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  1. Rstewart

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    Already sent it up.... I'll be sure to let ya'll know the outcome
  2. Rstewart

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    I've figured out what is happening, but not why... When I launch verify and I'm verifying a toolpath in a plane other than top, the the tool starts from top and goes thru the part. Even in verify when I click Top (should be the current plane) it's in the original Top. Basically verify isn't switching planes.
  3. Rstewart

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    I sent the ZiptoGo in to Dylan earlier. I'm not sure I'm exactly following you. Start with the TOP, then progress through my custom planes (about 6 of them). until all surfaces and profiles are machined. In verify the tools/holders are going Through the part to the next WCS, T & C plane. Just to clarify it's not a code problem, I'm successfully making good parts, just impossible to run them successfully through verify. I'm just using Backplot at this point. One last thing, StockModel seems to be working correctly......
  4. Rstewart

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    Latest MC 3 update latest Quadro drivers Latest Dell Drivers Still Crashing through my parts in between planes (3 axis). Any more Ideas? Dylan, I'll try to send you a zip to go with my file.
  5. I believe it's called Lead In/out and enter angle...
  6. Rstewart

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    Nope, Didn't fix it. I changed common parameters to a clearance of 20" and the same for retract. Seems like everything created in that first release of 2021 is Hosed up
  7. Rstewart

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    Earlier in the year I was having issues with Verify refusing to work At All, even after direct help from IHS. Long story, I finished up some programming just relying on backplot (not a big deal). Fast forward 5 months and with a new computer ( Quadro, i7 , plenty of Ram) and everything has been running Great, almost no complaints. I now have an order for 3 more of these assemblies that I need to machine. Open the file and verify is working (somewhat). The tools/holders are crashing right through my part between planes, when in real life they aren't. Anyone think of why this is happening? If I create a "dummy" file with similar toolpaths I'm not having this problem...
  8. Rstewart

    Turning Noryl™

    Would normally go straight to HSS, but not if this material is abrasive... Dead sharp inserts specifically designed for aluminum is probably your best bet
  9. Rstewart

    Facing bug

    All my facemills are defined as bullmills. Just easier this way, no biggie
  10. Rstewart

    Named Levels Not Working?

    MC 2021 I've exported my named levels to say the desktop. When I open a file and want to Import Named Levels, I do just that but nothing happens?? The do not show up in the level manager. I've opened the .CSV file and my levels are there. what could this be? Sorry, I'm an idiot, Got it now
  11. Rstewart

    master cam 2020

    Ron, Just wanted to say that is seriously impressive. I have no idea how you keep track of HundredS of paths to complete a part, that kinda blows my mind. My most complicated parts may have 100 different toolpaths. Just wanted to give you a tip of the hat for all your knowledge you share here.
  12. Rstewart

    3d parallel

    If you have a file to share, I can help you out when I get to work tomorrow. There's Lots of different ways to control that path including extending surfaces, direction, start point, and lead-in / lead-out arcs.
  13. Rstewart

    2021 5 axis helix bore

    If your counterbore geo is on the same plane, just use the 2D helix bore path. Make sure you have Linerize helix's unchecked
  14. Stock model, or select solid in the stock set-up area
  15. Rstewart

    Mastercam 5 Axis

    That looks like one of the earlier models of the UMC. They were pretty slow for sure, the newer ones do move a Lot more efficiently.

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