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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses. Still measuring to see which way to go.
  2. Hello all, Looking for ideas on lifting and loading 200lb billets on HMC tombstone. Unfortunately I can not get our forklift to the machine location. My first thought is gantry or jib crane maybe a manipulator. I saw a really cool loading station on a FMS system that would lay the tombstone horizontal for loading but that is out of the question. Any other ideas or best practice on how you are loading/unloading. Thanks John
  3. Working on an Okuma MB5000 OSP300 HMC control. Each tool number can have three length H and diameter D offsets. How do you handle the three offsets in MasterCam? On the operation tool page the H and D offsets have to be an integer between 0 and 2147483647. I do not anticipate using a tool number greater than 9999. I am thinking that the straight tool number (T1) would 1= A, 20001 = B, 30001=C then use post logic to output the correct ABC offset. T109 H109 D109= T109 HA DA T109 H20109 D30109 = T109 HB DC Machine offset page. DA=0 DB=.002 DC=-.0004 How are any other Okuma user handling the ABC offsets? TIA John C
  4. J Coulston

    Okuma Schedule, Program Source alarm 2612?

    MD1:/ fixed it. NSTRT PSELECT MD1:/TEST1.MIN PSELECT MD1:/TEST2.MIN /GOTO NSTRT END Thanks all for your help.
  5. Trying to get Okuma MB-5000 OSP-300 to run a schedule pallet program, one file on each pallet. NSTRT PSELECT TEST1.MIN PSELECT TEST2.MIN /GOTO NSTRT END Schedule works fine with two 1kb files, cycles thru with the pallet ready button until block skip is turned on. Schedule runs first 500kb program then alarms out when it should load the second 40kb program. Both programs run file by themselves. 2612 Alarm-B Schedule program: main program load 5201 '1' 5201: Main program file was not found. Assuming it is a memory limitation issue. The .MIN and .SDF files are stored in MD1: How do I direct PSELECT where to load the files from? TIA John Coulston
  6. When I try to post with the debugger icon I received the following error. "The MP post debugger can only be used with a single instance of Mastercam running! Posting will be aborted." Select the OK button and the dialog closes without posting. Windows task manager shows only one instance of Mastercam running? Any ideas? TIA
  7. Thanks YoDoug Standard Okuma HiCut, we only drill and tap holes, cut pockets and heat sink fins in aluminum. The Okuma is a real step up from the late 90's Hass that we are currently running. I tell the Hass machinists that the Okuma can cut faster that the Hass can rapid, they think I am lying.
  8. Under the gun and dont have time to perform more research, I remember there used to be an Excel file that had parameters but was not able to find it. I have a 6061 part with a large cavity approximately 5.0 x 14.0 x 2.4 deep that I am planing on dynamic milling. It has been so long since I have been driving MC or a machine for that matter that I don't remember reasonable speeds and feeds. Running the part on a new Okuma MB5000HII max15K RPM, 3flt ZRN 2.5loc carbide SEM, Lyndex Nikken Big Plus NCAT40-C1-85UG milling chuck. I have an old video of the load screen from a Mori NH5000 I used to own that was running at 243ipm at 14000k. Though I don't remember the tool Ø, DOC or radial step over so not much help. Any starting parameter suggestions would be appreciated. TIA John
  9. Hello All, I am looking for the best practices/advice on how to control CNC programs to comply with the AS9100 requirements. Should both the MCX file and the NC file be controled or just the NC file? I was thinking that I would only need to control the NC file as the MCX is a means to an end. QA is inspecting the NC file to verify machined part compliance to the print after the part is run. Does anyone use Vericut to comply with this requirement? I was thinking on adding a post line somthing like this O0001 N10 (PROG VALIDATED=) then enter the date QA inspected and validated the machined part to the print, mark the NC file read only. Possible Directory structure: Server/2300/2300 Proven/2300 Data The verified NC files would be stored in Proven directory read only and the MCX and scratch files would be save in the Data sub directory. Thoughts, recommendations on the most efficient way to comply? Thank you
  10. Hello All, I am working on developing a few key performance indicators for our captive shop. I have been searching the net for information, most of what I have found have been abstract indicators like world class shops invest in 5axis machines, lights out machining. I have not been able to find very many verifiable metrics to compare our small shops current state to world class standards. What do you currently track at your shop to measure your performance? Is there anything that you have tracked that turned out to be of little or no value? How do you verify if any improvements you make are truly beneficial? What is your shops reasonable scrap percentage rate? What is your percentage of spindle cutting time or equipment utilization (OEE)? http://www.mmsonline...s-and-equipment Thank you,
  11. J Coulston

    Cannot Project or Xform Translate

    Does the 2D 3D setting have any effect?
  12. Does X6 Stock Model work with transformed ops? If I create a stock model of the individual operations model looks correct, if I select the transform operations I get garbage.
  13. J Coulston

    Preferred method for checking threads

    I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been covered, other than a styrofoam peanut works well for holding small wires for measuring PD with the 3 wire method.
  14. Hello all, Would anyone be able to recommend a quality online VMC gcode class? I found a bunch thru goggle. Wanted to see if anyone had first hand knowledge. TIA John

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