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  1. David Colin

    Mastercam HLE 2022

    I read it's released as part of official release, however it requires a specific licence to run it but It seems CNC needs extra work to generate those licences.
  2. David Colin

    HSM Advisor

    I mainly use cloud feature to save machine profiles but there is (or was)a way to share cuts parameter and give them ratings.
  3. David Colin

    Shared folder is shared folder on another pc

    I'm using an Évoluent vertical mouse D wired (had a vertical mouse 3 before) rwithout issue (with Windows7 though). However, i've got a latency with shared folder too. Shared folder is on my seat (Win7) and 2 others Mastercam seats (Win10) are set to use that shared folder. One is OK but the other, every first call to a toolpath type there is a latency about 2 seconds. It started with 2020 and I couldn't find how to solve it.
  4. David Colin

    Help getting continuous chains

    There is a hook named findoverlap.dll. Colin (I think) post a video recently showing various tips and tricks to fix these issues
  5. David Colin

    Morph multiaxis

    Hi, I don't really know what is going wrong but here is what i found to make your toolpath regen. I don't have 2020 anymore to get your file back but here is step by step process: - Major issue is R2.8825 surface normal is reversed (Surfaces/normals/change) - Limit R2.8825 surface to other flat surfaces (Surfaces/trim to curves) - In toopath parameters 'cut pattern/advanced option' tab, change 'step over calculation' from approximate to exact.
  6. David Colin

    optirough 2021

    You'll need to make a stock model with hole machined and select this stock model in your optirough (will become optirest) toolpath.
  7. David Colin

    Pencil toolpath

    HSM pencil has a major difference over legacy: ability to limit it with a stock model. Just check this video. There is a pencil example at 10:00 but whole video deserves to be watched.
  8. David Colin

    11th Gen Intel Processors

    I'm pretty jealous of your rigs guys! Mine is 5 years old now (Xeon E5-1650 oc4.2/32Go/K4200/SSD) and it crunches benchmark3 in 4'03... fortunately our parts are usuallly medium size without complex surface features. However I'd like a new one to speed up things like GUI latency sometimes.
  9. David Colin

    Using 0.2 and 0.3 radiuses for plain lathe tools

    Just enter 0.2 (0 dot 2)
  10. David Colin

    Drill + Peck cycle combo?

    G81 cycle will always go back to R or Z plane then G83 will always start from here. This is part of the cycle process and there is nothing you can do about this. Or use 'advanced drill' command for a fully customized cycle.
  11. David Colin

    Mastercam 2022 Multi-Axis

    Yes that looks nice. Here are others video from official website
  12. David Colin

    Removing Holes in a Solid

    Model prep commands should do this easily
  13. David Colin

    2021 Predictive tool bars

    You can deactivate them in ribbon bar customization. You need to uncheck Tools ribbon bars.
  14. David Colin

    Optirough Efficiency

    Yes, this is to clearly separate setups and you can select different machines easily.
  15. David Colin

    Optirough Efficiency

    The first one is an exact copy of your 'finished OP1' stock model but with stock part_1 only. I did it to export mesh for part_1 only, copying/transforming this mesh to make OP2 part 2 stock. This stock model toolpath can be delete after meshes export. I let it in the file as it's part of the process.

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