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  1. Chris In-House Solutions

    Lathe tool orientation

    Are you using Mill-Turn or trying to use machine simulation? if you are using machine simulation it doesn't officially support lathes. Our post department has made it work but the list of limitations is about a page long so its not something we typically setup.
  2. Chris In-House Solutions

    Why does this happen?

    This is the way it was explained to me at one point in time and it made sense to me. If you made a program that ran perfectly 2 years ago and in-between that point in time and now you've made minor changes to the machine/control definition. Now that customer comes back and asks you for the same parts. If you can just open the file and post the code and run it knowing it worked good the last time thats great your ahead of the game. Otherwise you would have to track ever single change you made and then go and change the mmd/control definition to match what you had back 2 years ago. Any new file should use the new machine/control definition. You only need to replace the machine def on files you've previously programmed where you want those changes applied. Its a good system but I understand your frustration too. At least it looks like there is a way to do what you want within the System configuration. I dont think that was in the configuration a few years ago or several years ago when I got the explanation.
  3. Chris In-House Solutions

    MC 2021 issues with flats when cutting curves

    If you are chaining an arc and the post is llnearizing the arcs you can try turning on the arc filter tolerance. On in the control definition the Support arcs in XY, XZ and YZ might be unchcked. Without a file though its tough to say what the issue is.
  4. Chris In-House Solutions


    The complaint wasnt valuable. Trust me it had zero value and didnt describe any issues.
  5. Chris In-House Solutions


    @byte yeah I saw that after I typed my reply here. He complained in another thread (I've hidden the complaint because it had nothing to do with the topic). If you are going to complain in a thread at least describe the issue you are having.
  6. Chris In-House Solutions


    If they did this it would drive the price up astronomically. I think the option to purchase your own verification software is more ideal. If you want it you go and get it. If you don't want it or need it then you are good.
  7. Chris In-House Solutions


    Did that feel good? Since you wont elaborate on the issues you were having we cant help you. Read my posting above there are people here with a ton of experience willing to help. If you cant give example or post files demonstrating your issues then why even complain. If you've gone back to X9 my guess is you didn't like the interface which is understandable because it is different. Let me ask you how long did you try to use the software before going back to X9? A couple of hours?
  8. Chris In-House Solutions

    C-hook not found .... MachSim.dll

    It looks like it might be related to a Windows Media pack. Cause Mastercam Simulator requires files from the Windows media pack to be present. Within Windows N and Windows KN versions, this package is part of an optional install causing Mastercam and/or the Simulator to not launch. Solution Install the Media Feature Pack provided by Microsoft. Windows 10 (Install the version matching your OS version)
  9. Chris In-House Solutions

    Hide stock model

    You can also convert to PMesh and then save the PMesh to a level. There is one major benefits to this is that you can then delete the stock model. Then reference the PMesh vs the stock model. So if you go into an operation linked to the stock model and change something simple like the stock to leave on walls then you only need to update the operation and you dont have to wait for the stock model to regen too. Of course if you changed your stock to leave on walls by a large amount then you might want to re-create the stock model but most of the time its a small amount that doesnt really visually effect the stock model.
  10. Chris In-House Solutions


    If I had a dollar for every-time I heard "Looks good in backplot and verify". Using the software especially the 5AX toolpath is more than just throwing a toolpath on a part. Getting a 3rd part verification software would be ideal as it would show your issues before you even got to the machine. Some companies think this is expensive but you crash your machine it would be cheap. @BILL HUNTER you can see there are several people here willing to help but you gotta give in order to get. Complaining about something and bashing Mastercam isnt going to get you anywhere on here. We understand you cant share your specific part can you make up a part that is similar and demonstrates your issues? If you do I'll bet you, you would get at least 3 different suggestions on ways to program your part and probably a bunch of different ideas to try at the machine. What machine are you running? Some machines run different based on bit settings on the control. If its a common machine I can check out post library for bit settings to see which ones influence the machine (yes we put that in our posts for common machines). In our posts we can flip a switch and change the TCP coordinates between table and workpiece. The output is very different. If the post is setup for Table coordinates but the bit setting on the machine is setup for workpiece this can result in bad things. There is probably about 50 switches in our posts so it's possible a combination between bit settings at the machine and settings in the post are not setup 100% properly. The post team at In-House contain some of the smartest people I've ever worked with and I'm sure that applies to other resellers and vendors who sell posts as well. Working with the post developer might be a good starting point. I know we've signed NDA's to work with customers and am sure your reseller could do the same thing. I'm sure you could even have the post developer sign an NDA too.
  11. Chris In-House Solutions

    Toolpath offset

    Do you have stock to leave set? In the Area Roughing & Hybrid toolpath you would find this on the Model Geometry page.
  12. Chris In-House Solutions

    Mastercam 2021 Install Issues

    I think you may need your reseller to assist you with this. Obviously there is something going on with that PC you are trying to install the software on.
  13. Chris In-House Solutions

    Mastercam 2021 Install Issues

    The version you have installed is newer so I would keep that. Chances are if you uninstall it windows will update it anyways. If Mastercam doesn't install you can try uninstalling it and then installing the 2017 version 14.15.26706
  14. Chris In-House Solutions

    Mastercam 2021 Install Issues

    Strange.... Have you tried installing the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributes. I think they are on the full download. They should be under the SetupPrerequisites and should be in the folders called VC2012, VC2013 & VC2017. Here is a neat link to all the Visual C++ files There are times when we've have to re-install these or the install doesn't work.
  15. Chris In-House Solutions

    Mastercam 2021 Install Issues

    Did you figure this out? Can you navigate to the folder location in the second screen shot?

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