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  1. David Colin

    XY position

    Even simpler, just maintain shift clicking existing point (shift is hotkey to relative autocursor)
  2. David Colin

    XY position

    Yes, there is a lot of different ways to make things in Mastercam! Another fast way is to make point, Analyze (F4 key) and change coordinates in fields.
  3. David Colin

    XY position

    You may use incremental value using Gnomon. To position, Just click existing point maintaining shift key, then click gnomon arrows to enter value (or drag it using scale)
  4. David Colin

    How to save just tool holder

    I have a similar issue but with 'cutting' tools. Is there a way to save it to a library once a holder has been attached (without need to attach 'default' holder)?
  5. David Colin

    Updating folders, twice.

    Yes you may use migration wizard and select specific folders/file type you want to update again (then it will ask you if you want to backup/replace files previously updated)
  6. David Colin

    Need Help With Mazak Integrex

    We're running an Integrex200-IV Matrix here (without lower turret but with sub spindle,y axis and 5 axis option on main spindle). I could help but issue is I'm off until 08/24 without a Mastercam seat... Control parameters and installed options can involve major differences in NC code output but feel free to post a NC program and i'll check if I find something weird.
  7. David Colin

    Dynamic open contour

    I guess you could already use several closed chains air regions but not opened edges like in this video.
  8. David Colin

    Dynamic open contour

    It comes from official Mastercam website here https://community.mastercam.com/techexchange#files (there are sample files too) you also can find videos on official Mastercam YouTube channel
  9. David Colin


    Could you post a screen capture of your toolpath and share solid in .stp file? (I can't open education files)
  10. David Colin

    Dynamic open contour

    This method has been enhanced with 2020 to be able to select several air regions. Here is a video
  11. David Colin

    Dynamic open contour

    Hi all, I just checked Ron's examples and i didn't know that trick with light offsets... but i didn't see obvious difference with classic chaining. In which case do you need to use it?
  12. David Colin

    Dynamic open contour

    Are you sure your chains were drawn at same Cplane? same Z depth? Post a file if you need help
  13. David Colin

    3d mouse

    I bought a spacepilot almost 10 years ago and I can't work without it anymore. I even mapped left,middle and right mouse buttons to give my right hand fingers some rest. Only issue I have is with Vericut 9 which is not compatible with this old model. I would need a brand new enterprise model but it's not cheap... and my Spacepilot still works like a charm with Mastercam and others software.
  14. David Colin

    Relating G2 and G3 with G1

    If it's a wireframe 2D contour you can transform your arcs into line segments. If you don't want any arc moves then I guess you can edit your control definition to break arcs.
  15. David Colin

    Accelerated Finishing Tools

    I know about Fraisa which make circle segment tools: https://www.fraisa.com/en/products/fraisa-arcut-x I also knew some from WNT (but now it's labeled Ceratizit so i'm not sure these tools still exist) https://www.wnt.com/ie/cutting-tools/news-cutting-tools/circular-segment-cutters-have-productivity-over-a-barrel-1659.html

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