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  1. David Colin

    Tool Manager Issues

    FWIW here is what i needed to modify on my seat : In ToolManager.exe.config file from C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2022\Mastercam\Extensions Standard Mastercam 2022 <assemblyIdentity name="System.Data.SQLite" publicKeyToken="db937bc2d44ff139" culture="neutral"/> <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion=""/> Tweaked for a SQLserver instance <assemblyIdentity name="Microsoft.SqlServer.Types" publicKeyToken="89845dcd8080cc91" /> <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" /> Of course, key token/version should be customized to your setup.
  2. David Colin

    Tool Manager Issues

    Don't you have sqlserver installed on your seat? If this is the case I've got a similar issue and i need to tweak toolmanager assembly file to point to sqlserver instance.
  3. David Colin

    Sandvik acquires CNC Software

    I just got it too as it's an international increase. May we say thank you Sandvik?
  4. David Colin

    Tool mgr tools from part to library

    You need to select your part tool (which is actually considered now an assembly even if you still didn't attached a holder) then select 'Save assembly to library' in right click menu and finally select 'tool only' option in the panel. I really think 2022 workflow needs improvements regarding this. In 2021 you could save one or all cutting tools from your part to library with 1 click (greyed down arrow) but now to achieve this you need to repeat process above for each tool. Another PITA is ability in 2022 tool manager to 'modify assemblies'. it's allowing now to add several holders in a single assembly (which is nice) but I think workflow must be greatly enhanced. For now it requires too much clicks to call menus and commands. And what a PITA to systematically remove 'standard holder' created by Mastercam before importing another from library... Moreover, ability to create composite holders inside Mastercam is great but not to be able to extract their manufacturer code individually in setup sheets is not...
  5. David Colin

    Building tool holder question

    As Chally explained this is done drawing slitting saw+nut profile on a Mastercam level (or saving it in a .dxf dile) then using import geometry in tool manager. You'll need to draw slitting saw above X axis and nut below X axis. However, if you look at tool picture in assembly (cyan color), nut will be considered as cutting edges in verify and it won't report any collisions (it will remove material instead). Raw importing in Vericut will do the same but you can manually tweak and define your assembly correctly using this scheme: holder adapter(holder component) slitting saw(milling tool) nut(holder component)
  6. Not really Excel related but in our shop Excel is widely used for various stuff even if it probably shouldn't (including setup sheets/tool lists). It can be painful to find specific files or specific data from Excel files located in various network folders. To this we use File locator from https://www.mythicsoft.com. It's a powerful multithreaded files search engine which can dig into office files with regex filters on filenames and data. Lite release is great but pro release adds some great features (it can be programmed inside VBA with a COM component or in .NET)
  7. David Colin

    CIMCO File Compare

    I was referring to Beyond compare about Gcodes location (and why not Mcodes and XYZcodes). I tried it and it does a great job with alignment and showing exactly what characters are different on each line and allowing to swap between windows. Regex is great too to set syntax colors or make rules to filter not important differences (like Ncodes). However I wondered if it's possible to go further with blocks location on the line(which may not be important).
  8. David Colin

    CIMCO File Compare

    I don't know if 'tokenizing' Gcode location can be set but it would be a great feature! @Colin Gilchrist ?
  9. David Colin

    Integrex i400 smooth x

    Without a lower turret i would stay with a lathe post but i'd get a Vericut seat instead of MT addon.
  10. David Colin

    Excessive entry in Optirest

    Isn't there a Z clearance value in entry tab?
  11. David Colin


    I would add there is a solid edges toggle in top selection bar too.
  12. David Colin

    2022 Tool manager

    It looks like So not a guru screenshot is showing a tool without an holder attached. Moreover, library tools tab is selected. It should be nice and logic in that case to save tool only in library using arrow button.
  13. David Colin

    Regen times skyrocked suddenly.

    Another interesting video about cut/filter/smooth tolerances in Mastercam.
  14. David Colin

    Integrex tapping on subspindle face

    Thanks Tim. It looks like I need this G84.3 to work. I found it on EIA manual but i tried and it doesn't work on my machine (illegal Gcode alarm). Perhaps it's an option which needs some sort of activation. I guess i will need to investigate with Mazak.
  15. Hi, it's not Mastercam related but i know there are Integrex gurus here who can help. I'm trying to tap on subspindle face on an Integrex 200 MkIV(Matrix T32 mode) using G84.2 gcode. It works well on main spindle but on sub the tap feeds spinning in reverse and retracts spinning forward. With trials i found adding a M204 on G84.2 line seems to work for first hole but it won't for next holes. Anyone can post a working code of rigid tapping on sub face?

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