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  1. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    sorry i didn't explaint my situation correctly

    It sounds like you want to post your .NC file out using Mastercam's Code expert and then open the file in cimco and send it to the machine using Cimco Edit. You can do this but you will have to post the code into Mastercam Code Expert, close code expert, open Cimco Editor, go File, Open, navigate to where the file is posted to, then open the .NC file in Cimco then transfer the program to the machine. Alternatively you could just post the .NC file in Cimco and then just transfer it to the machine within one editor. That what I would suggest you do. Is there any reason you dont want to post out into Cimco?
  2. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Creating virtual machine

    We've done a few here but they have a list of limitations which usually prompts the customer to look for another solution. A VTL has more limitations then a horizontal lathe. Its been a while since we've setup machsim for a lathe as its not really "supported".
  3. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Multiaxis Deburr toolpath issues

    @Metallic I find when using this toolpath and using the 3+2 option typically works best. When you use the 5 - Axis option it typically shows the toolpath motion being very disorganized and not ideal to run on a machine.
  4. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Multiaxis Deburr toolpath issues

    I managed to get a Deburr toolpath similar to Aaron's above using Mastercam2019. I've found this toolpath typically works best when you select the whole model when you pick the part surfaces and to define the edges you want to deburr. See the attached part with toolpaths on it. Ron thats a really neat trick for accomplishing pretty much the same thing as the deburr toolpath. sleeve2 - update2.emcam
  5. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Issue Turning in the Right Spindle after Cutoff/Pickoff

    could you put the file up here. I'm sure if you do that someone can take a quick look and figure it out.
  6. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    optomec cs800

    Hey Mark, What kind of Machine is it? I dont believe Mastercam has a post and the software is currently setup to typically remove material not add it. I do believe they are working on building an addon to add material but am not sure where its at or when you might be able to go your hands on it. At this point your best bet would be to reach to your reseller and inquire about getting a custom post processor.
  7. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Find smallest inside radius in Mastercam, or Solidworks

    There is a Chook within Mastercam called SortCircles.dll. This will put only work with full circles which may not help you in your case but it will put the circles on a different level, name the level based on the circle diameter and change the colour of the arc. If you are ever drilling a bunch of holes in a plate this chook can be very useful. If the pockets are wireframe you could use Analyze Contour this will tell you the length of each entity in the pocket and if its an arc it will tell you the radius of the arc.
  8. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Programação, base torno

    Put this into Google translate and got the following "Good afternoon, anyone who dominates Mastercam has the resources to program a base for a lathe? If anyone is interested, send me an email to send the file in step, greetings. Thank you"
  9. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Multi-user Mastercam Network Location Best Practices

    @Eric Allen, There are two locations where you need to set the SharedMcam folder location in the registry Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 2019 and Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 2019 In both locations you can double click on the SharedDir string and put the network location in the value data. Then your shared mcam folder should be pointed to that folder on your network or server.
  10. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Accuracy of simulation in Verify for MC 2019

    Go to the Verify tab and select accurate zoom option. This will cut away the other section of the verified part and make the area you a looking at more precise. Once your done looking if you zoom out you will notice the rest of the stock model isnt there anymore. So in that case you will need to click the reset zoom button.
  11. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Need help with getting rid of canned cycles for drilling.

    JHaley, Looks like you did the right process to turn off the Canned drill cycles. This does appear to be a post mod that needs to take place to make your request happen.
  12. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Programming Time

    Another thing to consider is how experienced is the programmer who is doing the job? If you have someone new to the job it will take them longer than someone who has done the job for years. I don't think you can come up with a simple ratio and apply to all jobs.
  13. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Stock Models

    I am assuming it showing this when you verify the part? If that's the case to show the toolpath correct within verify you could use the Multiaxis Linking toolpath. This should show the tool retracting and moving around the part properly.
  14. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    live 5 programs

    The issue is the rotary table is rotating in a single motion by a value that exceeds a limit set in the post. So you can change the value in the post to a larger value or create more toolpath points so the rotary doesn't rotate in one motion beyond the amount specified in the post . To do this in the curve toolpath you would enable distance and specify a smaller value. This should create a toolpath point at that the value you input along the curve you've selected.
  15. Chris Lang In-House Solutions

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    The method described above by gcode works. I just tested it in Mastercam2019 and it allows you to modify the Major thread diameter.

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