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  1. Just a thought! Those parameter say Max allowable feed rate. if it is set to 0.0, does't that mean no feed? you should try changing that parameter to set a max feed rate.
  2. I m looking for a good VTL post with live tooling and c-axis. Can I use Mplmaster post with VTL machine definition with minor changes in post.
  3. I have seen that happens to me few times. Most of the time I see this problem with approach. Its checked and value is there, But approach moves wouldn't post and doesn't show up in back plot. I usually have to end up re-doing that tool path from scratch as work around.
  4. Thanks guys, that check box (transform into WCS) in interface was one of the reason for my problem. unchecking it solves my problem, But there is secondary solution I found out when I was working on test program to put it on FTP. I don't know about you guys, but when I create a Transform operation I don't worry about setting my WCS(top) or T-plane(front). I guess when I created original Transform operation, WCS was set to front. that is way it was rotated 90 deg. When I was creating Transform operation for test program, WCS was set to top and it's simulating fine even though that box was check. Any idea why that box is there? I could not find any info in help menu.
  5. kool

    little help with mach sim please

    when you guy say not to use WCS, do you mean Transform into WCS check box in mach sim interface?
  6. on big round and deep pockets I use multiple ramping contour a lot. I drill a big hole in center and ramp all the way down with thru coolant insert tools.
  7. Is this little check box has anything to do with my nightmare?
  8. Does machine simulation in MC2017/X9 support transform rotate operation and simulate properly? I have build a new virtual machine (5x horizontal table "B" head "A") for machine simulation. It simulating regular tool path properly, but I m having little issue with simulating transform rotate tool paths. I have attached 2 pictures to explain the issue below. Fixture/stock should only rotate around -Y- axis like horizontal machine. and my tool and spindle should be in horizontal position. what I m missing? This is how fixture/stock and spindle looks with regular tool path, that how it should be. This is how it looks with transform rotate tool path.
  9. kool

    Trunion solid

    or you could try grabcad.com https://grabcad.com/library/haas-umc-750-for-machine-simulation-1
  10. kool

    X8 rotary facing/contouring

    Please update when you find the solution for this problem. I been trying to do the same thing on a 5 axis machine but no luck.
  11. Do you have any part no for Sandvik disk mills. I try searching there online catalog. could find any thing with round inserts
  12. it s 25-30 min for those slots with carbide brazed tip saw. 2 hours with HSS saw. I m just trying to find better slitting saw.
  13. I m having problem cutting these slots. Just think this part as giant heat sink. Material is Alpase K-100 Alum tooling plate Part Size 12 x 13 x 3 " thick Slots are 25x .236 wide 2.7 " deep with full radius on bottom I m using a 8" dia .236 thick slitting saw stagger brazed tip with full radius from Lexington Cutter. It s not working that well. Surface finish is terrible. and the cutter is putting to much stress in to the material that part bow out of flatness and walls get taper. This material should be preety stable and not move like that. How would you do these slots? any new slitting saw recommendation please. Thanks in advance.

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