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  1. Rstewart

    3d parallel

    If you have a file to share, I can help you out when I get to work tomorrow. There's Lots of different ways to control that path including extending surfaces, direction, start point, and lead-in / lead-out arcs.
  2. Rstewart

    2021 5 axis helix bore

    If your counterbore geo is on the same plane, just use the 2D helix bore path. Make sure you have Linerize helix's unchecked
  3. Stock model, or select solid in the stock set-up area
  4. Rstewart

    Mastercam 5 Axis

    That looks like one of the earlier models of the UMC. They were pretty slow for sure, the newer ones do move a Lot more efficiently.
  5. You haven't used these then I guess. They are pretty incredible, also an incredible price tag
  6. Rstewart

    mill boring bar material to remove

    ± .0001 bore? Sounds like that will be hard to control with a boring bar in Ti.
  7. So there is no original model that they use to make the casting from? There is no print from which to make the model to? This seems like we're missing something?
  8. The basic machine Def and post is included with MC that'll be fine for programming a 3 axis Haas
  9. Rstewart

    Verify not working

    I did everything CNC recommended, and Verify works maybe 40% of the time. Just hopeful that 2021 update 2 will fix this.
  10. Rstewart

    Flatten Drafted Surface

    One-click perfection! Thanks JP
  11. Rstewart

    Flatten Drafted Surface

    The larger arc is 25" and the smaller arc is 23". I want to Unroll this to be able to cut it out of sheet metal, but unroll doesn't seem to work with different arc diameters. When this section is flattened, it should be a shallow "u" I'm assuming. Gotta make two of these that will weld together as a "ring"
  12. Rstewart

    Verify not working

    The last few relatively complex 3 axis parts, I have done entirely with backplot.
  13. Rstewart

    Verify not working

    I get it almost every time I use MC. But just in 2021 tho.
  14. Rstewart

    tolerances on File conversions

    What about Creo? We've recently received models that were saved out as a .Step from being created in Creo. Do I need to ask the customer to check their tolerances before saving out as a .Step? I've had some issues almost the same as beej
  15. Rstewart

    Tool Change Help

    What Haas mill doesn't have a toolchanger and uses a different make of controller???

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