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  1. Then it's in system config. Select 'none' in CAD settings
  2. Uncheck this on Home tab
  3. It's fun and powerful but it's frustrating too when you understand XML is missing some useful informations from Mastercam part file (especially mill tool assembly components)
  4. These option buttons in CD set nobrk$ variable value (and nobrkxz$, nobrkyz$) . Check in your pst file if these variables are not overwritten.
  5. I already form tapped in titanium because a standard thread endmill wouldn't fit. I needed a long reach tool for this feature (iso M3 9mm depth close to a pocket wall 60mm height). That worked, with Emuge taps, using tapping oil in every hole however tool life was short (1 tool=20holes). Luckily it was a small batch. All the way thread milling if you can. I'm running a job at the moment in titanium TA6V, M3 4mm depth, first tool machined 700 holes and still running (still an Emuge tool).
  6. I guess there is a post switch to initialize (nobrk$) to change rapid motions logic.
  7. I just thought about an easy one if you can't make part model. To project a 2D toolpath on floor surface. 3D toolpath.mcam
  8. It would be easier if you model what you need to machine. Here is an example with optirest and raster. 3D toolpath.mcam
  9. I guess you can't use machine environment with lathe (without mIll-turn licence).
  10. Speaking about small tooling and lubricant, anyone already tried this one? I should try it soon in Titanium. In demo video they use 2 flutes endmill but my seller told me he experienced that 3 flutes works the same (chipload) regarding slotting capabilities.
  11. You can use modelprep to offset each solid face but it can be a huge work if model is complex.
  12. FWIW here is what i needed to modify on my seat : In ToolManager.exe.config file from C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2022\Mastercam\Extensions Standard Mastercam 2022 <assemblyIdentity name="System.Data.SQLite" publicKeyToken="db937bc2d44ff139" culture="neutral"/> <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion=""/> Tweaked for a SQLserver instance <assemblyIdentity name="Microsoft.SqlServer.Types" publicKeyToken="89845dcd8080cc91" /> <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" /> Of course, key token/version should be customized to your setup.
  13. Don't you have sqlserver installed on your seat? If this is the case I've got a similar issue and i need to tweak toolmanager assembly file to point to sqlserver instance.
  14. I just got it too as it's an international increase. May we say thank you Sandvik?
  15. You need to select your part tool (which is actually considered now an assembly even if you still didn't attached a holder) then select 'Save assembly to library' in right click menu and finally select 'tool only' option in the panel. I really think 2022 workflow needs improvements regarding this. In 2021 you could save one or all cutting tools from your part to library with 1 click (greyed down arrow) but now to achieve this you need to repeat process above for each tool. Another PITA is ability in 2022 tool manager to 'modify assemblies'. it's allowing now to add several holders in a single assembly (which is nice) but I think workflow must be greatly enhanced. For now it requires too much clicks to call menus and commands. And what a PITA to systematically remove 'standard holder' created by Mastercam before importing another from library... Moreover, ability to create composite holders inside Mastercam is great but not to be able to extract their manufacturer code individually in setup sheets is not...

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