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  1. Can anyone tell me how to force the spindle RPM, G43 H?? on every sub call. see edited code below. G0 G17 G20 G40 G49 G80 G90 G91 G28 Z0. (LINER POCKET P1-P6) N1 T4 M6 (1/4" 4FL DOWN CUT EM) (MAX - Z.5) (MIN - Z.132) G0 G90 G154 P1 X4.3152 Y.2738 S9900 M3 G43 H4 Z.2875 M97 P1941 /G0 G90 G154 P2 X4.3152 Y1.6238 S9900 M3 G43 H4 Z.2875 /M97 P1941 /G0 G90 G154 P3 X4.3152 Y2.9738 S9900 M3 G43 H4 Z.2875 /M97 P1941 /G0 G90 G154 P4 X4.3152 Y4.3238 S9900 M3 G43 H4 Z.2875 /M97 P1941 /G0 G90 G154 P5 X4.3152 Y5.6738 S9900 M3 G43 H4 Z.2875 /M97 P1941 /G0 G90 G154 P6 X4.3152 Y7.0238 S9900 M3 G43 H4 Z.2875 /M97 P1941 M5 G91 G28 Z0. G28 Y0.
  2. jdkhunter1

    NC file path on setup sheet

    I did get this to work by imputing //NCFILE/NCFILE-LONG INTO THE DataField. The only issue is the operations list repeat in a loop 3 or more times. I tried moving the location within the setup sheet to no avail.
  3. jdkhunter1

    NC file path on setup sheet

    I'm trying to add the NC file path to the active reports setup sheet. I've tried NCIFILE-LONG" Current NCI filename (including path) and it does not show up .
  4. jdkhunter1

    2D Dynamic Mill not regerating

    If indeed this is an enhancement some kind of alarm would be nice.
  5. jdkhunter1

    2D Dynamic Mill not regerating

    It ended up being the Min toolpath radius under Gap size in Cup parameters being too big went from 7.5% to 6.5%. Seems like a bug to me.
  6. Just recently dynamic 2D milling will not regenerate. I sent a zip to go to my local re seller and it worked for them. I would say this is localized to my PC but 3 of us with different PC's had the same results. preview chain looks good, event log says "completed multi-threaded regeneration of selected operations" but still shows dirty. did a complete uninstall an reinstall still no go. anyone seen this? My system is a Dell ,i7-4710MQ, 16 gig ram, Quatro K2100M video card with newest Nvida driver.
  7. jdkhunter1

    nc filename xml tag

    I would like to add posted code file path to my active reports set up sheet. This tag is not listed as far as I can see in the documentation. Is there any way to extract this?
  8. I'm getting an "Parasolid ® Kernel Interface Error: Ki Error Code:22 tag is invalad or dead" when tring to save in X9. I have looked at the Solids manager and none show as dirty. Any ideas?

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