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  1. After roughing the part, don't change that Chordial deviation setting, it loosens your tolerances on everything. Definitely looked weird but all is good for finishing.
  2. I went into the control def tolerances and changed "Chordial deviation ( used in post )" from .0005 to 1.0 and that is the only setting that had any affect on the straight line moves. The straight lines are still broken up, but there are a lot fewer lines. I played with smoothing settings with no affect at all. Thanks for the help, I'll try the segmented straight lines with some comp to have a look before cutting to size. It might be a non issue??? Dan
  3. okay, did a bit more testing... I turned off break arcs into quadrants so now I do get complete 90 and 180 degree arc moves. ( I guess I actually did before ) What I have is the straight lines are broken up into several segments. ( I didn't notice that it did output arce because I had to scrool down so far to get to the first G2. so corners are good, lines are broken into pieces. this probably won't hurt anything nut if anyone has any ideas to get the lines into a single move, that would really help. If I have the depth in the ramp settings at something like .015, I get the code that I want... but when I drop it down to .0015, I get the linear moves split into many moves. I guess specifically this is where the trouble lies. Thanks for the help DAn
  4. On the filter screen, that is a 3D arc entry, I don't think it affect the profile toolpath, just the start. Plus it is greyed out and I cannot use it. In the Control Def, all the arcs are enabled. The helix bore works correctly. In backplot, if going in step by step, each arc and straight line are a single move, so I should get about 10 lines of code each time it completes a lap. What I have done now is a lead in/ lead out that pretty much just does a circle so the movements are still fluid but would be nice to have it engage the part and keep spirialing down with no short straight lines. ( surface finish is critical here )
  5. I have a simple profile that I want to do a contour ramp instead of depth cuts just to keep the tool engaged, but when I post it, I get a thousand lines to make one revolution around the part. Linearize helix is OFF in the operation... when I post helix bore ops, I get arc moves with a Z. Entities are arcs and lines only, no NURBS. What am I missing? Dan
  6. I am using the generic HAAS 3x post.
  7. I have gone through this thread and checked all the things they said to check. I don't need this today, I'll get my notes from my other job and do the dame to convert it. I just thought there's be a way to unlock it in the operations and set it there.
  8. Well, I thought this would have been simple... but guess not. I guess I have to tap with RPM and IPM in the operations and have the post calculate/convert it to IPR for the G code output.
  9. There has to be something in the Config that toggles this. A switch somewhere that unlocks the tap feedrate and spindle speed so I can set each individually. I'll keep looking and if I have to modify the post, I will. Thanks
  10. So I have gotten along pretty good with the MAZAK post converted from the HAAS post. Another problem ( hopefully last ) the MAZAK reads tapping feedrate in IPR and the HAAS in IPM. changing either the feedrate or RPM of the tap changes the other accordingly. How do I unlock this feedrate thing? I have in the past made a *feed and *feeds in the post because we had 2 FADAL machines, one that took IPM and the other IPR. so I just didi a calculation in the post to toggle, that way in the operations box, both programmed the same. I assume I don't have to go through all that trouble for this. Again, greatly appreciate your help Dan
  11. Nice, so I can set individual operations to different smooth settings. I just looked at that. Up to this point, I never had to do anything under that tab. About the time I'm ready to retire, I'll know it all. Haha Thanks again for the help.
  12. Yep, its in the MISC. tab. Looks like you have to pick a smoothness number for the entire program.
  13. Hello everyone, thanks for reading through and giving me your input... I have a HAAS post that I have modified for MAZAK use and all is working great. I had to just omit the line ( with a # ) that posts out the HAAS G187 P* smoothness settings. well, we now need to use the MAZAK G61.1 smoothness settings. so I changed the callout to G61.1 P* from G187 P*. That is working fine. My question is how does the P* get changed? there are P0 "OFF", P1 "rough", P2 " Medium" and P3 " Finish" Where do these P values get set from? Is it in each operation as in I can set rough off and finish for each one? or is it in the post? I have no experience with this so any help is greatly appreciated. Dan
  14. Yep, that got me where I want to be. Thanks for the quick reply Dan
  15. I believe this can be done, but I have a part programmed and I want to just translate the same toolpath operations with just a new work offset. I want to use the toolpath translate because any change I do in the original, I want that same change to be in all four parts without having to change four operations. Any help getting me going is greatly appreciated, as usual. Dan

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