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  1. i can see why your shop doesn't want to upgrade computers. you find workarounds for your problems.
  2. GIZMO 21

    looking for foghorn leghorn

    ok jay, you had me confused. I was like I though I seen him around here the other day. lol. its all good jay. thanks for letting him know though.
  3. GIZMO 21

    looking for foghorn leghorn

    thanks jay.
  4. james, shoot me a message. I'm trying to reach you, but your inbox must be full.
  5. GIZMO 21


    I know what you mean john. once I start using it, I should be fine. because I noticed even vericut is going the ribbon bar style interface.
  6. GIZMO 21


    still using x9 cause I don't like the new ribbon bar style interface. I know eventually I have to start using 2017, so I've been tempted into start using it, but now this crashing thing i'm hearing about will keep me on x9 for now.
  7. GIZMO 21

    mazak virtual machine simulation

    we definitely have the step model of the machine on the p.o before signing anything. thanks for the heads up.
  8. GIZMO 21

    mazak virtual machine simulation

    we are small quantities job shop (1-10 pcs) focus on small 6" x 6" x 6" size parts. aerospace, satellite, motorsport, and tooling. we work with many types of materials from aluminum to Inconel. most of our work is done 3+2, and surfacing, but a lot of our parts would benefit from 5 axis motion. all our machinist are assign to one machine. we start a project from programming all the way to washing your own parts. I will be in charge of the new machine, so I just want to make sure I get everything that I might need to venture into 5axis simultaneous machining.
  9. GIZMO 21

    mazak virtual machine simulation

    thanks for the response mkd. i too think that its the collision avoidance that he is talking about. we did ask for the machine model from mazak if we do decide to go with them. we will meet with vericut tommorow morning. thanks again mkd, jesse.
  10. good morning fine gentlemen,, I need your help people. we are looking into adding a 5 axis machine into our shop. I understand what we need for this machine. including true g code machine simulation. we are looking into a Mazak i500 with the smooth control and the matsuura mx-520. if we go with mazak were gonna look into adding vericut. we're going to meet with a matsuura sales rep in a couple of days. the support in this area from Mazak is very limited, so we already know what were getting into with Mazak. as far as I know the support from yamazen for the matsuura is better than mazaks. i'm pushing for matsuura, but at the end of the day the boss will make the final decision. another plus for the matsuura is that it has camplete truepath package. I read a lot of info here on the forum of matsuura users saying that camplete comes standard, but it almost sounds like it's an added option now. we will find out Friday. the boss told the Mazak guy about the matsuura camplete package, and the guy told the boss that Mazak has software for that too. as far as I know, I don't think Mazak offers that unless its something else that i'm not aware of, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows if Mazak offers any kinf of g code simulation for the their smooth control that I haven't heard of. thanks for any feedback guys. jesse
  11. GIZMO 21

    Mind offically blown

    same here. I used to use R's also, then started to have problems with holes and corner radius. i would run the original hole size (7.285) using ijk, and see what happens. the worst that can happen is you're gonna cut a hole to size, cause now the hole is undersize using r values. most of time preference is not up to the operator/machinist. it's what ever the machine likes.
  12. GIZMO 21

    carbide drills

    try here. I used these with good results
  13. GIZMO 21

    PWCS not updating

    pcrobotic, I admire the passion you have on learning. I too love learning, and also spend a lot of time and money on training. I took colins class on post editing also. but that was for my own benefit to better understand posts, and make small edits. I let our reseller do the more complicated post edits. when ever I need a post edit I go see the big boss, and explain to him what's in it for him. it sounds lilke you work for a really shi@y company, that doesn't support and appreciate what you're doing for them.
  14. GIZMO 21

    German print photo translator app

    Lol. I had a german print too not to long ago,but we have german guy that helped me out with it.
  15. GIZMO 21

    export/importing ops


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