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  1. Just change format statement from decimal to integer for peck1$ variable. If you need calculation for all drill cycles you can add your formula anywhere in pst file without indent. fmt "Q" 4 peck1$ #First peck increment (positive) peck1$ = peck1$ / 0.0001
  2. In your post file there is this line: force_feed : yes$ #Force output of feed rate on first feed move following rapid motion?o Just change 'yes$' with 'no$' and that should do it.
  3. David Colin

    gnomon settins

    Right click on it as you're using it (in dynamic transform or dynamic plane)
  4. You even can customize angle increment value in autocursor settings
  5. More difficult will be to find a PC with a onboard parallel port. USB adapter won't work, some add-on cards should but I never could (through virtual machine at least). Then if you can find suitable PC I had success with VMware software to access dongle through DOS virtual machine from windows host. I tried Oracle VirtualBox and a few others without success.
  6. David Colin

    Manager window text too small.

    You can change font and size clicking on the arrow in the upper right
  7. Thank you Jim. I customized reports and i saw this 'ext. holder' calculated field but I probably misused it. I will retry to play with it next week.
  8. Good looking reports! Here we are still all Excel hand edit reports as tool setter man wants/needs a lot of informations I never could add automagically with Mcam reports. I just gave a try to ActiveReports to build tool lists and i got pretty nice results for simple assemblies (1 cutting tool + 1 holder). However I struggled for assemblies composed from 2 or more holders in standalone tool manager. I couldn't output infos (manufacturer name/code) from specific holders. I only found generic infos in XML file that holder was a 'composite' one. I'm wondering if anyone could do it? I m in the process trying Varco reports too and I couldn't find a way either. I will ask Jim too.
  9. David Colin

    Returning after long time Edgecam encounter

    zachlancy just showed you a toolpath idea. To quote a time it will need more informations about real world (material/tolerances). Then you should be able to optimize this toolpath and cut parameters. Eventually use a bigger tool radius (or hemispherical end mill), more flutes.
  10. David Colin

    Trouble viewing presentation on new PC

    If you're using a 64bits CPU you should be able to run a 64bit VM from a 32bits OS host.
  11. Do you use last release of mastercam to vericut chook? If you experience issues with groups structure, I encourage you to mail sample to cgtech support, they should be able to improve mcamv chook.
  12. I didn't find it.
  13. David Colin

    Variable feed in a chain

    I guess there is no easy way to make what you need but here is how i would do it to get the job done for your multiaxis toolpaths: - Save swarf toolpath "NCI" file - Open this NCI file in a NCI capable backplotter/editor (CimcoEdit) - Backplot and manually edit your feeds in NCI file - Save NCI file and import it back into Mastercam operation manager with NCI import command - Ghost original swarf toolpath and post
  14. I finally found how to edit tool projection in stand alone tool manager so i post here... Anyone knows it? https://youtu.be/zpDPOkXZjY8
  15. David Colin

    G99 rapid move intercept

    Here are tool_op$ updates until 2017 -> X7 150 = probe motion data 151 = probe cycle command block 152 = probe cycle header. This is output with the probe_head$ command. 153 = probe cycle trailer. This is output with the uninhibit_probe_eof$ command. -> X8 72 = lathe contour rough operation 154 = SafetyZone linking operation -> 2017 440 (obsolete) 441 = Advanced multiaxis-swarf 442 = Advanced multiaxis-morph 443 = Advanced multiaxis-parallel 444 = Advanced multiaxis-along curve 445 = Advanced multiaxis-triangular mesh 446 = Advanced multiaxis-roughing 447 = Advanced multiaxis-project 448 = Convert to 5axis 449 = Port Expert 450 = Blade Expert 451 = Rotary advanced

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