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  1. Rstewart

    Mastercam 2021 Public Beta 1

    I'm not able to get to the main MC forum because I'm unable to Link my account (work computer on lock down). Is it possible for someone to post this .pdf ?
  2. Rstewart

    Duel Hasps

    Funny thing is I just talked to the reseller on Friday and we're gonna switch back to a USB dongle. Too many times I have to call the IT gods and let them know the license has been kicked out and MC isn't working. Heaven forbid someone opens MC in another building and leaves for the day My programming computer is a laptop, so with a USB dongle I can program offline. I'm the only user of the software, other than the random engineer that "wants to learn MC" $80 charge to switch back to USB.
  3. Rstewart

    Duel Hasps

    We have one seat on a nethasp...
  4. Rstewart

    Help with setting up new computer

    I believe you'll find all the answers in that sticky I linked in the first post
  5. Rstewart

    Help with setting up new computer

    it's all in here:
  6. Rstewart

    Benchmark 3.0

    Pretty crappy, 5 min even i7-7820HQ 2.90Ghz 32 GB RAM Work rig, not much I can do about it lol. They have these things admin locked down
  7. Had a feeling you'd be back in the trade somehow
  8. Rstewart

    Long Reach strategy

    Thanks Colin, Management decided It was too high risk of part at the moment with what I've got going on. There were other stupid features on the part as well.
  9. Rstewart

    micro endmills

    Looking through that PMT site, they have sub .001" endmills. .001" and up actually have a square end cut. How do you generate enough rip-em's to use a .001" endmill????
  10. Rstewart

    Long Reach strategy

    Wouldn't it need a .125" R ? I was thinking .187 ball and step down/over
  11. Rstewart

    Long Reach strategy

    No, they don't draft
  12. Rstewart

    Long Reach strategy

    Yes, it's normal to Z. It's not just a full radius, there's a .05 wide flat section. the slot overall width is .3" But, yes that little ledge outlined in green is also normal to Z It's 7050 T7 Aluminum
  13. Rstewart

    Long Reach strategy

    I'm attaching a snapshot of a part I may get stuck doing. I can't share the file, but You can get the idea from the pic. The corner radius on each side of the groove is .125", the small flat section - In the bottom of the groove is .05" That's easy to cut, but that feature is 3" deep right up next to the wall.... I don't have a way to tilt as I go around (3 axis). I know long reach Harvey Tools (possibly specials) will be needed, I can purchase pretty much any tooling within reason. Anyone have any secrets they're willing to share?
  14. Rstewart

    New computer.

    Why??? You bout to bounce up outta there for good!
  15. Rstewart

    formula for depth of thread?

    Always used these, thought they were a necessity to have in the box.

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