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  1. DCOPE17

    Limiting A axis angles?

    I did the point machining to go half way and then it generates the remaining move the direction I need it to. we don't have a multi-axis license so no go there. If we ever get one, I'll know what to do. Thanks everyone.
  2. DCOPE17

    Limiting A axis angles?

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
  3. DCOPE17

    need to post drill cycle that starts slowly

    I got ya, I put all the moves into one toolpath. you're saying to make multiple point toolpaths and change speeds and feeds with the tool setup tab? Let me give that a shot.
  4. DCOPE17

    Limiting A axis angles?

    Running a 4 axis part and its too tall to do a 360 around the A axis. Is there a way to limit the A axis to something like +135 to -135 degrees? I post it and get one movement from A90. to A270. where I'd like it to go A90. to A-90. I know I can write a toolpath at A0. so that it will move A90. - A0. - A-90. but I'd have to do a tool change and not looking to do that. Thanks everyone. Dan
  5. DCOPE17

    need to post drill cycle that starts slowly

    Looks like I'll need a custom cycle made. I don't see anywhere in the point machining to change speeds and feeds. There is no geometry to select and "change at point" where I can usually do stuff like that. Thanks for the pointers everyone. Dan
  6. DCOPE17

    need to post drill cycle that starts slowly

    I did use the point toolpath and it runs the path correctly, How do you get it to change speeds and feeds? I only see two options in the point toolpath, G0 and G1. Other than that, I just pick all the points for the movement.
  7. Sorry but I have to make this quick... We start a hole with a short drill, then use a long drill to go deep. we start the long drill at 500 RPM then then kick it up to 6000RPM once started into the hole. We feed at F4. into the hole then F25. once in and drilling. Is there a way to get this to post out? something like this... The ( ) are what I added and would like it to post. I did this with point machining BTW. Thanks as usual everyone. Dan N100 G20 N110 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 N120 T7 M6 N130 G187 P3 E.001 N140 G0 G90 G56 X-1.2756 Y-.8268 A-90. S500 M3 N150 G43 H7 Z1. N160 M88 N170 Z.1 N180 G1 Z-.5 F4. ( S6064 M3 ) N190 Z-2.6378 ( F25. ) N200 G0 Z-.5 ( S500 M3 ) N210 Z1. N220 X-.9646 Y-1.2205 N230 Z.1 N240 G1 Z-.5 ( F4. ) ( S6064 M3 ) N250 Z-2.2835 ( F25. ) N260 G0 Z-.5 ( S500 M3 ) N270 Z1. N280 X-.5512 N290 Z.1 N300 G1 Z-.5 ( F4. ) ( S6064 M3 ) N310 Z-2.6378 ( F25. ) N320 G0 Z-.5 ( S500 M3 ) N330 Z1. N340 X.7717 Y-.8268 N350 Z.1 N360 G1 Z-.5 ( F4. ) ( S6064 M3 ) N370 Z-2.6378 ( F25. ) N380 G0 Z-.5 ( S500 M3 ) N390 Z1. N400 X1.4961 Y-1.2205 N410 Z.1 N420 G1 Z-.5 ( F4. ) ( S6064 M3 ) N430 Z-2.6378 ( F25. ) N440 G0 Z-.5 ( S500 M3 ) N450 Z5. N460 M5 N470 G91 G28 Z0. M9 N480 G28 Y0. A0. N490 M30 %
  8. DCOPE17

    Using a tooling ball in MasterCam

    Thanks everyone, I knew I wasn't crazy... and I should have checked it out thoroughly. I'm not trying to pass the blame, just wanted to boss to know how unusual it is to have a tooling ball out in the open then use a different Fixture Offset point. I explained it to my wife like this last night... There are many options for FO points on any part. As soon as you put in a tooling ball, then there is really only one option and no explanation is required. And, I still have a job. Thanks everyone. Dan
  9. DCOPE17

    Using a tooling ball in MasterCam

    Tilted 30 degrees, easily spin the ball in, nothing in the way. I mean, I could have examined the mastercam file, no setup sheet, but it is a groove, 2D path just cutting through the part. I guess it never occurred to me that the FO could be anywhere other than the center of the ball.
  10. Ran an old program today and apparently the fixutre offset is not in the center of the tooling ball. I was instructed after scrapping the part that I was supposed to trig out the offset point if you were to project a point down through the tooling ball, NORMAL to the surface, to where it hits the surface. In this case its about + .050 in the Y axis and -.086 in the Z axis. Let me ask all you other MasterCammers, have you ever this? Foe me, every time I have used a tooling ball the origin is the center of the ball X, Y and Z, Gonna talk with my boss tomorrow about this.
  11. DCOPE17

    Mcam on my Surface Pro not starting

    Thanks everyone, this would just be a work from home occasionally machine, not using it all day. I'll give your fixes a shot and see how it does.
  12. DCOPE17

    Mcam on my Surface Pro not starting

    I'll look into that. Thanks for the tip.
  13. I installed Mcam 2019 on my Surface Pro V5 and the install went as expected, when trying to run it, it stops at "Beginning Startup Tasks" and keeps machining the dynamic symbol for at least an hour. I have internet connection, I have the mastercam 2019 USB in and the key to run mcam. I don't know what it needs to get up and running but any help is appreciated. Dan
  14. After roughing the part, don't change that Chordial deviation setting, it loosens your tolerances on everything. Definitely looked weird but all is good for finishing.
  15. I went into the control def tolerances and changed "Chordial deviation ( used in post )" from .0005 to 1.0 and that is the only setting that had any affect on the straight line moves. The straight lines are still broken up, but there are a lot fewer lines. I played with smoothing settings with no affect at all. Thanks for the help, I'll try the segmented straight lines with some comp to have a look before cutting to size. It might be a non issue??? Dan

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