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  1. Dave.L

    .036 Rib .62 deep

    Another good option would be to use a small dia endmill and contour ramp. It would be like single pointing it all around. That would keep the load very low.
  2. Dave.L

    solid works 2011

    Guffie opened my file with no issues and I cannot here....this is strange..
  3. Dave.L

    solid works 2011

    What SP of SW are you using? If you email me, I can send you the SW2011 SP2 simple solid I made yesteday to test.
  4. Dave.L

    .036 Rib .62 deep

    rib meaning .036 thick and .62 tall? If so, use a small diameter cutter (to reduce load) and take thin finish cuts. If it's supported on the ends if won't be too much trouble.
  5. Dave.L

    solid works 2011

    As a test, I just created a rectangle and it did not open. I though maybe a simple solid would but not the case. FWIW
  6. Dave.L

    solid works 2011

    Well if it's related to having X5 installed on the same PC then that means that CNC could release a patch for this to work but I don't expect they would do that since it won't help their sales getting people to move to X5.
  7. Dave.L

    solid works 2011

    I just tried it. I have a SW 2011 SP2 (64 Bit) native model (created in this version) and it won't open in X4 MU3 " Cannot find Parasolid data in Solidworks file" My guess is, the files you guys did open where probably not created from the start in 2011, just a guess.
  8. Dave.L

    2-56 Holes 2x Deep in Titanium

    I bet you could form tap them.
  9. Dave.L

    m198 on a mori lathe

    On our NL it's M98 not 198. But, I don't call from an external card.
  10. Dave.L

    Drilling plastics

    Bob, Acetal cuts great. Here is a trick we use: At the end of the cycle, run the drill backwards before putting it aways - it will sling the chips off.
  11. This Question comes up all the time.....The number of decimal places comes from the Windows enviorment - you need to go to lang. setting and change it there.
  12. Dave.L

    Estimating Software

    I think you best chance would be some type of FBM to get a premininary program to know what the cycle time will be.
  13. Dave.L

    Estimating Software

    I remember seeing a program for swiss/screw machine type parts but in the end I think it was just as much work as programming the part to get the cycle time.
  14. Dave.L

    Trak AGE Floppy Drive

    I would suggest you contact Southwestern Industries or the dealer who sells PT in your area.
  15. Dave.L

    Form Thread

    Yep. If I have the choice, I only form. I even do it in material that's 45-50 Rc. I like Guhring Form Taps.

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