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  1. jerms

    why does raster rise and fall next to walls?

    I see you already got an answer, but you could also limit the movement of the tool with "depth limits." I flowline a ton of external fillets on rod end linkage and for some reason it does the same thing moving in z minus below the edge of the fillet. I have to constantly set limits so it only travels along the surface.
  2. I keep getting an alarm that started in Mastercam 2020. "MultiXPost can not interpolate between two moves with opposite orientations" If I click OK verify will close. If I click the X in the corner to close the alarm, I can run verify but I will get alarms. The alarms are at points where the tool changes 180deg. the alarm message is "Error when cutting move 4235 of op 24" (just an example) I can verify the same file in Mcam 19 without a problem (it was created in 19 and migrated to 20). I believe it is from the way it handles the poles, but every time I change them in config they just convert back. Has anyone else experienced this and know of a solution? Thank you!
  3. jerms

    Machine Simulation false collisions

    I use both simulation and verify to check for collisions. Simulation is mostly for fixtures, and tool movement, and machine dynamics. Verify for gouges or compare to model etc. This might be obvious to some, but it took me a little while to figure it out, make sure your stock and all fixturing levels are not visible on Mastercam before you start verify. And/or turn off collision checking to workpiece. Also, make sure that all axis arrive simultaneously as shown in the screenshot above. Otherwise, it will pull the tool holder through the part on 180deg rotations.
  4. jerms

    machine simulation

    Open the STL file associated with the rotary for that machine and translate it to the position you want.
  5. jerms

    5 AXIS DRILL 2020

    Thanks, I will check into that. What I'm seeing is in backplot. Same hole without rotation, just top wcs, c&t, The solid feature tool path is line segments, the wireframe is arcs. The result is the same when I post out. Line segments for the solid tool path and arcs with comp on wireframe.
  6. jerms

    5 AXIS DRILL 2020

    I don't like that it won't create arcs/ or cutter comp when using axis control in either helical or circle mill when you select a solid feature. I have to manually create ops on each rotation/plane using arc geometry in order for it to use comp and arcs. The idea of simplifying the tool path is great, but the execution is not very useful.
  7. jerms

    5 AXIS DRILL 2020

    Hey all, It seems I have misplaced my most used function on Mastercam 2020. Does anyone else use 5 axis drill? Is there a workaround (aside from FBM)? Thanks in advance.
  8. jerms

    Odd stock model behavior in 2018

    Yes, SP3 (build 20.0.21885.0). I believe for me, it started with sp3, I don't recall having this problem before.
  9. jerms

    Odd stock model behavior in 2018

    I mean has anyone come up with a way to fix it? When I open a file that has stock models every one is turned on.
  10. jerms

    Odd stock model behavior in 2018

    Has this been addressed? Anyone have a work around?
  11. One thing I like to do is use viewsheets for each operation just save and bookmark it. It makes creating and changing set up sheets incredibly easy. Click on the view sheet for that op and all your set up sheet part view is ready to go. No more going through levels and turning on vises or fixtures.
  12. I'm with the OP on this, verify is not right. MCam2017 with windows 7 verify was fast. 2018 with windows 10 is worse than watching the life cycle of a blade of grass. There are so many time consuming bugs it's aggravating when you are on a tight schedule. Every time I open an operation there's about a 6-7 second delay, change between parameter pages there's a delay on every one, right click for quick access tool bar another 10 seconds. Granted I know this is associated with windows 10 (because I didn't have these problems before) it's still Mastercam. Due to government security requirements we have to use windows 10.
  13. jerms

    B axis machining

    Hard to believe my phone has like 30 million times more memory. 5 axis curve will allow me to do what I'm looking for! Thanks!
  14. jerms

    B axis machining

    well that's disappointing.. lol. My intent was to rotate (transform) the tool path and post as incremental sub programs. My part has too many details and operations to post out otherwise. Any thoughts?
  15. jerms

    B axis machining

    Is there a way to do this same thing when using axis substitution? It posts correctly when I turn off substitution, but post the same b value when I use substitution. Thanks in advance.

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