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  1. Thanks !! got it..
  2. Thank jparis for responding okay ... Mastercam.workspace file?? is this the same thing a copying the whole mastercam folder?
  3. Is there a way to back-up right click menu? just in case it get changed , or clear out, to put it back the way the operator had it before it got screwed up..
  4. RonC.

    moving planes

    Has anybody else had their plane move on them.. The first time it happen I thought I must have click on wrong lines, but it happening way to often .. I started lock my plane once I've created them and have gotten around this issues, but with the new ver on the horizon .. I'm wondering if it been fixed? if anybody else know or has pointers on this subject pls. share with me..
  5. Yes it happen to me on one job that had 25 different planes I ended up locking the plane and it help to keep operation from changing planes on me but It hasn't happen again, and it been 3-4 month now..
  6. RonC.

    Machine simulation 2021 blows up Mcam

    Yeah I have mind auto saving every 15 mins... and saving file really isn't a bad issuse until i get the unexpected error message once that happen MC lockup and ypou can't do anything to it but force close, and start up again..
  7. RonC.

    Machine simulation 2021 blows up Mcam

    Well so far I have not had the ability to save file when it happens.. lol
  8. RonC.

    Machine simulation 2021 blows up Mcam

    I and my other programmers seem to keep get ("unexpected error ") when running verify it seem to be happening randomly which lock up MC2021 ...
  9. RonC.

    error message

  10. RonC.

    error message

    Hello All, has anybody seen this message before I get it when I'm surface from top plane now it doing muilt surfaces, but still all from top plane As always thanx in advance for any help you may give Ron
  11. RonC.

    2020 Solids from STL

    I just tried and that a no go... but it might be possible if you have the ART package hope this helps Ron
  12. RonC.

    Default, Create Letters

    LOL Thanks for trying anyways..
  13. Hey everyone.. Dumb question is there a way to have a default font when creating letters right now it is OLF simpleSansCJK OC (truetype) but I rather have mastercam (BOX) be there every time I open this menu window until i change fonts.. thanx in advance Ron .
  14. RonC.

    Corrupt tools

    Hello all, Has anyone had this happen? I was in and out of this file all day yesterday with no problems came in today open it up and got this message... I understand what the message is and what it says but didn't get this message yesterday, just curious what changed to make this happen.. it show and verify fine... little confussed.. lol any help with this would be greatly appreciated .. just want ti understand so if it something I'm doing I can fix it Thanx in advance Ron
  15. RonC.

    Operation changing on it's own

    Thanx for the advice, and yeah i've done that restarted but still could be dangerous if missed... and it very well could be windows screwing with MC, or it could be MC itself.. While new great feature of machine it wonderful and exciting I think reliability is more important...

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