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  1. Georgi Baltov

    Finally upgrading

    We have finally decided to upgrade our X2 to X6. Probably due to the support drop on X2 but it'll be interesting to see what new features have been added through the 4 years of software development. I think being in the custom woodworking business the most significant feature added for me will be true shape nesting. Especially when you are nesting curved reception desk parts. Can't wait to get it.
  2. Georgi Baltov

    Unrolling Surfaces

    Tried it yesterday. The ellipse frustum was a complete disaster. What you get as a flat surface from FlattenSurf.dll is not accurate. The good part is that the result is the same in Rhino and in Mastercam so no real need to change over to another software. Mastercam has the tool. There's also a small chance that I am wrong since both softwares returned the same result but 1-1/2" difference and different gaps on the top and bottom of the frustum kind of convinced me that I am no wrong. The cone frustum seems to be accurate as that could be confirmed easily with a math calculation. I gave up on that though as the radius if the product is too small and the flat surface can't bend around it. Instead I will machine everything out of solid. Hope that will help the next person. Cheers
  3. Georgi Baltov

    Unrolling Surfaces

    I am cutting some parts today for my project. I will let you know how it works
  4. Georgi Baltov

    Unrolling Surfaces

    Ohh that just made my day. I have an ellipse frustum to unroll and on top of that I learned one more function in Mastercam which I didn't know. Awesome dude. Thank you so much
  5. Georgi Baltov

    Drilling in increments

    In Mastercam X2 is there a way to drill in z increments. Basically if my final depth is 1" I want the drilling operation to reach that depth in increments on .25". Drill .25" then retract than go back and drill to .5" depth and so on till it reaches the final depth. The reason I want it to do that is to get rid of drilled material which will probably break the drill. Thank you
  6. Georgi Baltov

    Machine Time

    Thank you very much you kind sir. Are those accurate from your experience stand point? I just posted a 750K line code and 3 hours seem kind of little. Hmm, I guess I'm going to find out.
  7. Georgi Baltov

    Machine Time

    Hi Guys, we are using Mastercam X2 MR2 SP1, Router Pro (Level 3). Is there a way to estimate actual machine time from within the program. I have a big mold to do and I am thinking it'll take more than 8-9 hours. I don't want to have one of my guys stuck for too long and I don't want to leave the machine unattended. Any idea? Cheers
  8. Georgi Baltov

    Selecting Surfaces

    I agree. It was the distant 2007 and things looked a bit different. Plus I was a noob. I still am but not so much. Anyways I will get into solids one way or the other as molds are getting more and more present.
  9. Georgi Baltov

    Selecting Surfaces

    I don't think there's an easy way. The solid was created in Solidworks and I broke it into surfaces 'cause I can't machine solids. I will select them one by one and colour them differently.
  10. Georgi Baltov

    Selecting Surfaces

    I have 2500 surface on top of each other. It would be awesome if I could copy them to a new level but I don't want to select 1250 surfaces one by one.
  11. Georgi Baltov

    Selecting Surfaces

    Hi Guys, we are running X2 MR2 SP1. We have MC Router Pro (Level 3). No solids, only up to surfaces. I was wondering if there's a way to select surfaces that could be associated with machining from top T/C Plane. I have a mold that was sent to me as solid so when I changed everything to surface I ended up having way too many surfaces that I don't really need. They make calculation for tool paths too heavy and drawing navigation too slow. I want to basically delete surfaces that I don't need but it's hard when all is the same colour and on the same level. Any ideas?
  12. Georgi Baltov

    mastercam x4 invalid sim found -error code 2

    Here's how I fixed it. format C:/ Good luck
  13. Georgi Baltov


    We are still using X2. True shape nesting might be free with later versions but not with X2. I was hoping that you guys would know a program that can import and nest dxf so later I can import it in Mastercam and cut it.
  14. Georgi Baltov


    Hi Guys, is there a free tool that can true shape nest 2D shapes? This seems to be the only thing in X2 that I really miss. Thanks
  15. Georgi Baltov

    X4 Upgrade - Opinions

    I think that you 1 year free maintenance (well may be not free but in the quote price) so if we like the quote from our reseller then we are going to get it. I believe that's what happened the first time with X2 as well. I wonder why they released such an unstable version. They have been pretty good with X2 and we will skip X3 so I don't know how it went there. Were there a lot of new features added to X4? Can you still run X2 and have X4 as well? If there are some bugs that need MU then at least I will not hold production.

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