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  1. Chris In-House Solutions

    Stock setup menu off screen on laptop

    Click in the Name Field, hit tab and then hit space... that will get you out of that window. You might have to try a different screen resolution or plug in a second monitor.
  2. Chris In-House Solutions

    Mitsubishi MV1200S Wire EDM

    If you reach out to your reseller they may have one or they might be able to get one from CNC Software.
  3. Chris In-House Solutions

    Active Reports Data Field CNC file location?

    If you open the help menu and click on "Setup Sheet XML Outline and Tag Glossary Overview" under the related topics and then click on the "Setup Sheet XML Outline and Tag Glossary Overview " again it will list all the tags and a brief description of what they do. This should help you find the tag you are looking for if it is available.
  4. Chris In-House Solutions

    5x peel mill

    @So not a Guru If you want to cut the surface you need to eliminate the depth cuts. I also changed the depth and top of stock values you had on the linking parameters page. I changed the step over and toolpath rad to help regen the toolpath quicker. AXIS_SUB1.mcam
  5. Chris In-House Solutions

    "New" computer not recognizing HASP

    Also if its a NetHasp you need to install the NetHASP License Manager on the new computer where you are plugging in the NetHasp. Even if you are using the NetHasp locally you still need to install the NetHASP License Manager.
  6. Chris In-House Solutions

    update to next version

    I've never had an issue using the wizard and updating posts. But there is a chook that is made to update posts so its something that should be used more often but I don't think many people know about it. If I'm updating a post that is more then 3 versions back I will use the chook cause it doesn't care how old the post is. Then you still have to jump through multiple versions to update the machine/control def using the migration wizard.
  7. Chris In-House Solutions

    update to next version

    You have to do a fresh install there is no way to click a button and update from an older version to Mastercam2021 Once the software is installed you will want to Migrate your files (posts/machine/control definitions) from the previous version to the Mastercam2021. There is a guide called Transition_Guide.pdf in the following folder: C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2021\Mastercam\documentation\en-US. It will assist you through the process. Or you can likely call your reseller and ask them for assistance as well.
  8. Chris In-House Solutions


    It looks like the part file is a solid model. You can create curves on on all edges then select the wireframe you want to cut.
  9. Chris In-House Solutions

    How to build virtual turret for a lathe machine?

    Mastercam Lathe doesnt support Machsim. Mastercam Mill-Turn will allow you to simulate the Turret, locator and tool. You will need to contact your reseller to see if your machine is available and get a quote for Mill-Turn.
  10. Chris In-House Solutions

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    Have you tried using approach/retract points. You may have to also put in a point toolpath for verification purposes. Mastercam isn't aware what machine you are using so it doesnt know that your machine has tilted the table or head and rotated it to get to the next plane. I've seen this before and the fix was to put a huge clearance value in for verify purposes or use approach/retract values.
  11. Chris In-House Solutions

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    Is your toolpath going from one side of the part to the other side? So lets say from the left side to Right side?
  12. Chris In-House Solutions

    List of toolpaths not supported by mill turn

    @AGreen5 In-House Solutions has the ability to modify the .machine file for you. If you want to reach out to us we can discuss options for making the changes you require. Send me a PM and I can provide you with the email address to reach out to for these modifications.
  13. Chris In-House Solutions

    Mastercam 2021 Mill-Turn Machine Simulation Stock Visibility Error

    If you verify your part does your stock come in? My initial guess would be that your stock isnt setup in Mastercam job setup 100% properly. If I load a part in the simulation I can see my stock... different machine but I can see the stock (see pic below). Can you post a copy of your file?
  14. Chris In-House Solutions

    Lathe tool orientation

    Are you using Mill-Turn or trying to use machine simulation? if you are using machine simulation it doesn't officially support lathes. Our post department has made it work but the list of limitations is about a page long so its not something we typically setup.
  15. Chris In-House Solutions

    Why does this happen?

    This is the way it was explained to me at one point in time and it made sense to me. If you made a program that ran perfectly 2 years ago and in-between that point in time and now you've made minor changes to the machine/control definition. Now that customer comes back and asks you for the same parts. If you can just open the file and post the code and run it knowing it worked good the last time thats great your ahead of the game. Otherwise you would have to track ever single change you made and then go and change the mmd/control definition to match what you had back 2 years ago. Any new file should use the new machine/control definition. You only need to replace the machine def on files you've previously programmed where you want those changes applied. Its a good system but I understand your frustration too. At least it looks like there is a way to do what you want within the System configuration. I dont think that was in the configuration a few years ago or several years ago when I got the explanation.

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