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  1. Rstewart

    measuring spindle runout

    Tell me this is a homework question
  2. Rstewart

    figure chip thinning

    Would you like a Cookie?
  3. Rstewart

    2021 requiring tools good in 2020 to be updated?

    Hey Ron, I worked with some guys at CNC with weird issues I was having between 2020 and 2021 tool databases. Something isn't working correctly with migration. I'd suggest calling them if you're still stuck.
  4. Rstewart

    MC 2021 Won't run Verify

    I can when the IT guy comes in, will probably be next week...
  5. Rstewart

    Tool manager issue

    Thanks for you help John, CNC was able to convert the file over to 2021 and send it back to me. They didn't have an answer as to why my migration wasn't effective...
  6. Rstewart

    MC 2021 Won't run Verify

    Was on the phone w/ CNC for about 30 min going over everything. He had near the exact same vid card as I have. We went over every setting and verified all of them. Still Doesn't work - New file, old file, doesn't change, just an unexpected error has occurred.
  7. Rstewart

    MC 2021 Won't run Verify

    it won't run verify with a 2D wireframe rectangle. I did run this morning once- (3D solid part and 2D Wireframe).
  8. Rstewart

    MC 2021 Won't run Verify

    Well that didn't last long.... Back to where I started
  9. Rstewart

    Tool manager issue

    Yeah, It won't attach here tho, its over the max total size of 0.08MB
  10. Rstewart

    Tool manager issue

    I tried that. I'm able to see, open, and use the "migrated" tooldb in the 2021 folder that came from 2020. When I create a tool within MC 2021 and click "save to library" it states its unable to as this is from a previous version of MC. When I attempt to open this folder in stand-alone tool manager, I get the same message : run migration wizard G, I did just edit a tool in the folder, then clicked finish. I can edit them, just cant create new ones or open in tool manager
  11. Rstewart

    Tool manager issue

    I unchecked read only on the whole tools folder in 2020 and 2021. Ran it again, Same Error
  12. Rstewart

    Tool manager issue

    Okay, I see why its not updating the tooldb. for that particular tool list. I get an error on the migration list of converted files after completion. It states: DATABASE ERROR MIGRATING, FILE NOT UPDATED. This is the Only file I really Need updated as all my custom tools are in there.
  13. Rstewart

    MC 2021 Won't run Verify

    Maxed out all the timers on the power management and we're working again. If it continues throughout the day I'll call it a success. Thanks G
  14. Rstewart

    MC 2021 Won't run Verify

    Ok cool, I'll check that tomorrow
  15. Rstewart

    MC 2021 Won't run Verify

    Hey, G Yeah, I set the default to use the Quadro. I added MC 2021 to use the Quadro as well....

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