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    Optical Target Tools for Vision Systems

    Hi jlw thanks for the link i checked it out and it has some nice projects to do things with. I just need something i can position parts on a fxt in the machine and then after the work is done maybe go back and use the mill to verify the work before i remove the parts but if it looks good and measures good with the optics i can check a few places to verify location of features but as you know there is always the chance that one may get away. We may just have to get a dedicated machine for all the work instead of moving things around.

    Optical Target Tools for Vision Systems Vision System/CNC Vision Measuring Machine/$catalogue/mitutoyoData/PR/364-713-10SY/index.xhtml if i could find something like this that can be adapted to put in a cat 40 tool holder so i can pick up targets and have a large display to verify positions but it needs to be adapted to fit in the spindle.That is kinda what i am looking for . ???

    Optical Target Tools for Vision Systems

    Hi Colin Thanks for the link on that . We have one and its ok for some things but what i am doing is a little closer than what that does.I was at a start up a few years ago and we had a optical microscope by Sony or Mitutoyo and it had a camera and digital read out that could measure and magnify down to i think 500x to 1000x and we could use it to check radius's and distances and also get third angle iso projections with it. But i can not find anything short of a cmm or laser measuring tools on a cmm or optical comparator .Even some engineers have said they remember the tool mounted devices like the Centering Scope but they had better optics and microscope tube that was extended out so you did not have your head under the spindle to see anything and the view was much better.It has been a steady search on my end and we have others looking also . I was thinking some of the Optical Tool MFG guys should have something that we can make work and as said above if we can mount the rig in a tool holder that we could make work. But If you know of any Super Precise Optical Scopes like you have on microscopes with a decent field of view and they can be adapted for the process that might work for us.They might be calling it something else now and that might have some impact on the searches . Thanks for your input Close But No Cigar Yet
  4. I have a need for a optical camera or a microscope / Bore scope to set up a position that varies all over the place with some projects that need to be located on a fixture before we can do any work to them. It would be nice to have a tool holder that would hold the device so it can be centered in a VMC since that is what we are doing the work on and then we can verify the parts and the machine gets the same numbers.I have been looking for a while and have not found what i am looking for so the more users that may know of this search the better my odds are.Any and all help will be Very Appreciated . Ultimately If it had blue tooth or wireless capability to project to a larger display nearby for viewing the locations of the parts,that would be Very Handy. I used a Bridgeport Optical Set Up System a few years ago but i can not find anything near that system that was very simple and it worked. This needs to be close enough so we can also use it to measure features after the process to verify locations before we remove the parts from the fixture. These items need to be withing +-.005 from a distant feature over or inside of a 24.00 rectangle. Thanks To all Cheers

    DIY Heat Shrink tool extender

    Hi Newbeeee here some history for ya . cheers

    Whats your quoting process?

    ^^ The Funny thing is most people do not even second guess how much they get charged for things like car maintenance or plumber or electrician work they just pay mostly whatever the guy says or they learn to do it themselves.But when it comes to Machine/sheetmetal/any other metal working /welding processes they think its only worth a few dollars or cents on the dollar for the precision parts they may need.If it is somebody fishing for cheap parts that cost more in material than what they want to pay I usually tell them to go down to the corner store or hardware store of there choice and see if its hanging on the shelf and then pick some up. And if its not there then go ask the Manager how come they don't have it and that you needed it yesterday and you dont wont to pay the list price but some other price you dreamed up. Then you lay the reality check on them and go into all of the detail i just mentioned above to them as they look at you with the deer in the headlight look in there eyes cuz they do not even have a CLUE !! for the most part anyway .

    Need some advise from the experts

    Tabs Are the HOT SET UP on a lot of parts that become easy when you dont have to worry about holding them . Instant Tooling built into the material .!

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    Thanks Gunther Another Must Have App for Mastercam!!

    FTP running

    ^ Well Way To Go Jay Thanks For The IT End Of Stuff that is A Data Base That Has Some Good Stuff In it . Hi Newbeee

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2019

    Yup Let Em Rip !

    Tap Code for MATSUURA VX1000

    ^ I Hate when that happens ^^

    Machine Simulator


    Drill Linking Parameters Not Working ??

    ^^^^ I will check that out in the am . it used to work in x9 and everything before that but sometimes mc 2018 greyes out some of the settings and then i know its time for a reboot and try again. TIA I shall try again.
  14. I just noticed this after a few parts of a program when i am doing rapid positions for drill and ream sections on diff rent Levels and I need z to jump up above Z 0 and then rapid back down to a lower level do to feed cycles. any one else see this or am i missing something??? It just ignores the settings and acts like it does not see them for the R plane . TIA 44% of original size (was 1147x819) - Click to enlarge

    UnderCut Radius Keyway Surface Tool Paths

    a typo in your e-mail address but i resent it with the fix . Thanks Ron

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