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  1. cincy k

    Cutter Grinder Cost

    Met with Schutte. Their software seems relatively straight forward though I'd still like to do a deeper dive with it. My main concern is how to drive the machine to get the geometry we want and the support to get up to speed having not ground told in the past. Are their any independent CAM type software out there? Independent folks for start up support? Those that have bought used machines, was the software bought along with the machine?
  2. cincy k

    Cutter Grinder Cost

    Sounds like not a cheap endeavor. How's the software for schutte? I'd imagine that's the magic piece of the puzzle to creating what what you want and tweaking it.
  3. cincy k

    Cutter Grinder Cost

    We're a small facility focused on complex part production. What would you figured we'd spend to bring cutter production in house? Something like an MX machine from Anca I'd imagine. It seems we could facilitate healthy cycle time savings if we could produce specialty cutters quickly and make geometry adjustments as needed. Thoughts?
  4. cincy k

    KME CNC Users

    If you've programmed and or used a Kme CNC tombstone, what's your feedback? I'm looking at a couple for our Makino a51nx cell. 3+2 work obviously that's under 10" diameter swing. I'm looking at a unit that is a single 10" platter. I'm feeling it will be significantly more robust than the smaller units. This will go in our mmc2/r cell so the wireless nature of it is awesome. Feedback welcomed!
  5. cincy k

    2019 Finish Pencil Toolpath

    A handy tool, Josh. Thanks.
  6. I have an impeller I'm working on. In multiaxis morph when I select a solid face as my drive geometry I get no toolpath creation. When I create a surface from the solid and flip its normal and use this for my drive geometry I get a toolpath created. It's almost like the solid's "normals" are incorrect. Is there a way to fix this and use the solid face for my selection?
  7. cincy k

    chopping carbide endmill shanks?

    Check out maritool. Hole all the way through.
  8. cincy k


    Have tried SSD and spinny disk. Roughly the same result it seems. Maybe slightly faster with the SSD.
  9. cincy k


  10. cincy k


    Does anyone see sluggishness around 200 toolpaths and a 30-40 MB file size? I've been experiencing this for years across multiple releases and patches and gets really old. Opening toolpath parameters, selecting drive and check surfaces, boundary box selection, just about everything slows down. Windows 7 4 core 3.7GHz processor 32GB RAM I have my memory buffering set to 95% Anything else I can change here?
  11. cincy k

    Moldplus 2019 is out.

    What does Moldplus give someone that MC doesn't?
  12. cincy k

    Surface Finish Parallel

  13. cincy k

    Surface Finish Parallel

    Does surface finish parallel still exist somewhere inside of 2018? For some simple tasks it is far easier to use than raster.
  14. cincy k

    MC 2108 Performance

    It seems that once i reach about 80 toolpaths with a mix of 2D, 3D and a couple multi axis toolpaths along with 3-5 stock models that MC falls on its face performance wise. It begins to take a second or two to start a new toolpath or open an existing one. What settings can I change if any to help with this? I'm running a fairly stout desktop that I feel like this shouldn't be an issue. Windows 7 64-bit. MC is running of a solid state. Nvidia K4000. Intel Xeon E5-1620 3.7 GHz. 32.0GB RAM
  15. cincy k

    Post for Mori NT

    We looked at mt and I would feel more comfortable with a regular post and run Vericut which we already have. Having the ability to modify the post on the standard side seems like a big deal. Not so locked in I guess. Thoughts?

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