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    YouTube Live - 5-Axis Programming Intro - SAT_27FEB21_14:00EST

    How do you like those roundabouts Colin?? Pretty tricky in the snow and ice aren't they ??

    Is that enough to Run big mastercam project?

    The Evo in 1tb models is pretty cheap compared to what they used to be and if your system has the space i would add more of them also and you can collect external drives as a bookcase type for offline /Non Cloud Storage and depending on the Technology those drives should be good for 10 years or so ,unless they start shipping junk then re access. But Samsung Builds A Lot Of Great Products!

    Is that enough to Run big mastercam project?

    You can never have enough ram or video memory.. FILL ER UP !!!!

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    Sounds Like The Job from [email protected]@L

    CNC Router Drilling Machine Help

    As Ron Said and also You Colin I was thinking along the same lines when we got this machine and it has a Camera for using alignment and positioning of parts to drill and route profiles thru multi layer stuff just like a router would do or a Driller like they call some of them but it is a 3 axis machine with limited z travel and the optics when you use them self aligns parts with the optics when you tell it to go somewhere and look for targets then it does it thing and you can then run or at least check the position and verify your program. It has a 60 k spindle so it can do router work and also drilling with measuring the holes with the camera based on the program. But we don't have the router in our collection but that was what i was looking for to try until i found out we dont have one or at least the option to have one at this point in time. So were fat fingering other programs to do simple stuff but that's not why we bought this Machine. Thanks For The Input and the Feedback I will keep you posted since things are in a state of flux . CADCAM

    CNC Router Drilling Machine Help

    Question added to the above , What type of router code does your routers post out ? do you have any selection or is it all just Mill code like a mil Post / Fanuc code.?? since we dont have a Router machine added to our selection i can not see what or if it has the Format type we need . TIA If anyone has any suggestions it would be most appreciated .

    CNC Router Drilling Machine Help

    We Just got a Machine that uses Excellon Format 2 program language to do drilling and routing on pcb boards and we were told Mastercam can post to or at least post the format 2 program language from mastercam . i looked for a router and anything in MC that said anything about a router , But not really sure which one or for that matter what type is acceptable that will do what i need. So i thought i would start here and if anyone has a answer to the question above It would be most useful. The Machine is a or something like this that will read a Excellon Format 2 code. That has a camera and a few other goodies. Thanks for any feedback . CADCAM3D5AXIS

    Face "V" groove on mill

    Yea i know places like that they buy Machine tools then they ask you have to buy tools for it too ???

    Mastercam Theme settings

    Yup It beats the alternative. The end of the Year Rush as usual Feast Or Famine ! I guess some people just looked at the Calendar.

    Mastercam Theme settings

    Hi Murlin You've had on the cloaking device for a while ? And Newbeeee as for you Up a little Late I see Hope all is Well across the pond? day 1 of the Vacs on the old stomping grounds I see . Sorry for the detour guys . carry on

    Royal quick grip collet chuck

    I guess Royal wants to do and keep there own money inhouse so that does not work well for them to give there sales up for whatever MSC will charge to host there tools on there site ? This is why most folks just work with the tools they like and order them when needed or find something else to take there place . If there is any .??

    Royal quick grip collet chuck

    ^^^ I believe MSC will stock them if you ask them and buy some goodies from them you just ask them to carry the line and then when other people ask for them they will get the sales too. They will even do custom stuff if you ask them. HTH

    NTX2000 accuracy issues

    Hi Bob just to chime in , in the past with out coolant heater and chillers whatever is causing the grief at least part of it as in the coolant and anything else about the Temps even a few deg of change will have you chasing ghosts. so taking these into account and eliminate them one by one and document the time of day and night for weather changes and set the devices you want to control to keep things were you want them . also when not running the machines that are holding close tolerances we would run a warmup cycle the whole time that they are not making parts just to keep everything nice and warm so they do not change. we would run the machine full range of motion and cycle the spindle rpm up and down also . This way its ready to go when you start making parts and you have it all warm and ready. As said above it sucks when they are not running how you left them . But it all helps if things are moving and they are ready to go. HTH

    How or what causes this error ?

    Hi Colin I am using the MPmaster updated for MC2020 and as above its been a little busy multi tasking so i will go look over what you described and be on the look out for entries that maybe should not be there. Is there a default list of Misc Values and integer's availiable or are they in the Post edit Book that you can get from the dealers ? I have been wanting to take your Post Edit classes but once again Pretty busy and its been like that for a while , But if and when i do get some time i will have to dig into some of the finer tuning of Post's and other Goodies. Thanks Colin For your feedback It is Welcomed and Appreciated

    How or what causes this error ?

    i Have not had a chance to look into the post to see if there is something i missed or left in or overlooked but when i had a chance i did a global edit and the MD for all the tools showed a m9 or no coolant on for the tools so i changed that and did not get the error, I thought it was a ccomp issue but when you said it may be a coolant item one of the last things i did was add a new tool that i needed then copied the drill for that hole and changed it to a reamer and bore cycle with dwell and that is when i got the error. but as above after i checked the coolant switches globally i did not get the error. But i will still look for that line item just to see what else there is . Thanks for the quick feedback JP It gives me something else to look for .

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