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  1. Claytonic

    Cutter comp on haas mill

    Thanks for looking. I'll dig into if it bothers us enough.
  2. Claytonic

    Cutter comp on haas mill

    I'm interested! But 5 years late.
  3. Claytonic


    Frankly its a bad joke. Mastercam for SolidWorks handles multiple parts fine, but a Huge RAM hog. Other Systems handle this way better. The best I've seen being HSMworks.
  4. Claytonic

    Speed and feed calculator

    Thanks for the forum helpers, and for sending it off to QC.
  5. Claytonic

    Speed and feed calculator

    The "re-calculate speeds and feeds" button updates to the material base line and doesn't reflect changes made with the speed and feed calculator. I'm uncomfortable using the feed and speed calculator on the tool page of an operation because if you update a tool number and regen you reset the speed and feeds. There is no way from the operation page to update the feed and speed to the tool or the tool library.
  6. Claytonic

    Speed and feed calculator

    While we're on the topic. The Update and Save As buttons only open the tool. They do not as might be inferred by the names update the feed and speed of the tool.
  7. Claytonic

    Mastercam for Solidworks - final impressions

    I used an evaluation version of MCX for Solidworks and was pleased for the most part. One problem I ran into was units. If you program in imperial and the model is metric you cannot switch later with out re-chaining all ops. I just learned to be careful and check before I programmed anything. This could be a major problem in many company's. Here at least we are switching units to imperial from metric most of the time. The point of MCX for solidworks in our case is the ability to upload models and cam data to pdmworks for tracking, but if the units are changed after programming it nukes the chaining, making almost useless for us to upgrade the 8 seats here. Lets hope this is one problem that can be fixed.
  8. Claytonic

    Mastercam vs Mastercam for SolidWorks

    If your going to run a CAM system inside solidworks give HSMworks a try. I find there chaining methods very quick and easy, almost no sketchs required. But take the time to get over your mcam conditioning before judging. Personally I use Mcam at work daily, and HSMworks for fun stuff periodically, but find it fully capable and gasp, fun.
  9. Claytonic

    What you expect from X7 ?

    This is a must for X7 or MU3 if there is one, Dynamic contour is a great tool path made nearly useless.
  10. Claytonic

    MAC OS g code editor

    You are welcome to split hairs on this. If you need to open and look at code, a text editor works. G-code is text. G-code verification software is a different request.
  11. Claytonic

    MAC OS g code editor

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll check it out. Clay
  12. Claytonic

    MAC OS g code editor

    All you need is a plain text editor. Use Text Edit on the Mac and save as .NC But there is no Mac based Cam software.
  13. Claytonic

    Can not find parasolid data

    Thanks I was having the same problem and this fixed it.
  14. Claytonic

    Family of parts programming

    Sorry to have to suggest a different cam package but work nc is what you need as far I know it is king in that respect. dellcam may be an option too.
  15. Claytonic


    So for the complete novice to this, where do I put the files to use MasterShake's version? Clay

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