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  1. TheePres

    WSEC on an HMC?

    Marty Karuhaka • [email protected]
  2. TheePres

    Verisurf Most Used Free Tools

    1. Minimum bounding box. 1. Hole axis 1. Pierce point 1. Screenshot Intentionally numbered all #1.
  3. TheePres

    5-axis clearance move

    Oh wow, this does go back a bit. Thanks to advice and assistance from you great guys, that's all I work on now is 5 axis work. Though plenty of time, I do miss a "gravy" part.
  4. TheePres

    Latest computer builds

    Gcode, I have also bought a few systems from that place, and will only ever buy workstations from them.
  5. TheePres

    Quadro RTX series

    Any opinions on this series of video cards in regards to compatibility with MasterCam?
  6. TheePres

    MC 2020 QUESTION

    Am getting same message here, still using 2017 and been to busy to contact QC. Please post solution.
  7. TheePres

    Complex trim challenge

    How about you create solids of each centerline, then thicken both directions. Then boolean removal of these solids from base .
  8. TheePres

    5 axis retracts

    David, Thanks for teaching me this, great job.
  9. TheePres

    5 axis retracts

    David, I resorted to splitting toolpaths as you mention. Would you please explain on how to use the safety zone. Thank You, swarf_retract.mcam
  10. TheePres

    5 axis retracts

    I am using swarf toolpath to mill a half circle outer draft. In between layers tool retracts and rapids directly across for next pass. Is it possible to change the return method to perhaps unwind in a circular path or even triangular points to avoid rapid directly across?
  11. TheePres

    Windows updates

    I have some legacy files, that for obscure reasons still prefer to keep in older versions of MasterCam. After any Win10 update the Quadro drivers will also get updated, but older versions of MasterCam will no longer function unless i disable hardware acceleration and turn off OpenGL mode. So every time i get an update; its uninstall and re-install my drivers time. What a PITA!! I think i may have found a solution that I wanted to share with you that may be in same situation. in gpedit, computer Config, Admin templates, Windows components, windows Update: I found this....
  12. TheePres

    Swarf Mill trouble

    Is it possible that at 55 deg it actually is an overtravel issue? Try without tool and move tool length offset in closer. Or sometimes you need to add a "point" toolpath to get closer to part prior to rotation
  13. TheePres

    SNK machines

    I am working on the HPS-120B/5 now. It has 15k rpm spindle 50hp X124.00" Y51.50" Z30.00". The drawbacks to this machine its only A+-90.0. and you lose quite a bit of Y travel when tilted. The RB series is a good machine also but the Z" travel is very limited, but does come with W column for extended reach. We still have yet to dial in our post for the "W". My favorite is the PS6B series gantry , has a larger travel than you need. This has A+-110. with no loss of Y axis. Im sure all these have many options as far as spindle; gear driven or direct drive.
  14. TheePres

    SNK machines

    I am very familiar with SNK machines. Any specific questions you have on them? 120" is way to small for gantry style, at that size take a look at the HPS series.
  15. TheePres

    Lofted wall surface

    Ron, Never knew you could extend the curves as you have. That is brilliant!!! Have you ever gotten "tool axis limits" to work succesfully? if you have, would you please share an example of this. Even sharing that 1 surface made me a bit nervous!!! Secret projects going on here.

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