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  1. Bill Craven

    Setup Sheet

    .set file setup sheets are a completely different animal from Active Reports. The Set files are actually generated by a special post processor. If you are comfortable editing posts, then you can modify the setup sheet to suit your needs. I haven't looked at Set file setup sheets in a long time, but it used to be that they are primarily text.
  2. In some ways it is really not much different from buying tools for a CNC. You wouldn't keep using high speed steel tooling because that it what it came with. You couldn't be productive. And then there is the: "Sorry boss, I forgot to edit the final program for the umpteenth time and the spindle was turning the wrong direction when it ran into the chuck and I didn't change a G0 to a G1" For years I have encouraged anyone who will listen to get good post or modify it so that there are no hand edits.
  3. Bill Craven

    Turning lead out

    Looking at your picture, Either your stock is defined incorrectly or a previous operation is cutting away the walls of the part. Mastercam looks at the stock that is left after an operation and will exit the part the quickest way. If you change things so that the stock updated correctly, the boring bar will retract without going through the wall. And Master Gcode is right. Reference points create a level of safety for approach and retraction.
  4. I used to use a free utility called "resource hacker" to edit the names of columns in X+. load the dll, search for the name you want to change, change it, save it, run it. I don't know if SDL Passolo works the same. Of course, I always saved the dll to a safe location in case I corrupted it. Finding the correct dll to modify can be time consuming
  5. Bill Craven

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Thanks, I spent the time to figure out how to get Active Reports to output what I wanted. ( I am still a "babe in the woods" with Active Reports ) I love being able to do a "one click" to get setup sheets. In some cases it was taking as long to build setup sheets from scratch as it was to generate a program. If you made a change to the program, then you had to go back and fix or re-do the setup sheets.
  6. Bill Craven

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    If you had a block number at the beginning of an operation (as an example N10 for operation 10) and the post was still outputting block numbers for the rest of the program on every line, it would be hard to search for the line with the Block/Op number. If you turned off the sequence numbers through the Control definition, then you could force the post to output block/operation numbers only at the beginning of the Operation. I primarily deal with Aerospace HRSA materials and have my turning posts setup so that they ONLY output block/sequence numbers every time the machine stops for a insert index or at the beginning of a new operation. I also have all of the codes output to start the machine at that point even if the operator hits RESET. The operators love this and it makes it very easy for the operators to hand off between shifts. "I just finished N25, start at N26"
  7. Bill Craven

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    It is possible, but you would have to modify your post to accomplish this. It would be confusing to the operator if you still had the sequence numbers turned on for the rest of the program. Another option might be to write the Op number to the posted output so that it shows up like this: ( OP5 ) at the beginning of the operation I believe that you can search a program for words that are in comments, but don't have any way of testing that right now.
  8. Bill Craven

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Actually, You can copy it directly to the "C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared Mcam2021\common\reports\SST" directory and it should work. I don't think that the migration wizard actually found anything to change. I recently helped a friend install this into the 2021 directory and haven't heard of any issues yet.
  9. Bill Craven

    Clear Cut

    It was written by Mastercam. It was re-packaged as Clearcut 386 by Anilam. Charley Haddock also re-packaged it under the Quicksliver name. Charley once told me that he had originally registered the Mastercam name for software that he was working on. I don't know how true that is, but I did see a Mastercam manual that he had that definitely wasn't related Mark Summers software. Charley later became a Mastercam reseller for Southern California and New Mexico. Sterling still has a Clearcut brochure on their website: Here is a link to a 2004 thread here on eMastercam: I believe that the first version of Clearcut was Mastercam V3.11 around 1987. Version 3.11 was the first version that I sold as a reseller.
  10. Bill Craven

    Inconel 625 & 718

    Most tool manufacturers recommend conventional (not climb) cutting for these round negative insert tools. and as ?Mark says: "not a drop of coolant" (for milling cutters) Thermal shock is a killer. On the other hand when using ceramic inserts for turning, high pressure coolant is preferred. If you get top slicing or chipping of the inserts, you are probably not using enough surface feed.
  11. Bill Craven

    Server busy when closing verify

    I get this issue often. 2019, 2020, and 2021 I thought it was related to Chrome, but I tried uninstalling Chrome, rebooting and it still does it. 3 finger salute, but I am able to save the file before the forced shutdown. ( I still always save before verify... you know: old habits and scars from being burned ) I forgot to mention: no network
  12. Bill Craven

    Well, I guess chaining in 2021 is messed up....

    I have been using this feature for many generations. It can also be used to create slot geometry by using Transform, Offset chains. It is annoying that the end arrow doesn't display correclty. Has anyone sent this to CNC as a potential bug?
  13. Bill Craven

    Set Stock Model "Initial Shape Tolerance" to Zero!

    I had to do this back in Mastercam Version 4 (not X4) One of the problems that I was running into on some very small tight toleranced parts was errors that I finally attributed to "divide by zero" We weren't going pico, but the customer wanted to hold 6 decimal places.
  14. Bill Craven

    cutting axle spline 2018

    Regarding custom spline cutters: Sandvik has a series of spline cutters and can make custom inserts. For the Inconel shaft that I mentioned, we were taking just one pass and the tool life was very good. Here is a link to a brochure. You can contact your local Sandvik Sales rep for more information.

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