for a good verification.

    Do you have RCTF checked in your program? In your Control Def under Feed what are the settings? Inverse?
  14. Hybrid Start point

    I haven't found a way inside the tool path but this work around may work for you. Right click on the program, click on Edit selected operations then Reverse tool path. Keep in mind climb and conventional milling you may want to reverse them.
  15. Custom Turning Tools issues

    Thanks for the reply. I've been playing with this for awhile now trying to create one tool that I can use a multiple angles, I should be able to set the tool angle to what ever I want and get the correct B angle posted out and the program should comp the nose rad so I get a good machined model as well. Either I get good code but violations in my stock in Mastercam or I get good stock in Mastercam but bad code. I'll consider your post mod if I can't get this figured out.

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