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  1. David Colin

    Trouble viewing presentation on new PC

    If you're using a 64bits CPU you should be able to run a 64bit VM from a 32bits OS host.
  2. Do you use last release of mastercam to vericut chook? If you experience issues with groups structure, I encourage you to mail sample to cgtech support, they should be able to improve mcamv chook.
  3. I didn't find it.
  4. David Colin

    Variable feed in a chain

    I guess there is no easy way to make what you need but here is how i would do it to get the job done for your multiaxis toolpaths: - Save swarf toolpath "NCI" file - Open this NCI file in a NCI capable backplotter/editor (CimcoEdit) - Backplot and manually edit your feeds in NCI file - Save NCI file and import it back into Mastercam operation manager with NCI import command - Ghost original swarf toolpath and post
  5. I finally found how to edit tool projection in stand alone tool manager so i post here... Anyone knows it? https://youtu.be/zpDPOkXZjY8
  6. David Colin

    G99 rapid move intercept

    Here are tool_op$ updates until 2017 -> X7 150 = probe motion data 151 = probe cycle command block 152 = probe cycle header. This is output with the probe_head$ command. 153 = probe cycle trailer. This is output with the uninhibit_probe_eof$ command. -> X8 72 = lathe contour rough operation 154 = SafetyZone linking operation -> 2017 440 (obsolete) 441 = Advanced multiaxis-swarf 442 = Advanced multiaxis-morph 443 = Advanced multiaxis-parallel 444 = Advanced multiaxis-along curve 445 = Advanced multiaxis-triangular mesh 446 = Advanced multiaxis-roughing 447 = Advanced multiaxis-project 448 = Convert to 5axis 449 = Port Expert 450 = Blade Expert 451 = Rotary advanced
  7. David Colin

    G99 rapid move intercept

    That list comes from X9 post documentation. It should still work with current release but it's incomplete as it misses toolpaths released later and some may have been removed/replaced.
  8. David Colin

    G99 rapid move intercept

    opcode$ 2 Contour 3 Drill 4 Pocket 5 Ruled 6 2D swept 7 3D swept 8 Revolution 9 Loft 10 Coons 13 Surface finish 14 Surface rough 15 Point 16 Drill 5-axis 17 Curve 5-axis 18 Swarf 5-axis 19 Face 20 5-axis multi-surface 21 5-axis slice 22 5-axis port 23 5-axis circle 25 Probe It exists tool_op$ which is more detailed : tool_op$ 1 Contour 2 Drill 3 Pocket 4 Version 7 linear array; Version 8 mirror, rotate, translate 5 Multi-surface rough parallel 6 Multi-surface rough radial 7 Multi-surface rough project 8 Multi-surface rough flowline 9 Multi-surface rough contour 10 Multi-surface rough pocket 11 Multi-surface finish parallel 12 Multi-surface finish radial 13 Multi-surface finish project 14 Multi-surface finish flowline 15 Multi-surface finish contour 16 C-Hook-created operation 17 Manual entry 18 Version 8 19 Point 20 Trimmed 21 Ruled 22 Revolved 23 Letters 24 Swept 2D 25 Swept 3D 26 Coons 27 Lofted 28 5-axis drilling 29 5-axis curve 30 Project toolpath onto a plane 31 Project toolpath onto a cylinder 32 Project toolpath onto a sphere 33 Project toolpath onto a cone 34 Project toolpath onto a cross section 35 Project toolpath onto a surface 36 Non-associative contour 37 Non-associative drilling 38 Non-associative pocketing 39 Multi-surface finish pencil trace 40 Multi-surface finish leftover stock 41 Multi-surface finish steep 42 Multi-surface finish shallow 43 Multi-surface finish constant scallop 44 Multi-surface rough plunge 45 Multi-surface finish 5-axis flowline 46 Multi-surface finish 4-axis 47 Merged in ASCII NCI 48 5-axis swarf 49 5-axis roll die 51 Face contouring 52 Cross contouring 53 C-axis contouring 54 Non-associative drilling, not used 55 Face drilling 56 Cross drilling 57 C-axis drilling 100 Thread mill 101 Edit common operation parameters 102 Facing 103 Associative trimmed 104 Solid drill control operation 105 Slot mill 106 Helix bore 107 Multi-surface rough restmill 108 Associative nesting container operation 301 Router Contour 302 Router Pocket 303 Router Circmill 304 Router Cutoff 305 Router Surface Rough Pocket 306 Router Multi drill
  9. David Colin

    Polar interpolation on right spindle

    Thank you very much ! I'm going to play with theses settings.
  10. Hi, We just got a Hwacheon Hitech230 lathe (main+sub spindle) with Fanuc0i control. I started to program it with MPLMASTER post but i have an issue with polar interpolation on sub-spindle. I programmed a contour toolpath on left Mastercam plane. My issue is, on the machine, sub-spindle is rotating in the wrong way... Any idea?
  11. David Colin

    Mastercam to Vericut help

    To orient your models (stock/fixtures/design) correctly on your vericut machine table, you need to make a Mastercam plane equals to your Vericut machine template's attach component plane. Select this plane in chook to export models correctly.
  12. David Colin

    machine default list

    I previously had this issue because of mastercam settings file I copied from 2018 release to 2019 directory. Just rename/delete it and start Mastercam to rebuild it from scratch and that should work.
  13. David Colin

    rotary feed rates

    In your 2nd nc program there is no G93 code to activate inverse time feedrate ?
  14. David Colin

    NetHook to create planes relative to active WCS

    Yes i saw this new addition but I guess it works only from the other side (from geometry not toolpath). So you still needs to show/hide all levels (it can take time to refresh and be a real pain with a lot of entities in database) then you can play with this button. However, one great addition already came with 2019 is all levels visible/hidden toggle button which this nethook basically do resetting levels.
  15. David Colin

    NetHook to create planes relative to active WCS

    Do you mean that window (sorry it's in french on my seat) ? This window only opens if nethook needs to create planes : if it doesn't already exists in database. If it exists, it only sets Cplane on existing plane and it doesn't create a copy (that's what i hated with 2017 workflow).

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