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  1. David Colin

    Move in ARC

    I didn't try but it could work: If you have multiaxis you could try one drill toolpath per hole then multiaxis linking toolpath.
  2. I'm using an Evoluent Vertical mouse 3. I bought it in 2010 and it's still do the job...
  3. David Colin

    Keeping toolpaths from needing regen

    You also can lock any toolpath too (select toolpaths and press L key to lock/unlock).
  4. David Colin

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    Yes, in ribbon bar settings you can check/uncheck tabs you need. Just uncheck tool selection tabs.
  5. David Colin

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    I guess this is because of 'smart' Tool tabs which have been implemented in Mastercam 2020. You can deactivate that useless thing...
  6. David Colin

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    Something to notice (for those who still don't know...) is that Mastercam 2021 will bring a new drill toolpath to manage this kind of stuff.
  7. David Colin

    Arc Filter on helical entry

    you may try 3D arc Chook.
  8. David Colin

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary eMastercam.com

    Joined april 30th 2002. We just got fresh V9, I was lost looking for help. I've learnt a lot here and I try to help in my turn.
  9. David Colin

    mill-turn plugin

    Mill-turn is installed with Mastercam installation but it's unlocked/shown in menu only if you got a MT licence and specific machine environnements (post/machine simulation).
  10. David Colin

    mill-turn plugin

    I think you can't get mill-turn with HLE release.
  11. David Colin

    Building holders in standalone tool manager

    Yes i read too fast and composite holders can only be stacked between them. With cylindrical extensions i usually tweak segment length to mimic its projection.
  12. David Colin

    Building holders in standalone tool manager

    Actually there is a way to adjust tool projection but it's a little tricky and undocumented (found that by mistake)
  13. David Colin

    MC lathe and custom tool question

    I don't have MC4SW installed but here is MC2020 if it can help. (I couldn't download Harvey DXF file but you should get the idea) Tube Modification 2_X02.mcam
  14. David Colin

    Invalid entities in operations? Anyone else experience this.

    I'm experiencing this with 2020. It usually happens with solid chaining on my seat. I didn't find an other workaround than create a new toolpath...
  15. David Colin

    No Retract on Depth Cuts

    Thank you, i think this feature was broken a few release ago and i stopped using this since then (with several 2D contour toolpath). I wil retry!

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