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  1. bet338

    Avoidance surfaces

    Hi Terry, I just finished a job using "Equal Scallop" that allows you to use avoidance. So just to see i went back and changed it to "Scallop" and avoidance is grayed out. Don't know why.
  2. try changing the post to this. #Rotary axis travel limits, always in terms of normal angle output #Set the absolute angles for axis travel on primary pri_limlo$ : -9999 pri_limhi$ : 9999 #Set intermediate angle, in limits, for post to reposition machine pri_intlo$ : -9999 pri_inthi$ : 9999 #Set the absolute angles for axis travel on secondary sec_limlo$ : -65 sec_limhi$ : 110 #Set intermediate angle, in limits, for post to reposition machine sec_intlo$ : -65 sec_inthi$ : 110 I tried it and it output the "B" axis as a B90. HTH
  3. Ok, that's what I thought you meant. Thanks!
  4. So did you make a fixture that tilted the part 5 degrees, or set a workoffset 5 degrees from zero?
  5. I had the same thing happen to me. I ended up spliting the model in half and cutting it in sections. I programmed a part a couple monthes before using a swarf cut and it ran ok. Never did figure out why one worked and the other one didn't.
  6. bet338

    5 axis trunion table center of rotaion

    Johnaka Yes. We also have a stevens plate on it and we shimed it up .121, and still had to put .121 in the post. Now the stevens plate measures 1.250 so when I place my solid in mastercam the botttom of the part is at 1.250 plus whatever fixturing i might be using.
  7. bet338

    5 axis trunion table center of rotaion

    This is what I have in my post. As you can see the only shift is in the "Z" axis. Never did understand why Haas couldn't put their "A" axis on center of rotation. #Axis shift shft_misc_r : 0 #Read the axis shifts from the misc. reals #Part programmed where machine zero location is WCS origin- #Applied to spindle direction, independent of RA #Table/Table - #Offset of tables to secondary axis relative to machine base. #Tilt Head/Table - Head/Head - #Part programmed at machine zero location- #Offset in head based on secondary axis relative to machine base. #Normally use the tool length for the offset in the tool direction saxisx : 0 #The axis offset direction? saxisy : 0 #The axis offset direction? saxisz : 0 #The axis offset direction? r_intersect : 0 #Rotary axis intersect on their center of rotations #Determines if the zero point shifts relative to zero #or rotation with axis offset. #Nutating axis shift, used when calculations are based on mtype 3 or greater #'top_map' and toolplane tool paths use the axis shifts above, 5 axis use these n_saxisx : 0 #The axis offset direction? n_saxisy : 0 #The axis offset direction? [color=#ff0000]n_saxisz :.121 #The axis offset direction?[/color] n_r_intrsct : 0 #Rotary axis intersection with nutating (normally zero)
  8. bet338

    Haas 5 ax error

    Do you have your Working coordinate system set to top? Then Tool plane & Comp/construction plane set to your intended rotations?
  9. bet338

    How did you get started?

    Started in Sept 1978 learning to setup & run Brown & Sharpe automatic screw machines. In 1981 I started running a Mori Seiki SL1 lathe. Before long I was setting up, running and doing a little pencil programming on the Mori’s, Citizen’s And Okuma’s. In 1984 -1990 I move to the hand mill department learning all I could to become a mill machinist and possible tool maker. 1990-1998 I got into CNC milling, setting up & running Mazak’s, Hurco’s & twin pallet Monarch’s with 4th axis. In 1999 my boss asked if I wanted to learn to program CNC mills with Smartcam instead of the pencil I had been using, I said sure why not. In 2007 we got our seat of Mastercam mainly for the new 5th axis the company bought. Been using it ever since. Still use Smartcam for Strippit jobs & some turning.
  10. bet338

    Stock setup

    Under Stock Setup tab, click cylindrical in the shape section then click for your axis direction. Then I always use the bounding box feature to set my stock. HTH
  11. bet338

    keeping same work offset

    It's just informing you that you chosen to have one offset for multiple views, or rotations if you will. That's OK, just click ok and your post should code out with only one G54 for all rotations. HTH
  12. bet338

    keeping same work offset

    And welcome to the forum
  13. bet338

    keeping same work offset

    You should be able to change them in the WCS view manager. Change the -1's to 0's for each WCS
  14. bet338

    Climb Milling

    Make sure your chain is running clockwise around the boss and your cut parameters compensation type is set to left. HTH
  15. bet338

    cutter comp. vs. wear

    No. You will need to add another 'D' offset call for wear. But I guess my question would be why? Stick with control comp OR wear comp to avoid confusion and a possible crash. JM2C HTH

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