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  1. David Colin

    2021 Predictive tool bars

    You can deactivate them in ribbon bar customization. You need to uncheck Tools ribbon bars.
  2. David Colin

    Optirough Efficiency

    Yes, this is to clearly separate setups and you can select different machines easily.
  3. David Colin

    Optirough Efficiency

    The first one is an exact copy of your 'finished OP1' stock model but with stock part_1 only. I did it to export mesh for part_1 only, copying/transforming this mesh to make OP2 part 2 stock. This stock model toolpath can be delete after meshes export. I let it in the file as it's part of the process.
  4. David Colin

    Optirough Efficiency

    There are several ways to make it. It depends how you want to organize your work. On complex parts i usually make one file equals one setup. However, here, part is simple so it'd be perhaps better to get all setups in the same file. There are several ways to achieve it but my strategy is usually to move fixtures (not part designs) and use WCS/viewsheets. In your case it's a little tricky as you're using one stock model for 2 parts. I usually keep 1 part per stock model (except if i need to verify) it makes things easier. Then, I made a mesh from your OP1 stock model for 1 part only and made a copy of this mesh for 2nd part. Then make another stock model from these 2 if needed. I updated your file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehick6vmsajvzl7/333A072-mod.mcam?dl=0
  5. David Colin

    Popups Lagging

    We had a lagging issue with a 2021 seat. Here issue was related to 'shared' folder on network. We couldn't find how to solve except moving shared folder locally.
  6. David Colin

    virgule a la place de point ?

    Tu as essayé de changer le symbole décimal dans les options régionales de Windows? As tu installé les dernières Updates de Mastercam 2020? Je suis sûr d'avoir déjà lu ce problème ici ou sur le forum officiel. Faut faire une recherche. Edit: Il y a un post sur le forum officiel qui parle de ce problème http://forum.mastercam.com/Topic33710.aspx?Keywords=comma+field#bm33711 mais apparemment ça ne toucherait que les fichiers DXF/DWG.
  7. David Colin

    Contour around a square tube

    Here is a quick example with curve5x. chanfer-4axis.mcam
  8. David Colin

    Gun drilling cycle

    That was it. I had a message creating new advanced drilling operations (probably migrating operation defaults from 2020). I saved values using and importing from another file is ok now.
  9. David Colin

    Gun drilling cycle

    Does this effectively work? I'm asking because i recently tried to import an advanced drilling operation from another file but drilling parameters were reset to default.
  10. David Colin

    XY position

    Even simpler, just maintain shift clicking existing point (shift is hotkey to relative autocursor)
  11. David Colin

    XY position

    Yes, there is a lot of different ways to make things in Mastercam! Another fast way is to make point, Analyze (F4 key) and change coordinates in fields.
  12. David Colin

    XY position

    You may use incremental value using Gnomon. To position, Just click existing point maintaining shift key, then click gnomon arrows to enter value (or drag it using scale)
  13. David Colin

    How to save just tool holder

    I have a similar issue but with 'cutting' tools. Is there a way to save it to a library once a holder has been attached (without need to attach 'default' holder)?
  14. David Colin

    Updating folders, twice.

    Yes you may use migration wizard and select specific folders/file type you want to update again (then it will ask you if you want to backup/replace files previously updated)
  15. David Colin

    Need Help With Mazak Integrex

    We're running an Integrex200-IV Matrix here (without lower turret but with sub spindle,y axis and 5 axis option on main spindle). I could help but issue is I'm off until 08/24 without a Mastercam seat... Control parameters and installed options can involve major differences in NC code output but feel free to post a NC program and i'll check if I find something weird.

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