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  1. Hey Guys on a lot of this type of work sometimes its in the guy making the parts interest to have a sit down table top review of the machine parts that they would like to make or attempt to make and then go over the prints /models and pick out the trouble spots and point out the errors of there ways in regards to DFM and materials and other options like hardware inserts and out processes like plating , heat treating and anything else and then ask them Do You really need the things that look like trouble and time consuming to machine when it may just be a hole for a wire or hose to go thru and its only clearance not a bearing fit . and if they are receptive to change to make it a better part to build and less costly its in there interest ie $$$$$ and also the machinist's interest less headaches then maybe they may just see the light . Hopefully . But for the most part if they are Professional Licensed Engineers and its on them they may just be open to a lot of Good ideas to build his products in a timely manner that can be repeated without custom tools and lots of money and time down the drain. Then Like the One guy that was working with you after a while they move on or go elsewhere if things keep being a PITA. But Good Luck some times they just need to have someone point out the error of there ways in a Friendly Manner so they don't Get Upset .
  2. Or in others words You took The CRASH COURSE Like everyone else here has done from time to time . IE School Of Hard Knocks, Then Handling School so you can practice what you learned in the School Of Hard Knocks . Good Stuff Guys !!! Thanks
  3. Would Not Oil Impregnated Bronze be a Better Choice for Wear Items IE like Swing Arm Bushings and Other Rotational Items ? I have not looked up the Specs Just going off of some older replacement items on things that go around and around .??
  4. Fillets are almost always the issue when things get ugly so dig deep they are usually lurking around when 2d doesn't play well with solids.
  5. ^^^ Lots of Truth In That Statement ^^^ As For Aaron Good Luck In Your Next Venture And Enjoy The Ride . Cheers.
  6. ^ Ron and Others ^ and That's why The Computer Science Engineers Get The Big Bucks ?
  7. ^^^ Tom you can also set the tool torque limit in the tool page and it will self adjust if the tool starts to get dull and it will auto back off. so then you can check you tool wear or adjust the ratio up or down to fit your tool. Its a little handy so if your not there at the control to stop the wreckage it will save itself. I also like to run the coolant @ 12% and that works good for TI and SS and nickel based Materials so for a V2 that pretty much will keep it going. Peel the stuff as Newbeeee says that's right in the ball park for most of those things. Good Luck and Happy Labor Day Weekend Now Get back to work Unless Your Newbeeee then go watch some races or work on your suntan
  8. ^^^^ Yes to That It was always a fun time trying the unscramble the tech info they were trying to put into print and it did take some time since you would never be 100 % sure that what you were reading is what you thought they were trying to say. And I liked the little worker pictures that they added in to try and show you what going on and add that to the translation issues it was like trying to unscramble eggs and put them back in the shell with Pics ? But they have come a LONG WAY from that time !
  9. YUP The Squeaky Lead Screw Gets The Grease ! Some Times
  10. How do you like those roundabouts Colin?? Pretty tricky in the snow and ice aren't they ??
  11. The Evo in 1tb models is pretty cheap compared to what they used to be and if your system has the space i would add more of them also and you can collect external drives as a bookcase type for offline /Non Cloud Storage and depending on the Technology those drives should be good for 10 years or so ,unless they start shipping junk then re access. But Samsung Builds A Lot Of Great Products!
  12. You can never have enough ram or video memory.. FILL ER UP !!!!
  13. As Ron Said and also You Colin I was thinking along the same lines when we got this machine and it has a Camera for using alignment and positioning of parts to drill and route profiles thru multi layer stuff just like a router would do or a Driller like they call some of them but it is a 3 axis machine with limited z travel and the optics when you use them self aligns parts with the optics when you tell it to go somewhere and look for targets then it does it thing and you can then run or at least check the position and verify your program. It has a 60 k spindle so it can do router work and also drilling with measuring the holes with the camera based on the program. But we don't have the router in our collection but that was what i was looking for to try until i found out we dont have one or at least the option to have one at this point in time. So were fat fingering other programs to do simple stuff but that's not why we bought this Machine. Thanks For The Input and the Feedback I will keep you posted since things are in a state of flux . CADCAM
  14. Question added to the above , What type of router code does your routers post out ? do you have any selection or is it all just Mill code like a mil Post / Fanuc code.?? since we dont have a Router machine added to our selection i can not see what or if it has the Format type we need . TIA If anyone has any suggestions it would be most appreciated .

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