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  1. Bill Craven

    cutting axle spline 2018

    Regarding custom spline cutters: Sandvik has a series of spline cutters and can make custom inserts. For the Inconel shaft that I mentioned, we were taking just one pass and the tool life was very good. Here is a link to a brochure. You can contact your local Sandvik Sales rep for more information.
  2. Bill Craven

    cutting axle spline 2018

    When I cut B splines, I only draw the geometry for the center-line of the custom cutter. I create one toolpath operation at an index angle of zero. Then I transform that toolpath 180 degrees. These 2 operations will be my first toolpath with a program stop so that I can measure and adjust the offset measured across pins. Then I will cut the rest of the splines using transform toolpath. I have cut spines in Inconel Aerospace components using this method. If you have an odd number of spines, you will have to cut the first spline at zero and then two spines on the opposite side of the shaft so that you can measure across three pins. The deburr toolpath does a great job of deburring splines. In the photo below, that is an .008 edge break done with a ball end mill. Inco 718
  3. Bill Craven

    Computer specs for running mastercam

    In early March I built a new desktop system for my home office. One of the main criterion was to be as silent as possible and I have achieved that. I can't hear the computer fans unless I am doing something that is very graphics intensive. I9-9900K Processor 3.6 GHz, Overclocked to 4.6 ASUS ROG Maximus Mother board 64 GB RAM Samsung 1TB m.2 SSD Seasonic FOCUS Plus 750 Gold power supply Fractal design Define R5 Mid tower silent case Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler (not liquid cooled) Windows 10 Pro Nvidia K1200 The graphics card is the weakest link, but it doesn't slow me down too much. I had this card in my last desktop. I run 4 monitors, one 32 inch and three 24 inch. I was a little leery of overclocking and don't like being on the bleeding edge but 4.6 runs solid and cool all day long. I ran it through a bunch of stress tests before leaving it at 4.6. My cost for this rig was around $1,800.00 without keyboard, mouse and monitors (which I already had) Benchmark 3.0 looks like about 3.5 minutes I have a company supplied Dell 7530 laptop that I use when I am in the field.
  4. Bill Craven

    Dynamic undercutting - Slot cutter

    I love using Dynamic toolpaths for Wheel or Keyway cutters. I put together a example file with several strategies based upon the help and suggestions of some of the contributors above. In the past, I mostly did the toolpath edit thing like Ben Wood describes and find that I have a lot of control with that strategy but it is a PIA to unlock, make a change and the re-edit the operation. keyway undercutting One of the strategies is for a 3d Optirough. Another is a 2d Dynamic with point operations and the third is a variation of the 2d Dynamic with point operations to do an alternating cut There are probably errors in this example and the tool size and shape in relation to the part is not in any way accurate. I am just trying to share how to generate the motion.
  5. Bill Craven

    Active Reports Designer

    I believe what Monsieur Goldorak is asking is: After the Active report has been generated and you want to save the report as a PDF, the default name offered is the machine name. He wants to save the report with the Toolpath Group Name I don't know any way of changing that to default to the Toolpath group name.
  6. Bill Craven

    Active Reports Designer

    Mr. Perry, You are almost there. (Great job BTW) In your -Setup Sheet (Mill-file-T).rpx file, you need to "seed" the NCFiILE-NAME I expanded the report area temporarily to insert the new data field visibility is False. The NCFILE-NAME doesn't need anything in front of it. Then slide the bottom of the report back up to where it was originally Now you can modify the -Setup Sheet (Mill-operation-T) template by adding the NCFILE-NAME data field. The field needs to be entered as ../NCFILE-NAME (pay attention to the ../) Now the report will properly show the program name without the extension However, If you mix an operation with a different NC file name, it will start a new page. I'll have to dig a little deeper when I have a few minutes and try to remember how I have done this in the past. I haven't done anything with Active reports for a year and at my age...
  7. Bill Craven

    Active Reports Designer

    NPerry, 2021 shouldn't be an issue unless you are updating from an older version. I need more information: Which Template set are you using? Have you modified them much? I am not sure that I understand your last question. Are you trying to generate a setup sheet with tools listed or a tool sheet? Active reports are based upon the hierarchy of the reports. The main template may have links to one or more sub templates. These sub templates may have links to one or more or their own sub templates. This hierarchy affects many things. Sometimes certain fields won't print because they are being called from a sub template or report but they aren't properly linked to the report above it, so it shows up as an empty field. This is probably also where the sheets are breaking into separate sheets. (The first report acts like a header and then calls the sub report which starts a new page. Getting the format correct in the calling report will keep the sub reports from starting a new page.) I have different main templates that call different sub templates. I am very careful to try to name the templates for all of the templates for a particular report the same, even though I may be re-using some of the sub reports without modification. By doing this, if I do change a sub template, I don't corrupt other reports.
  8. Bill Craven

    Good Technical information on Machining

    Another very helpful Sandvik publication is their Heat Resistant Super Alloys Application guide. Lots of great information on strategies for dealing with the Nastalloys. Follow Gcode's link above and go to Publications, then Filter the downloads to Technical information
  9. Bill Craven

    Vericut Vue -On line for 2020-

    CGTech is offering its Vericut User Experience on line this year. Go to to register. You will need your Vericut company ID to register. VUE is going virtual! VUE is our way to show our appreciation to customers, provide updates, and work with users to improve our software and the user experience. Our 2020 VUEs will be held virtually so you can still participate no matter where you are. The VUE agenda has been broken up into 3 sessions. Each session will be approximately two hours. Multiple sessions are available so that you can choose the days and times that work best with your schedule. Please see session information below, and select the sessions you wish to attend in the registration form. VUE attendees will receive 1 complimentary day of training to use at any standard VERICUT training class by the end of this year. To receive your complementary training, you must attend at least 2 of the 3 sessions.
  10. Bill Craven

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary

    Joined August 27, 2000 I have learned much over the years from coming to this site on a daily basis and reading the posts and thread. Thank you IHS and all of the contributors.
  11. Bill Craven

    I know i'm out of line for this question

    That sounds like me except I wrote my first NC program in 1975. (before they invented dirt) I too need mental stimulation and get in trouble when I don't have it.
  12. Bill Craven

    "internal Operation ID" In Tool Path Manager

    I am not sure what you are after, but it you just want to see an incremental operation number: turn off the internal operation ID. The List number will still display the operations in the order that they are in the operation manager. The "Internal Operation ID" is a number that is assigned to the operation in the order that the operations are created. The "List numbers" are sequential numbers for all of the operations in the operation manager. Right now you are seeing 1:1...11:21. The first number is the "List number" and increments the way that you want it to. The second number after the colon is the "Internal ID number" List number is not exactly an intuitive description. I sometimes use the internal ID number in the Name/description field of the level manager so that I can more easily find the geometry for a particular operation even after I have rearranged or added operations. With both List numbers and Internal Operation ID numbers With just the List numbers:
  13. It looks like this geometry was created from a solid model. If you could gain access to that model, you could just select the floor surfaces for the machining regions and be done. If you can't get the solid model, then creating splines is a good option. Set the Cplane to 2d.
  14. Bill Craven

    Change tool number without changing speeds and feeds

    I totally agree with this. I also do as much as I can to empower the machinist running the machine. (including showing them the scars on my hands from running machines for years) I need them as allies to be my eyes and ears to help improve the process.
  15. Bill Craven

    Change tool number without changing speeds and feeds

    Sometime when I am programming remotely, I will create a level and add Drafting Notes for revisions and other things that they need to maintain awareness on. For a couple of customers, I have a disclaimer about how changing tool numbers might change feeds and speeds. Then I set this as a Viewsheet and save it with that viewsheet as primary. When they first open it, They will see it. (they may not read it, and they may save it with a different screen) Basically: I am covering my assets

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