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  1. iowajim62

    Restarting on a Mazak

    Did you try single block in memory ? Then search forward ?
  2. iowajim62

    Organizing Files

  3. iowajim62

    Threading minor dia question

    Right on and your welcome BTW I was thinkin bout that a bit more and that is the same thread as spark plugs
  4. iowajim62

    Threading minor dia question

    go here and then save it for future ref
  5. iowajim62

    Threading minor dia question

    .527-.528 should be your minor dia. so .551-.527=.024 .024/2=.012 for your x value
  6. iowajim62

    Threading minor dia question

    If you have thread wires to check the pitch dia. you can go by the #'s in the Machinery Handbook and you will be good to go.
  7. iowajim62

    Edit - UPDATE Verify (turbo! to work in WCS Bottom.

    You have to create an STL file first Rick. You have a couple ways to make them.. Either from your existing model or when you run verify you have the option to make one.
  8. iowajim62

    Edit - UPDATE Verify (turbo! to work in WCS Bottom.

    Rick, Should be in your "Data" folder.
  9. IF[#157=1]THEN#800=1 try this instead
  10. iowajim62

    3D PDF files

    you can try this method but need Acrobat3D My link edit: I am late
  11. iowajim62

    Carbide Drills

    For that diameter to depth in that material I would consider the Kennametal Sculpted Edge IF you have TSC. Kennametal SE HP Drills
  12. iowajim62

    equaly spaced holes

    Can you draw the 2 arcs and 2 lines and then break the 2 lines on C/L in X and use that ?
  13. iowajim62

    Chamfer Holes

    No there is currently no way to pick all the arcs and chamfer them in one operation. Feature Based Machining would be required to accomplish this. You'll have to do as Mic6 says and create individual ops for each arc. IF the software could "look"/analyze a solid model or wireframe model and create the appropriate operation/pick the tool/and post the program then a 6 yr old could do it and you would be out of a job.
  14. iowajim62

    too many surfaces!!

    Good Idea Murlin Another thought is to do a save some and save off the solid you created as a separate file to toolpath with. I would add as much RAM to that system build as you can, 2 GB is awful low nowadays.
  15. iowajim62


    I follow what your trying to do. My thoughts were that you would start with all sharp edges on the cube and create the 8 corners with .250R first. Then fillet the 12 edges that are still sharp with .125R second.

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