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  1. RonC.


    how about 2d contour ramp?
  2. RonC.

    inquiry Display info.

    Thanks Colin, By the way that what I did to find what angle the "B" and "C" axis was for a job was to post it I kind of get what your saying about Kinematic data and being able to post to multi machines but we create the wcs, and or plane, you think we should be able to see what angle we typed into the wcs, and or plane... just saying lol
  3. RonC.

    inquiry Display info.

    Hello all Simple question, Is there a way to see in MC2019 the plane coordinates of A,B, or C Axis? As always any an all responses is appreciated Thanks in advance!! Ron
  4. RonC.

    Setup sheets

    We use manual entry here, since most of our tools a dedicated, post take care of tool list, and we use manual entry for setup info
  5. RonC.

    2019 MODEL PREP

    thanks that works
  6. RonC.

    2019 MODEL PREP

    Is there a way to shrink or grow a boss on model with out change it location in mold prep? I had a model created a reverse image of it to create a fixture and wanted to reduce bosses inward to create a clearance for the part to fit on, couldn't figure how other then, removing bosses and recreating them to size... Now I could make said boss taller, shorter, move them copy them but couldn't shrink them.. (as offset chain).. As always any help is appreciated Ron
  7. I keep getting the word ERROR added to high speed operation during downloading to machine Heidenhain 530 control Mikron 800 3x example : post from mastercam 2019, code looks fine download it into machine and it adds ERROR = to the coded file can't figure why this is happening try changing a few min arc fields and have gotten by on a few programs but then that didn't work for next job.. anybody else run into this? if so how to stop it..? never had this issue in mx6... so I'm wondering is it a setting in 2019 or the machine? thanks in advance for any help Ron
  8. RonC.

    Mastercam 2019 crashing and other...

    no I know how to set that up, but thanx :-)
  9. RonC.

    Mastercam 2019 crashing and other...

    This has happen to me also, but only once.. Where mine differs though is I lost all my saved data up to that point, so my file went back to the first time I saved it, witch was file right after opening up model.. we are having network problem also, so wasn't sure what to think about this.. I would be interested in knowing if they ever resolve this , that for sure p.s. really don't understand the decision of the color pallet anyways, at least older version you had a check box if you wanted to always use large color pallet... to me this was a step backwards
  10. Is there a way to change the color pallet to show more color right from the color change icon? any help in this area is appreciated thanks in advance Ron
  11. RonC.

    Oldest Version?

    thanks J appreciated !!
  12. RonC.

    Oldest Version?

    okay X and X2 those version are older than mcx-6 right? so I should be able to open my mcx-6 file in 2018 correct?
  13. RonC.

    Oldest Version?

    So we are finally going to get up to date, and I was wondering... What is the oldest ver. of MC, MC 2018 can open? any help in this would be greatly appreciated Ron
  14. looks like you have created spline curves Have you try simplify the geometry to create the arc's hope this helps Ron

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