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  1. Rstewart

    Basic 3D Help

    100% off topic, but How do you change the background color of the ToolPath manager box?? I remember I had done that ages ago, but I've forgotten..... Thanks in advance
  2. Rstewart

    Small toolpath, huge file

    Something weird is happening for sure. If you chain just some wireframe from solids do you get the same result?
  3. Rstewart

    Small toolpath, huge file

    I don't see a need to filter that toolpath... Turn the filter off and see what you get.
  4. Rstewart

    Promoting myself to customer

    Little late to this, but thanks for all your knowledgeable input over the years! Will be waiting to see how your machining endeavors are goin.
  5. Rstewart

    2022, Why are my T & C planes greyed out??

    I blew away all my config, common, and mill folders. Replaced with files I luckily had from about two months ago. All Good now!
  6. Rstewart

    2022, Why are my T & C planes greyed out?? This is 2021 vs 2022. Issue just started last week. I do have my config files saved from a couple months ago, I may blow away the current ones and load them.
  7. Rstewart

    2022, Why are my T & C planes greyed out??

    Thanks guys, I'll check in the morning. Something is wrong though cause I went back to some stuff with multiple planes I programed weeks ago, they are jacked up too! All the WCS are correct and labeled, but the T & C planes are Greyed out just displays TOP* and TOP* Just to be clear this is in the toolpath dialogue planes area.
  8. All of the sudden in the planes tab of any toolpath page, the Working coordinate system box is the only one available. The tool plane is greyed out using Top* and so is the construction plane Top* This is in 2022. I know this is a setting, just not sure how it got changed, nor where it's located?? Thanks in advance! Kinda stuck at the moment here....
  9. Rstewart

    2D Dynamic entry point

    I did this not too long ago using Dynamic Contour with a keyseat cutter, it worked great. You have to use POINT Toolpath followed by your normal path using ref points.
  10. Rstewart


    Thanks, But none of those settings are working. It just makes it harder to do a screen snippet for my set-up sheets. You cannot see the Axis Arrows unless you hover over it.
  11. Rstewart


    Nope, Still the same here.
  12. Rstewart


    Nope, That doesn't get it. I have to hover my cursor over the Gnome to get it to appear. This is a new thing for 2022 for me, hasn't been a problem in earlier releases.
  13. Rstewart


    Great Video! Slightly off topic, but what setting keeps the X,Y,Z Gnome visible at all times. Somehow I've gotten mine configured where you have to hover over it for it to be visible. This is even after I toggle that X,Y,Z gnome button in the planes manager. Seems like I have tried every damn setting lol, 2021 wasn't like this.
  14. Rstewart

    Mass edit tool numbers in library

    Thanks Guys! I knew there was a way, I am using 2022
  15. All this talk lately of organizing tool libraries, I've been doing some work to make our better. Is there any way possible to mass edit all my tool numbers in a specific library to say tool # 0. When programming they will be populated in sequential order. Would just look better to my eyes in the library. Thanks,

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