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  1. David Colin

    X+ License file

  2. David Colin

    Custom Tool Lists

    Civiceg post a link to an Excel worskheet a few days ago. Dynamic Mill Database
  3. David Colin


    Flow or morph would be my choice
  4. David Colin

    How to clean steps

    This is a pretty easy contour then i think a 3D contour should do the trick! 3-340-036-008-B.zip
  5. David Colin

    Too much code for helix entry

    Logged defects can take forever to get fixed. Here this is not really a defect but an enhancement request then it will be low (low) priority... So don't hold your breath
  6. David Colin

    Too much code for helix entry

    To slighly decrease toolpath weight, let Mastercam linearize your toolpath, then use Arc3D Chook (because this CHook lets untouched existing arcs) Original: Linearized+Arc3D post out 100 lines less
  7. David Colin

    Lots of good enhancements

    I probably have this setup starting 2017 release. I even didn't remember where it came from^^ It's crazy actually trying to make new releases look like old ones... however there are good reasons!
  8. David Colin

    Dynamic Boundary Violation

    As air region extention value is arbitrary, software couldn't be smartier to stop any air region extention if it encounters another machining region?
  9. David Colin

    Lots of good enhancements

    Ron's idea is great and it could be even more efficient if CNC let us customize icons for ribbon custom group. For example, standard wireframe point ribbon tab in QAT may be developped to a ribbon custom group (to save 1 click). However with a generic icon in QAT makes it not really usable...
  10. David Colin

    How I can program this part

    Hi, i changed some parameters in your 2D HSM toolpath to show you how it works: - removed solid face from 'avoidance regions' (associated this solid face in linking parameters to drive tool tip) - added a containment region chain Test_8_26_19-mod.zip
  11. David Colin

    Aero Desktop turning off when launching MC

    Thank you. I just tried 392.00, 392.53 and last one 431.70 with no luck here... I rolled back to old 362.13
  12. David Colin

    Aero Desktop turning off when launching MC

    With Win 7 os? Could you check Nvidia release number? I'd like to give it a try...
  13. David Colin

    Change optirough stepover percentage at varying depths?

    It could be a nice improvement or a different strategy of HSM (maintain MRR instead of chip thickness)
  14. I saw this kind of issue copying/pasting 'configuration' file (not the workspace file) from older release in new one. Now I know it's better to build it from scratch with every new release.
  15. David Colin

    Posting at 180 deg rotation

    If I understand correctly, you would need system coordinates rotation. It depends on your control capabilities/option but i'm using G68 syntax on a Fanuc 31i.

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